Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Unreasonable


Mu Yazhe frowned a bit. This woman in front of him had no image of a fine lady. But, he doesn’t know why, seeing her eating as noisy as this, made him think that noodles were more delicious above all.

Yun Shishi was so engrossed in eating and didn’t realize that the man sitting across to her, had quietly got up and appeared on her side. Mu Yazhe held her hand that was holding the chopstick. Then, he bends his body and contained her lips. 

The noodles that were about to enter her mouth was transferred to him.

Mu Yazhe felt that the noodles in her lips were more delicious.

Yun Shishi was stunned. She abruptly rubbed her lips with the back of her hand and pushed the bowl of noodles in front of Mu Yazhe. After being teased by the man, Yun Shishi completely lost her appetite.

“Eat it, I don’t want to eat!”

“Why are you getting angry?”

“Who cares about you? Eat your noodle soup!”

Yun Shishi glared at Mu Yazhe. Without further words, she went to the bathroom, get her clothes and went out to hang them dry.

Seeing her with a heavy mood, Mu Yazhe was feeling happy. He sat back at the table and enjoyed the remaining noodle soup.

When Yun Shishi came back, there was no one in the table.

But the shower was giving off a sound.

And from time to time, there was a man cursing.

After staying in the hospital for a long time and eating a hot noodle soup, he sweated a lot. So, Mu Yazhe thought of taking a shower.

But, who would have thought that there was something wrong with the water heater and the flow was intermittent. The water was very cold and made the young master, who has always been living a good life a hard time.

The corner of Yun Shishi’s lips couldn’t help but twitch. This man really didn’t think of himself as an outsider. He totally treated their place as his own house!

When Yun Shishi finished washing the dishes, the doorbell suddenly rings.

Even though she was suspicious, Yun Shishi opened the door and got shocked by the solemn scene outside.

In the narrow corridor, there were two men dressed in black suit, standing straight, looking so scary.

The two men remain standing in the same place, while holding a pile of clean clothes, and as if has no intention to come inside.

The next moment, the bathroom door was opened. Mu Yazhe came out with a gloomy face.

The water heater was broken. The water he used was very cold. So, at this moment, his face was as black as an ink.

The man in the suit handed the clothes to Yun Shishi. Mu Yazhe was rubbing his wet hair with a towel. His lower body was covered with a bear designed towel. His upper body was exposed, revealing his refine muscles that have droplets of water.

As soon as Yun Shishi’s eyes fell on the bear towel, black lines came out from her forehead. That bear towel was Youyou’s thing. He use it to cover his body, whenever he took a shower. However, with this man, the towel can only cover up half of his body.

“Hey!” Yun Shishi pointed her finger at the bear towel: “That is Youyou’s towel.”

Mu Yazhe squinted his eyes and said: “So?”

“My son has a deep sense of cleanliness.” Yun Shishi said emotionless.

Mu Yazhe drew his lips, he could no longer maintain his usual grace, and so he said: “Woman, you let my son lived in such a broken place?”

“Broken place?!” Yun Shishi finds his words unreasonable. And in anger, she furiously replied: “Young Master Mu, for your information, this so-called broken place of yours, has a thousand yuan rent per month. I am not like you. I am not rich! This place is very decent, the only broken was the water heater!”

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