Chapter 323

Chapter 323: Love to shoot, but don’t want to shoot

July 17, 2018Ai Hrist

“Don’t make trouble.” Yun Shishi pushed his hand.

When Tang Yu was feeling depressed, she suddenly saw Qin Zhou’s office was opened.  Her eyes brightly shine. Who knows what gotten inside her brain, but she immediately walked towards the door with a smile.

“General Manager Qin!”

It was their first interaction, but Tang Yu sweetly greeted Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou holds some shares in UEC. Therefore, some lower-ranking artists and staff called him General Manager.

When Qin Zhou saw Tang Yu, he sensed nothing good will happened. So, he lazily turned around and said: “What?”

As soon as Tang Yun came in, she wanted to open her mouth again, but she saw Yun Shishi sitting on the side and signing a contract. So, she was shocked and stunned.

“… …Eh? Yun Shishi!? Why are you here?”

“It’s none of your business, right? Take care of your ass first!” Qin Zhou coldly reminded her.

After Qin Zhou’s reminder, Tang Yu suddenly remembered her intention. She busily said: “General Manager Qin, can you help me please ~”

Her soft voice directly made Qin Zhou’s hair stood up.

Don’t act like a spoiled brat!

Qin Zhou replied as soon as possible. He wanted to end this awkward situation.

“Help you with what?”

“I don’t know yet which monk wanted to kill my career and harm my reputation. But, the company already terminated my contract! General Manager Qin, you have a voice in the company. You have a good relationship with the senior director. Can you help me change his mind?”


Tang Yu was really full of grievances.

On that day of the cocktail party, she let herself get drunk.

And in order to have a better career, she wrapped herself to Mu Yazhe to climb up his bed. However, who would expect that he will throw her away into a car. And that car will drove towards Executive Director Li Wenqing’s villa.

Li Wenqing was one of the many shareholders in UEC. He was also one of the executive board of directors.

He has played a lot with different women. In some aspects, this was a good thing for Tang Yu, because he was somewhat Tang Yu’s sugar daddy.

Tang Yu received several movie projects and other resources from him.

So, upon seeing him, Tang Yu thought that Li Wenqing has arranged it. She didn’t doubt this arrangement.

On the other hand, when Li Wenqing saw her, he had some doubt in his heart.

After all, didn’t he picked up that newcomer named Yun Shishi? So, how did it become Tang Yu?

However, on that night, he was already on fire and wanted to vent it. So, as soon as Tang Yu enter the room, the two of them entangled.

But, who would expect that it was calculated by many people… …

Their videos and pictures were well-documented. His public relation team cannot control it. 


Qin Zhou had a headache, so he waved his hand: “No, I won’t, so get out, don’t bother me. I am also in a big mess, I can’t even protect myself.”

“Oh, there is also a situation that can give General Manager Qin a headache?”

Qin Zhou was annoyed: “Tang Yu, in this matter, no one can really help you. If you want me to give you a way out, hmm you look young and your qualifications are not bad, I’ll introduce a movie project to you out of kindness.”

Tang Yu’s eyes lit up, she couldn’t hide her excitement: “Really? General Manager Qin, I know you will not let me down! What is the movie called?”

Qin Zhou smiled evilly: “The Golden Plum in 3D.*”

“… …”


Is he playing with her?

The Golden Plum in 3D? Isn’t that an xxx film? 

What is this?

What kind of kindness was this? He was obviously pushing her into a pit hole and waiting for her to be embarrassed.

She was not only good at talking and acting like a little spring beauty but also a hot young idol teen. However, he wants her to shoot in such a cheap movie?

“You… …!” Tang Yu was very angry and her face reddens just like a pig’s liver.

“What am I? You love to shoot, but don’t want to shoot. Get out!” Qin Zhou scolded bluntly.


* The Golden Lotus (1617), Ming dynasty vernacular novel, formerly notorious and banned for its sexual content.

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