Chapter 305


A good mother and daughter affection? 

Is she talking about her bullying for more than twenty years?

Is she trying to mock and fool me?

He’ll never forget those dark memories during his childhood.

If she says that it was the so-called affection… …

Yun Tianyou lazily laughed. “Well, if you say so.”


“What ward?”

Who knows if it’s Yun Tianyou’s oppressing atmosphere or what, but Yun Liqin gave him an answer: “502 …”

“Let’s go.” Yun Tianyou said, and Li Hanlin immediately followed behind him.

He couldn’t wait to see it. He couldn’t wait to see how miserable Yun Na’s appearance has become.

Li Hanlin looked back and looked at Yun Liqin with pity. He fell silent for a few seconds and thought:

Who said you should offend that little devil? Things will definitely end badly.

You wouldn’t know how you will die. 

Yun Liqin was wondering. She didn’t come in here to look for him.

But now, she needed any kind of help, so she just followed.


When Yun Tianyou walked near the door of the ward, he saw a crowd of people watching a lively scene.

He didn’t hurry to walk inside. Instead, he only stood at the doorway and looked towards the window.

At first glance, he saw Yun Na hiding in the corner and was full of fear.

Her voice sounds hoarse and intermittent.

The wound on her face originally has purulent discharge. So, who knows who’s scolding her, and the bandages on her face become messy. And because of this, some of the blood on her face fell on her clothes and made her look dirty.

At the moment, Li Dongqiang was standing in front of the bed. And from time to time, he stretched out his leg and kick Yun Na’s body. Li Dongqiang sneered and said: “Didn’t I said you should pay back the money? You really don’t know how to listen, do you? Do you think hiding in the hospital will change anything?”

“Brother Qiang, I have no money … I really don’t have any money!”

“You don’t have money? I think you just really don’t want to return my money. If you don’t want to return my money, then I’ll just sell these photos, what do you think? I’m sure it will sell a good price!”

The next moment, Li Dongqiang took out a stack of photos with unsightly content. When Yun Na saw it, she got scared and immediately stretch out her arm to take it.


When Li Dongqiang saw her approaching, he got angry and kicked Yun Na into the corner.

As soon as Yun Na was slammed into the wall, she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Disgusting.” Yun Tianyou coldly said.

Yun Liqin rushed over but stopped in front of the door. Especially, when she saw the messy surroundings in the ward. She dared not take another step further.

She dared not because she has no courage.

Li Dongqiang was a well-known gangster in their area. His cruel methods were not a stranger to anyone.

Who knows what exactly he wanted to do. But, as soon as he arrived and entered the ward earlier, he slapped Yun Na over the floor.

Yun Liqin was frightened to death. So, when she learned that it was all about debt, she quickly escaped from the ward. Then, decided to find Yun Yecheng and Yun Shishi to settle this matter.

Yun Yecheng has money. Yun Shishi also has money. Once Li Dongqiang gets his money, he would be merciful and let go of her daughter!

But right now, seeing how miserable and bloody her daughter’s appearance was, seeing her crying and begging for mercy, she couldn’t even move her feet.

She was so afraid to go in and got implicated. She couldn’t afford to get involved!

Li Dongqiang was not afraid to publicize his rude actions. Because right now, all the other patients and their family had fled in fright.


* Li Dongqiang/Brother Qiang – he was YN’s contact in the underground society. YN has a debt on him, and so she let him have YSS as compensation (Chapter 45). But, MYZ saw him. And then, he raped YN as revenged (Chapter 98). 

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