Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Lust

Yun Shishi revealed a smile of satisfaction.

“It’s not too early! Shishi, let’s go!”

Li Lan unconsciously called Yun Shishi by her name. Yun Shishi didn’t show a disgust look on her face. Inside her heart, she had subtle affection for this woman, so she didn’t mind her calling her name.

Yun Shishi nodded her head, then she stood up and went out with Li Lan.

However, just after walking out in the room, they met a middle-aged man who was well-groom.

Li Lan’s eyes were sharp, she recognized the middle-aged man at once. So, she greeted him with a smile: “Oh, isn’t this President Qian? What a coincidence! I bumped with you here!”

This middle-aged man was not someone ordinary. He was Qian Shaohua, one of the investors cooperating with UEC.

He was also one of those investors contributed a large sum of money to the UEC’s next film. He was one of the famous big bosses in the capital.

Therefore, out of courtesy, Li Lan offered to greet him.

Qian Shaohua also recognized Li Lan at once. He laughed and said: “Hahaha, isn’t this Assistant Li? How fortunate, I didn’t expect to meet you here! Why aren’t you with your boss?”

Li Lan shook his hand and was about to give an answer.

However, she saw his eyes, looking straight to Yun Shishi, that was standing behind her.

Qian Shaohua’s eyes slightly widen and shines brightly. There were also some traces of surprised. What more, Li Lan heard him swallow!

This girl looks very pretty! 

He was so shocked when he saw this heavenly beauty. He felt like the dim corridor radiate with light in an instant!

Qian Shaohua’s stares become hot and sticky. His eyes also looked very aggressive, so Yun Shishi couldn’t help but return to her senses and looked up. But suddenly, she felt uncomfortable with the deep eyes that were staring at her. And so, she escaped by hiding behind Li Lan.

However, this action of her only gives another meaning to the other party!

Oh, she seems to be shy!

But, that’s normal. This girl is very young and looked well behave.

Regardless of her innocent look, his heart become itchy with this tender and beautiful girl!

This girl was exactly his cup of tea!

There was no woman that Qian Shaohua failed to get. He was a businessman. He was also involved in the entertainment industry. He has been with the beauties of the entertainment industry for so long. And with his success, playing with women was very easy. 

Women in the entertainment industry were popular for their delicate and charming appearance. But after working in this field for so long, he learned that in the end, they were all the same.

In this new era, the desire for material things was much more advanced. So, how can there still be an innocent girl?

Now, it’s all about being famous. At first, they will be shy. But after a long time, they will be like the others. Inevitably, things will become more and more boring.

But then, as a hunter who locked up his prey, he was full of ambitions and possessiveness!

When Li Lan saw his radiating eyes, the smile on her lips stiffened a bit. At the same time, she somewhat felt embarrassed.

She has been with Mu Yazhe for so many years. She has seen a lot of things in this world. She also has seen a lot of faces in this world. She was also a smart woman. So at this moment, how can she not knowwhat Qian Shaohua was actually thinking?

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