Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Officially signed

Among many artists who signed a contract in UEC, Jun Mo’s qualifications and performance results were outstanding.

She was a rock singer and she has her own band. After five years of debut, with her distinctive personality and outstanding appearance. As well as her outstanding singing skills. She acquired a savvy group of loyal fans, who were always in high spirits and enthusiasm.

In the entertainment industry, singing and acting were common. Ji Yanlou was planning to introduce Jun Mo in movies and drama series circles. He wanted to transform her into an actress.

In the music world, the popularity of rock singers was not long lasting. If she won’t be transformed, her long accumulated popularity will eventually weaken.

In the end, a final plan was drawn, Gu Xingze will now manage himself. While Yun Shishi and Jun Mo will be managed by Qin Zhou.

To erased any doubt, Ji Yanlou said that Qin Zhou will confirm it himself.

He also said that Qin Zhou actually readily agreed with it.

With the great amount of funding and resources on his hand, raising two people were not a big problem.

Gu Xingze was now in a full swing. He will set up his own recording company. The company will focus on his planning. So Qin Zhou, as a general manager of UEC, eventually need to retreat.

Yun Shishi was somewhat flattered.

For a newcomer like her, that just recently signed a contract. She got under the wings of a golden manager like him. Such a beautiful opportunity, many people will definitely not expect.

Ji Yanlou called Qin Zhou inside.

Qin Zhou brought a few more contracts and asked them to fill them out.

“From now on, you are my people!” Qin Zhou looked at them with satisfaction, and he was actually very excited.

Ji Yanlou asked: “Qin Zhou, did you think about this?”

“Very clearly.” Qin Zhou appeared to be leisurely quiet and his handsome face revealed a calm expression “With Gu Xingze, I accompanied and dedicated myself to him. But now that he’s famous, I also want to help another group.”

After speaking, he smiled meaningfully and added: “Men’s desire to conquer women and career were alwaysss—- this strong.”


The same day, news about Qin Zhou canceling his contract as Gu Xingze’s manager spread all over the company.

All the people inside were both shocked and surprised. Undoubtedly, it was a like a bomb that suddenly fell in the company. But, some people were happy.

Happy, because now that Qin Zhou was free. If they can get him as their own manager. Their luck in career will definitely boost. Riding under the wings of this golden manager will give them nonstop resources!

It’s just, they also heard Qin Zhou took a newcomer under his wings. They will only know who that lucky person is, once the press conference was brought out.

On the other hand, some people were really surprised. After all, in this entertainment circle, the career of a person flow like a water. It can flow from the high place to the lower ground. How can Gu Xingze the king of showbiz suddenly give up Qin Zhou?

But, this was all an after events.


Ji Yanlou took Yun Shishi and Jun Mo’s contracts and came close to them to shake their hand.

“I hope you can get a little higher than this, don’t let me doubt my own eyes.”

Jun Mo reached out and strongly grip Ji Yanlou’s hand. She was very confident and proud: “Thank you, Senior director Ji.”

“Thank you for the care Senior Director Ji! I will do my best.” Yun Shishi also shook Ji Yanlou’s hand.

Ji Yanlou looked at Yun Shishi from head to toe. Then said: “Remember, I don’t look at the process, I only look at the results.”

Qin Zhou smiled on the side: “Old Ji, don’t you still trust my skills? Rest assured, Jun Mo and Shishi are under my hands. I will definitely give you satisfactory results.”

“Before you speak, clean up your mess first.” Ji Yanlou coldly said.

Qin Zhou was depressed again.

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