Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Mu Qingcheng (2)


Other dance hall manager wanted to get her, so they offered a large sum of money as her salary.

After all, who wouldn’t want such a money tree ah?!

During that time, only a few people can encounter such an opportunity.

But, Qingcheng is a kind of woman that values friendship. So, even if she was promised a big salary. And even if other bosses promised to treat her well. She was still unmoved.

Qingcheng was recognized as the first singer in the capital. And her popularity didn’t surpass by anyone.

The Paramount Hall business becomes prosperous more and more. And other dance hall businesses become deserted.

Later on, the other dance halls shut down. Leaving the Paramount Hall shining brightly alone in that kind of business.

The dance hall manager was very nice to Qingcheng. And he never treated her unjustly.

Well, that is natural, because if it wasn’t for her, his business will not bloom. So, he should worship her like a Buddha.

However, after being together for a long time, his heart slowly began to change.

In ancient times, which man didn’t fall in love with a beauty? Not to mention, she was such a charming and enchanting girl. So, who can stop himself to fall in love?

At that time, Qingcheng was only eighteen years old. She was still not a fully bloomed flower, but her beauty was like a lotus flower. So, any person would be tempted.

So one time, when he sent her home, he suddenly rushed to her when she was about to open the door.

Qincheng didn’t expect him to act this way, so she got very shocked.

Qingcheng might be a singer, but she was an aloof person. So, out of desperation, she pushed him hard. He didn’t succeed in his plan, so he bitterly left after that.

However, Qingcheng didn’t know that some tabloid journalist has photographed them and published it in a newspaper.

Qingcheng who was a clean and untainted singer suddenly was rumored.

So in just one night, her life drastically changes.

Originally, in the eyes of those customers, she was a sacred and a noble lady. She was inviolable, but with her scandal that suddenly spread all over the capital. Her image immediately fell.

The customers began to make fun of her. And they become more and more bold in their actions. But, whenever she asks for help, the manager and the guards only turn a blind eye.

Qingcheng felt tired with their wronged doings and debauchery. She felt at lost with the sudden change of her life. So, she even felt tired to continue to live.

Rumors about her turn harsh day by day. So, the customers become more arrogant and unreasonable. It was very difficult to survive, so Qingcheng forced herself to ask a man’s protection. 

At that time, in the capital, there was only one man that has enough ability to protect her. But, that man also has the ability to keep her from this bullying.

That man is Mu Liancheng.

Mu Liancheng is Mu Yazhe’s father. He is Mu Sheng’s legitimate son. That time, Mu Liancheng was still young, but he’s already very talented and promising. He’s not more than 20 years old, but he’s already worth hundreds of millions.

At that time, he was already married to the daughter of the famous Jiang Family.

Later on, who knows what happened, but Qingcheng was adopted by Mu Sheng. And Mu Liancheng keeps saying that they were brother and sister. There’s no blood relationship between them. They were a complete stranger, but Mu Liancheng enjoys the idea of her being his sister.

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