Chapter 21

Yun Shishi whispered softly in his ear : “You You, I’m sorry ah!  … …”

You You’s words got stuck in his mouth, he hesitated, he actually would like to ask if his Daddy really doesn’t want him? does he really don’t like him? so he just threw him regardless of being his son?

He really wants to hear those adults say, “there is his father or his father recognized him”

However, those questions, he had no other choice but to swallowed them.

You You hold back Yun Shishi’s slender fingers, he lifted up his little face and look out the window of the night sky, softly said: “Mommy, even if Daddy doesn’t want You You, Youyou has a Mommy, so Mommy don’t be sad, ah! did Daddy harm you that’s why you’re sad? You You will grow up fast and protect Mommy!”

Yun Shishi lifted her face, sighed, and hold him more tightly.”

“You You, you really are good … …”


Mu house.

At the living room, Mu Yi Chen sat on the sofa, suddenly he felt a strange burst of chest pain in his heart, causing endless discomfort.

He frowned slightly, gently put his hand to his chest, and his palm slightly pressing to his heart, where it’s beating up quickly.

His heart felt a suffocating pain .

The servant who was cleaning up the toy for him, saw him clutching his chest in pain, and hurriedly squatted in front of him: “Young Master, what’s the matter with you?”

“Heart pain …” Mu Yi Chen was covered in cold sweat, “like,  there was a needle, it’s so uncomfortable … …”

“Or… like before?” The servant was at a total loss.

The Young Master has always been in this case, often suddenly have palpitations and heartaches. But even after several times going to the hospital, they did not find out what was the cause of it and was actually in a good health.

Even the experts’ cardiologist, do not understand how this is happening.

Mu Yi Chen curled up on the sofa, gasping for air, and looks pale.

“What happened?!”

Mu Sheng slowly walked down in the escalator, holding on his cane. The Old man was wearing a straight tang suit, although the age is pretty old, but still looking high-spirited and is not difficult to see that his facial features look very charming.

“This is great-grandpa…”Mu Yi Chen looked at him, his eyes let out a cry.

In the Mu family, Mu Sheng’s position cannot be shaken by anyone, he is playing with powerful men in the world all his life, with just one look from him, anyone’s heart will feel fear.

Therefore, even Mu Yi Chen is afraid of him.

However, Mu Sheng saw the little guy was in pain.

Mu Yazhe is his favorite grandson, and Mu Yazhe’s blood is flowing in Mu Yi Chen’s body, so naturally he is concerned and there is love.

Seeing his most beloved great-grandson experiencing his old disease, Mu Sheng’s face has changed, and quickly asked: “Your body is not comfortable again? Is it heartache again?”

Mu Sheng asking with deep care, but Mu Yi Chen tried to avoid him without a trace of avoidance, apparently his heart is very afraid of him. He was afraid of Mu Sheng’s serious stern face, so he doesn’t like to get close to him . “It’s nothing great-grandfather!”

“Nonsense! Look at you having a cold sweat from pain!” Mu Sheng extremely distressed.

“Great-Grandpa, I … … I want to read a book!” Mu Yi Chen leaped down from the sofa, and run upstairs.

Mu Sheng looked at his back, slowly sigh.


Deep at night.

A Black Bugatti Mercedes-Benz is running fast on the road, the neon lights cast on a streamlined body, the tunnel light is flickering. Mu Yazhe controls the steering wheel, his deep eyes turn cold, a few moments ago he felt rage, the bleak of the moonlight shines in his handsome delicate face as if it was carved on a layer of a silver.

He throttles a step on to the end of the tunnel, the noise of the engine drown all the hustle and bustle.

Tonight he doesn’t know why his emotions are out of control…

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