Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Charming

Mu Yazhe smiled with a strange smile, then poked her sensitive part with his finger. Yun Shishi groaned, but quickly covered her mouth and glared at the man.

Does this man wants to embarrassed her?

“Shishi? What happened to you?” The woman outside tried to push and open the door.

Yun Shishi’s heart tighten. Her breathing somewhat became sluggish.

“Answer her.” Mu Yazhe wickedly smiled and outline her neck with his tongue. Then, he imprinted a ‘seal’ on her.

Yun Shishi doesn’t know what to say. She was angry. This man was clearly abnormal and wanted to embarrass her.

Under the man’s offensive, her mind was half sane, the other half was in a verge of collapse.

“Don’t mind me… your coat, it’s late… I’ll send it to you…”

The next moment there was no sound outside the door.

The long silence made her extremely nervous.

But, the man thinks that her nervous face looks very interesting. So, he didn’t stop and continue his offense. Making her mind in chaos.

Yun Shishi was ashamed and angry. She was intending to put an end to the ‘aggressive’ behavior of the man. But…

She felt a tingling pain in her lips.

Mu Yazhe’s handsome looking eyes suddenly opened. There was a trace of scarlet blood on his lips. It turned out he bit her lips. But as the time passed by, the anger in her heart disappear.

Yun Shishi’s lips sting, but her lips quickly become paralyzed. Mu Yazhe didn’t stop, he continued kissing her. The more he smelled the sweet scent the more his kiss deepened.

The blood on her lips didn’t stop.

So, Mu Yazhe cleanly outlined her lips with his tongue. As if he was a bloodthirsty vampire.  The sweet taste entered Yun Shishi’s lips, so she also tasted it.

The atmosphere inside the private resting room was full of charm.

However, when Yun Shishi tasted the sweetness of her blood, a white light suddenly burst inside her mind.

Mu Yazhe continued plundering and kissing her.

But, the person under him gradually stopped reacting.

Mu Yazhe slowly raised his head and saw the person in his arms had a pale face. He fixed his eyes on her face.

Her lips were stained with blood.

That was because she bit her lips.

Her pale lips were somewhat strangely charming.

Mu Yazhe’s eyes become deeper and deeper. He reached out his fingers and wipe the scarlet blood on her lips.

But, Yun Shishi bites his finger.

Leaving a deep bite marked.

She was like an angered cat. Stubbornly bitten him, leaving no room for conversation.

Mu Yazhe who didn’t have any reaction slowly sat up. He seemed not interested to do anything now.

He gorgeously stood up and took his outer suit, then opened the door and went out.


Outside the door, Jiang Yutong didn’t leave. She waited for Yun Shishi’s figure to appear. But instead, she bumped into someone else.

Jiang Yutong was so shocked!

With her identity, naturally, she doesn’t know the man. But, her first impression of the man was, he was too handsome!

And, unusually young.

His tall body has a god-like atmosphere. He looked like a rich man. And it’s very difficult to describe his beauty with words.

Who is he? Why did he come out from Yun Shishi’s private resting room?

Jiang Yutong found a scarlet blood on his lips.

Mu Yazhe frowned slightly. Seeing the woman’s sight fell on his lips. He unconsciously licked the bloodstain on his lips with his tongue. But, he didn’t say a word, he coldly turned and left.

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