Chapter 302

Mu Yazhe stared at Yun Shishi deeply. Seeing her with an obstinate face and looking at him angrily. Mu Yazhe obviously felt dissatisfied with her current behavior.

The next moment, Mu Yazhe smirked, carelessly leaned to the sofa and lazily raised his hand, as a sign for the sales manager to tell her the price.

“My lady, this house is worth 45 million.”

Yun Shishi got stiff like a fossil.

Mu Yazhe felt very satisfied with her horrified expression. And he couldn’t help but laugh: “What? You still want to buy it yourself?”

“I… …” Yun Shishi was lost for words.

She thought that garden house was only worth 10 million, and won’t be so expensive.

Yun Shishi bites her lips and felt depressed.

“What happened to your stubborn mouth?” Mu Yazhe asked coldly.

He looked up and gave a hint with his eyes, then the sales manager immediately withdrew. 

The procedure of buying a real estate was not complicated, so everything was prepared and handled quickly.

Therefore, when the sales manager handed over the brand new real estate certificate to Yun Shishi, she was still shocked.

Mu Yazhe stood aside and leaned over slightly. He really admired her stiffed facial expression. So, he was very happy: “Are you that moved cause you no longer need to sleep in that slum?” 

“Why are you giving me this house?” This man wouldn’t give anything without compensation, right?

Mu Yazhe could not help but laugh with her vigilance.

“Do you want me to continue watching my son sleep in that pigsty?”

“… …it’s not a pigsty!” Yun Shishi greatly emphasized.

Mu Yazhe glanced at her but didn’t speak.

For him, that place was no different from a pigsty.

It’s small and unsafe.

Dozens of people lived in that building. 

Or maybe the number was far greater than that.

It’s hard not to encounter people.

Plus the security in that place was not good, people can enter and leave anytime.

So, how he will allow his woman and his son continue to live in such a dangerous place?

However, this woman in front of him was being stubborn, just to keep her poor little pride.

But who knows why he didn’t want to continue arguing with her.

So, he only said: “It’s a gift.”

Yun Shishi was unconvinced: “… …”

“A gift in exchange for that noodle soup.”

Yun Shishi’s brain stopped from functioning.

What is he saying?

A luxury house in exchange for a bowl of noodle soup?

Her noodle soup is worth 45 million?

My gosh……

Is this the feeling of winning from the lottery?

“Does it mean, if I give you a few more bowls of noodle soup, you will give me a few more luxury house?”

“… …”

Mu Yazhe looked at her in silence.

Yun Shishi provocatively looked at him. If he said he will, she will really give him a bowl of noodle soup every day!

He’s not poor anyway!

A phone call interrupted the strange silence.

Mu Yazhe originally wanted to cut it off. But, when he looked at the screen and saw the name. He picked up the call: “Grandpa.”

On the phone, Mu Sheng was very gloomy and angry, but he tried his best to control his temper: “You finally decided to answer your phone ah! If I will not call you, will you still remember where your house is?!”

“… …”

When Mu Sheng didn’t hear him speak, he got even more furious: “Do you still know how to come home? Don’t you know how many times we give you a call? Do you still put your wife and your grandfather in your eyes?”

“Grandpa, I’m not married to her yet.” Mu Yazhe said in a serious tone.

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