Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Not as simple as you think


Gu Xingze simply cry, he wanted to say something but he hesitated because he knows that he doesn’t have any rights to do so.

Yun Shishi still felt ashamed. So, the two of them keep silent for a long while. And their breathing was the only thing that could be heard over the phone call.

The atmosphere is suffocating, but the two of them keep still.

But in the end, Gu Xingze speak as if there was really no problem.

“Shishi, don’t be scared.”

Yun Shishi’s eyes widen from shocked.

“Are you with him?”

Gu Xingze asked attentively, and the word “he” that came from his mouth, reminded Yun Shishi about last night events.

Yun Shishi’s scalp tingled, but then she nodded her head. It seems she has forgotten that they were talking over the mobile phone, and Gu Xingze wouldn’t able to see her reaction.

“That man is not as simple as you think, so it will be better if you wouldn’t get involve with him.”

Gu Xingze’s voice sounds very kind and was full of inexplicable anxiety.

That man is not that simple?

It was not until yesterday, she realized that man’s real identity.

Mu family is the most influential family in the capital. And the most powerful in the field of businesses. Everyone thinks highly of them. And Mu Yazhe, that man came from that family. So, she really doesn’t want to get involved with him from the bottom of her heart.

She knows that the two of them have a big gap. A gap that is very difficult to cross.

So, there is no future.

Yun Shishi replied: “I know.”

“You don’t know much about him. That man is very far from what you’re thinking.”

Gu Xingze paused a bit and ask with sank voice: “Do you like him?” 


That man?

No … how can she like a man that’s very overbearing!

Yun Shishi felt surprised for a moment, but then she shook her head. However, the sound of her movements only sounded like a broken machine, so there’s no particular meaning that was sent.

Gu Xingze thought she only listen, so he slowly said: “That man is very dangerous, you’ll only get hurt. Shishi, I don’t want to see you hurting.”

Words with full of concerns escape his mouth, but after a moment of silence, he added: “I will really feel bad.”

Yun Shishi’s heart skips a beat and couldn’t help but knitted her eyebrows. And for a long period of time, her mind went blank.

Any woman will lose her mind after hearing such a very gentle words.

Yun Shishi is the same. Originally, she armed herself with heavy firearms to make herself immune with gentle words. However, it seems she had forgotten to wear her helmet. Because of that, she couldn’t help but smile.

But, her smile didn’t last long. Because… …

Mu Yazhe’s handsome face immediately flashed in her mind. So, she suddenly remembered what kind of situation she is now.

That man seems to dislike it whenever she had contact with other men.

However, no matter what kind of position she is now, she will always be grateful to Gu Xingze. But being grateful doesn’t mean she likes him.

But even if she doesn’t like him, who is she to make him feel bad?

So, Yun Shishi faintly said: “Xingze, thank you! But, I don’t want to implicate you.”



“Shishi, listen. I may not look strong, but I am a lot more powerful than you think.”

He suddenly said, but it seems a gentle invitation. As if he suddenly open up his wings and gently inviting her in his arms.

“Shishi, I’ll protect you… … okay?”

Yun Shishi’s fingers that were holding the phone suddenly got stiff.

And without any signs, the shield in her heart collapse.

At this moment, Yun Shishi was immersed in her own world. So, she didn’t notice the danger that was coming behind her back.

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