Chapter 331

Chapter 331: 3, 2, 1…

“Mu Yazhe, why are you here?”

Isn’t he supposed to be busy?

On the sofa, Mu Yazhe elegantly leaning half of his body. His black shirt was slightly opened, revealing a bit of his clear texture chest.

He was wearing a handsomely slim trouser, pair with expensive leather shoes. His slender legs were elegantly crossed. His posture looked very noble.

Yun Shishi couldn’t help but admit, his body looked strong and sexy. Every part of his body was perfectly molded.

His silver necklace that was hanging in his collarbone, made his flawless white skin looked very charming.

A while back, Mu Yazhe just came back from the United States and just got off the plane.

His face has some trace of fatigue, his ink-colored hair was slightly messy, his long and thick eyelashes wrongly intertwined, and his eyelids has a bit trace of dark shadow.

Mu Yazhe sipped and blew out the cigarette between his fingers. The room was suddenly filled with a faint scent.

Yun Shishi stood in the same place, she didn’t move, she only frowns and asks: “How did you come inside? How did you know this was my resting room? Did no one stop you?”

This area was heavily guarded. How did he come inside quietly?

“Stop me?” Mu Yazhe thought her words were very interesting: “This big Universal Building is mine. Who will dare to stop me?”

“… …”

That was indeed a bit true.

“You’re not afraid… to be photographed by journalists?” Yun Shishi reluctantly asked.

“Your voices sounds rough, it seems you are uncomfortable.” Mu Yazhe smiled and sipped another smoke. Then, he stretched out his finger and hooked it over her: “Shishi, come closer.”

Shishi… …

This was the first time he called her name.

His mouth seemed a bit gentle today.

Yun Shishi was caught off guard, her heart almost collapses.

“Come.” When he saw that she’s not moving, his face showed a bit trace of dissatisfaction.

Yun Shishi faintly smelled a dangerous atmosphere. She shook her head and stepped back a few steps. When her back reached the door, she sullenly said: “I will not come over.”

Mu Yazhe’s lips curved into a smile. His eyes also showed a  wicked smile: “Why? You still have that little temper of yours?”

“No, president, how can I show my temper to you?”

Mu Yazhe gently licked his lips: “So then, come closer.”

Yun Shishi felt awkward and stood in the same place.

Mu Yazhe finds her awkward appearance interesting: “You know what, the more you do this, the more it is difficult for me to restrain myself.”

Yun Shishi’s face redden.

The ambiguous meaning of his words was very obvious.

Yun Shishi’s eyebrows immediately knitted: “Are you a beast?”

“I am hungry.” Mu Yazhe licked his lips, “A hungry man can be terrible. Don’t try to arouse my desire.”

In the end, Mu Yazhe leaned forward: “Now, come here.”


“Will I come or you will come?”

Mu Yazhe leaned back against the sofa, his mouth faintly said: “3.”



When Mu Yazhe was about to stand. Yun Shishi couldn’t help but shudder. She bites the bullet and busily walked closer.

Mu Yazhe leaned again on the sofa with a wicked smile on his lips.

“Mu Yazhe, you… ahh…”

Yun Shishi hasn’t finished her words when Mu Yazhe pulled her wrist and dragged her into his arms. His slender fingers pinched her chin. Mu Yazhe couldn’t wait any longer to kiss her, so he kissed her lips.

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