Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Too much

At this moment, Yun Shishi was immersed in her own world. So, she didn’t notice the danger that was coming behind her back.

Yun Shishi jumps up from fright when her cell phone was suddenly snatched away by a big hand. She turned around to look, but then she saw a man with extremely cold eyes looking down on her.

Mu Yazhe’s lips were cold as his sharp eyes. Revealing that he got dissatisfied with her!

“Shishi, are you still… … ”

Through the other side of the cell phone, Gu Xingze’s worried voice resounded. 

However, his words that full of concerns remain unknown to Yun Shishi because all of a sudden, the cellphone fly away through the window glass!


Yun Shishi got surprised and watch her cellphone fly away and split into two with wide eyes open. The moment her cellphone split into two, Yun Shishi’s heart felt chills.

Yun Shishi’s body also trembled when the crashing sound of her cellphone resounded.

But after that, the man just suddenly pulled her and coldly said with his deep eyes: “I thought you were a sensible woman.” 

Yun Shishi’ chest moves up and down tremendously. So obviously, it’s not only him who felt furious, but also her.

When did this man come ah? Is he a ghost? How can he walk without any sound and appeared behind me unnoticed?

That cell phone is the one that Mu Yazhe gave her before. The best brand among all kinds of cell phones.

But, she is not feeling distressed because of its expensive brand, but because Youyou’s photos were still in there. She hasn’t had time to upload them to the computer, but that man broke it.

That cell phone was well built, but this man broke it just like that? Meaning, he is strong and his anger is extremely strong too.

However, Yun Shishi is also angry, so she angrily pushed him away.

“You’re too much! You’re indeed unbelievable! Why are you angry so suddenly ah?”

Yun Shishi got furious. And her anger that got accumulated to last night also burst out.

She has always been so gentle. She always reserves a room for conversation. She also knows when to fight back and when to retreat.

She rarely gets angry, that’s why she was regarded as a good-natured woman. And because of that, she rarely got dispute with other people. Youyou also likes it when she’s smiling, so she’s trying her best to restrain her temper.

But… …

Why is this man provoking her again and again ah!?

After she burst her anger, Yun Shishi turns around to leave.

But. Mu Yazhe grabbed her arm: “Where are you going?”

“Go home! I’ll go back home!”

“Go back home? I don’t think so!” Mu Yazhe scolded: “You’re going to look for him, right? Do you think that man called Gu Xingze can protect you?”

“So what if I go and look for him? What does it matter to you? Anyway, I no longer want to stay with a mad man like you!” Yun Shishi said while gritting her teeth and staring at him with red eyes due to anger. And then, she pushes away his hand.

Mu Yazhe was caught off guard, but then he pulled her back and pushed her over the window glass. The pain is too much, so Yun Shishi made a cry.

“Mu Yazhe, are you crazy? You appeared quietly behind me and now you attack me for no reason? You must be really crazy!”

“Crazy?” Mu Yazhe opens up his lips with full of mockery. And because of her words that full of thorns, Mu Yazhe’s eyes become colder: “Woman, don’t you know you’re identity? Huh?”

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