Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Scapegoat

The driver’s face turns pale and his lips started trembling. And soon, a “Click” sound of the door being unlock resounded.

Mu Yazhe wraps his arm around Yun Shishi’s waist and took her out of the car. Yun Shishi is so thin, that’s why he could easily hold her in his arm while his other hand reaches over to Tang Yu. After holding Tang Yu’s arm, Mu Yazhe lifted her and pushed inside the car. And with a “Bang” sound, the car door was shut closed.

Seeing this, the driver’s head got even more muddled: “What is going on?”

Mu Yazhe leisurely replied with his thin lips: “You’ve got the wrong person, it should be this woman.”

The driver: “… …”

After being thrown into the back seat, Tang Yu tried opening the door. But, she couldn’t open it because Mu Yazhe locked the car door before pushing. Tang Yu seems like an ant that was thrown into a hot pot, so she couldn’t help but feel scared.

She can’t understand it, she can’t understand why did Mu Yazhe pushed her inside a strange car.

Tang Yu got so anxious so she started slamming the car window. And with a grim looking face, she cried out: “President Mu, what is the meaning of this? Why did you throw me in this car? I was supposed to accompany you tonight, right?”


Mu Yazhe ignored Tang Yu, and just coldly commanded the driver. The driver seems like got possessed because after his voice faded, the driver immediately throttles around his sports car and then drive away fast.

Poor Tang Yu, but it was also her fault for naively thinking that she could climb Mu Yazhe’s bed. She didn’t even think that maybe it could be a bait or something. Anyway, because of that, she ended up as a scapegoat. 


Not far away from Mu Yazhe’s location, a Phaeton car can be seen rushing over to him.

Min Yu pushed the bridge of his eyeglass, then walked down to the car. After coming out of the car, he saw a woman in Mu Yazhe’s arm. The woman seems to be drunk and a bit unconscious. She seems to have a hard time to move, so she leaned her head against Mu Yazhe’s chest.

Seeing this, Min Yu whispered: “Boss, this is… … ”

“Yun Shishi.” After mentioning her name, Mu Yazhe’s eyes unconsciously got soften.

“Oh, it was her!” Min Yu exclaimed, then added: “This woman is really beautiful. As if she came out from a painting.”

After his voice faded, the softness in Mu Yazhe’s eyes vanished. Then, he coldly looks at him: “Did I ask for your opinion?”

Mu Yazhe’s eyes look very dangerous, so the back of Min Yu’s head immediately had a cold sweat.

Boss possessiveness is this strong?

He just took a glance at her, but his boss stared at him as if he coveted a big sin.

Why is he…?

However, soon, he understands his boss’s intention.


At first, he thought that his boss is really interested in Tang Yu. But, who would thought that she was only a scapegoat.

Black bellied… …

He’s too black bellied.

I should never offend boss, or else, I don’t know how I will die.

Mu Yazhe took Yun Shishi all the way to his car, then closed the door.

Min Yu silently ask: “Boss, where are you going?”


Mu Yazhe faint replied.

Inside his heart, Min Yu knows very clear that what his boss’s calling “home” is not the Mu Mansion.

“I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Boss, rest assured.”

Mu Yazhe faintly replied with a “Mmm”. Then, bowed his head to look at the stupid woman in his arms.

At the moment, Yun Shishi was lying on his chest. Her eyebrows were slightly frowning. Her eyes that were hanging down were glittering. And her small lips that look like a child’s lips were muttering something. But, he cannot hear it clearly.

Earlier, when he was sitting in the VIP room, he saw Lin Fengtian introduce a few investors to her and made her drink a glass of wine. She didn’t drink much, she just took a sip but it seems her alcohol tolerance was really low. And after drinking the wine, she moves to corner like a cat and then curled up her body.

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