Chapter 71

My Little Girl (63)

Sheng Qianmo waited for Shu Nuan to finish her medicine before stepping out of the Sheng Courtyard. Before leaving for the military camp, he ordered Li Yuan to investigate the matter Shu Nuan had reported.  

This time Sheng Qianmo does not focused only the actual facts about Shu Nuan, but also find out those who ferret the Emperor.

Shu Nuan didn’t find out about Jeng Fei’s withdrawal from the academy until she went there on the next day.

On this topic there was a lot of discussion in the Class 10 because everyone in the class knew that Jing Fei had done a great job in the play and was a valued student of Master Gao’s. In addition, Jing Fei was known to be a gentleman. No one had expected him to drop out of the academy.

Su Hai took advantage of the time after class to lean against Shu Nuan’s table, and muttered, “I heard Jing Fei’s hometown is in Suzhou, far from the Beiguo capital. His family must’ve been living in ecstasy knowing that he was attending the famous Yulin Academy. But now, I don’t know who he offended, that he had to drop out…”

 From behind him, Qi Yue groaned. “Therefore, I will definitely become an official in the future! To suppress these powerful people who treat others as ants. “

 Su Hai glanced at him. “As far as you are concerned, you first need to pass the exam two days later. “

 “Oh, by the way, your uncle called us yesterday and asked about you,” Su Hai asked in casual tone, his words a whisper. All of a sudden, a terrible thought appeared in his mind. “Could it be that Jing Fei dropping out… is related to your uncle?”

“I don’t know,” Shu Nuan responded with a dull expression.

Contrary to her words, her mind had a different thought. Jing Fei had to drop out of the academy a day after they were kidnapped. It was hard to believe that the matter was unrelated to Sheng Qianmo.

It was, after all, an easy task for the prince to drive someone out of the academy.

  However, she couldn’t bring herself to admit Sheng Qianmo had a hand in this.

 Shu Nuan shuddered, unable to make up her mind.

 Now she truly understood that if she ever made such a mistake, she would fall into the abyss. It was the reason she was afraid in front of Sheng Qianmo. She feared ending up like Jing Fei.

The Prince held power over her life and death.

But this time Su Hai had forgotten to whisper and was soon heard by several classmates nearby. A girl couldn’t help but rush up to Shu Nuan’s desk, which he slammed down his hands on, fixing his eyes upon her. “What did you mean? When did Jing Fei offend you? Why would you do this to him? Who in this class hasn’t taken care of you since you started attending?!”


This classmate was named Ning Qiang, and she had had a secret crush on Jing Fei for more than half a year. Their performance in “Du Shiniang” had brought her closer to Jing Fei. The boy also took great care of her when he could. They had strolled together on their trip two days ago, only for her to later find out about him dropping from the academy.

Ning Qiang had been ignorant of the truth like everyone else there but,  after listening to Su Hai’s words, the truth had struck her. It made her furious.

Qi Yue refuted, “What nonsense! Shu Nuan doesn’t even know what’s going on. She was absent yesterday because of high fever and only came to the academy today. Why can’t you think before you speak?”

Ning Qiang laughed, “What kind of person is Shu Nuan? Who in the academy hasn’t heard of her ways? She must’ve bewitched you too as well.Otherwise, why would you follow her around all day?”

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