Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Rebuff

“Assistant Li, my business cooperation was now blown away, but you can still laugh?”

Li Lan restrained her smile, then said: “How can I dare laugh at you?”

That’s what she said, but Qian Shaohua‘s heart felt unhappy!

That meaning of her smile, cannot slide Qian Shaohua’s eyes!

Now, even a small assistant was looking at him like a joke?

Qian Shaohua violently yelled in the direction of Mu Yazhe’s departure place!

“Damn it! What a crazy thing! You think I can only make business cooperation with you! Crazy!”

When Lu Jingtian heard Qian Shaohua‘s words, she returned to her senses. She turned her head and looked at Qian Shaohua coldly, then said: “Mr. Qian, we are all in the business circle. It’s better to leave some face to yourself. You clearly know inside your heart, what words to speak and what not. So, do you think, you should be saying these words?”

Qian Shaohua looked at Lu Jingtian and just about to open his mouth. However, after thinking about it, he realized this Lu Jingtian was not an average person. Although she doesn’t have a mysterious background like Mu Yazhe, she was not a small fry!

The reason why Lu Jingtian easily debuted, was because there were so many rich resources lining up behind her.

Her father was one of the highest board members in the UEC. That was also the reason why she was qualified to walk side by side with Mu Yazhe.

Lu Jiaben, Lu Jingtian’s father, was a wealthy person. Her mother was also something! Thinking about all these things, Qian Shaohua chose to swallow his words.

“But, it’s just a woman. Why was he so eager to keep her? He is simply revolting!”

Qian Shaohua still couldn’t help but curse: “It’s just a woman! That kid, why is he doing this to me? I’ve been looking forward to this investment for a long time!”

“Mr. Qian, I’m advising you to talk less or be polite! This time it’s only a cooperation in a blockbuster movie! Next time, you might fall to the bottom. Do you think you can still stay in the capital by then?”

Qian Shaohua shivered, his face turned blue and white, he couldn’t fix his facial expression. So, he only snorted and turned away.

Li Lan and Lu Jingtian looked at each other and then laughed. They also greeted each other after.

Despite her high status, Lu Jingtian’s attitude towards Li Lan, who was always around Mu Yazhe, was very respectful.  Lu Jingtian smiled and asked: “Sister Li, that girl, who is she?”

Li Lan was about to give an answer, but she thought for a thousand more times, so she paused a bit. But after that, she smiled and said: “It’s just a small artist in the company! It’s not worth worrying!”

Li Lan’s answer was very vague and ambiguous. She couldn’t be blamed in this. Lu Jingtian was famous for being notorious in the entertainment circle. She relies on the big forces behind her to clean up new artist.

There was even one rumor that, because this new artist talked bad things behind her, she slapped that new artist’s face in front of the crowd. The new artist’s face was swelling to the point, that she had to wear a mask in her concert.

But afterward, due to the powerful force behind her, she was acquitted of the crime. From then on, everyone called her “Sister Lu”.

Lu Jingtian had first signed a contract with the Haina Company, but then, who knows why, even at the great expense of breaching the contract. She still transferred to UEC.

At first, Li Lan didn’t quite understand Lu Jingtian’s intentions. However, now, after carefully thinking about it, she had guessed Lu Jingtian’s mind for about seven or eight points!

Only a drunk person wouldn’t understand her meaning!

Li Lan doesn’t want Yun Shishi to go against this girl, it’s not really her intention to offend Yun Shishi!

It’s just, this Lu Jingtian, was a woman, that can never be offended.

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