Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Repressed for a long time


This closeness really made Yun Shishi feel uncomfortable!

Looking at the devil, that was very close to her, Yun Shishi felt an uncontrollable resistance: Wasn’t this man just sitting quietly? So, why is she suddenly in his… …

There is another person in this car!

Yun Shishi blinked helplessly, as her chin was held tightly by the man’s long fingers and her face was forced to turn. Yun Shishi was forced to look up at the man’s face, so her pair of eyes began to sour in pain Her soft lips that pout a little, looks like a delicious cherry.

The man fiercely and slyly kissed her lips. But, it felt better than expected.

As soon as they kissed, their body got out of control. Their body heated up and they greedily wanted more.

After rummaging her cherry lips, his right hand move over her clothes and explore every beautiful zone.

Mu Yazhe continues to do the unfinished things inside the elevator.

“Mu Yazhe! Enough!”

“Not enough yet!”


Yun Shishi’s body couldn’t help but tremble in anger.

Her white and tender cheeks also redden, but it only made her more attractive!

Mu Yazhe watched closely the pleasant scene in front of him. He really miscalculated this beautiful woman to compare her to a cat.

Because right now, this beautiful woman is as charming as a poppy flower. He couldn’t help but get sink deeper and deeper into her beauty!

Yun Shishi was scared by the man’s unexpected movement. They were still inside the car. The driver was sitting in front. But, this man actually had done these unscrupulous things in front of other people? 

Yun Shishi felt helpless and ashamed. She pushed hard the man’s chest, but she was powerless. Not to mention, Mu Yazhe just… …

Grab her wrists with one hand.

“Let go … … Let me go!”

She gasped and stared at the man angrily. But, the man remains unmoved.

Mu Yazhe pressed another kissed on her lips, then lifted an eyebrow while saying: “You really don’t want me to be like this?”

Yun Shishi sneered and glared at him: “What are you talking about? Despicable!” 

Mu Yazhe’s eyes flashed.

“You are tempting me, so it’s not just me… …”

Mu Yazhe’s voice was full of evil charms.

And his breath squirms over her neck.

He has always been a man of action. He never likes restraining or suppressing himself.

He really didn’t want to force her. However, he’s really a possessive person, so how can he let his own woman be coveted by other men?

Also, he finds this woman’s anger somewhat charming and lovely.

He likes this attitude of her, it’s very pleasing to his eyes.

Therefore, he had a desire to tease her.

However, Yun Shishi really thinks that this man’s sperm occupied his brain and really wanted to this thing inside the car!

“You… …”

Yun Shishi looked at the driver behind her: This man is too much! 

Seeing that his movements became more and more aggressive. And he plunged his big palms inside her clothes. Yun Shishi could no longer hold her anger. She gritted her teeth and raised her hand.


A slapped sound resounded.

The man’s face could not help but move sideways. On the other hand, Yun Shishi immediately pushed him away and sat back in her place with an angry face. 

Mu Yazhe’s face was full of shock.

The driver who was sitting in the driver’s seat was stunned.

He saw a lot of the stubborn women, but this the first time he had seen someone dared to fight with President Mu!

Bravo, bravo… …

The driver’s heart was full of praise.

Yun Shishi slightly raise her eyes and unhappily said: “I told you to stop, didn’t you hear what I said?”

Mu Yazhe turned his face, his pair of handsome eyes look cold and a bit sharp.

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