Chapter 145

Gu Po Tian isn’t that busy, to be honest. Now he’s in his room, tasting a newly-acquired spiritual wine.

Hearing from the steward, he is a little unhappy. “What important matter can he have?”

He wants to refuse to see him at first but recalling that this niece of his has gone for over ten days, he wonders if he has made any trouble outside the manor.

“Bring him in.”

Gu Hao follows the steward inside.

“Well?” The moment that Gu Hao comes in, Gu Po Tian’s eyes are fixed on him.

“The top level of practitioner? You’ve entered the level of practitioner?” He stands up suddenly.

Gu Hao doesn’t expect to be seen through at first sight, but thinking that his uncle is a champion, it is normal that he could tell the difference.

He nods, containing his excitement. “Yes, uncle.”

Gu Po Tian has a change of mind and tells the steward to leave them.

When the steward has left, he turns amiable. “Hao-er, tell me. Have you run across any rare opportunities recently?”

He knows Gu Hao's spirit core well since he was a little boy and he is sure that there is no chance he could have made a mistake.

If it wasn’t for some rare opportunities, Gu Hao couldn’t have become a real practitioner for his life, let alone reaching the top level of practitioner.

Hearing how Gu Po Tian calls him, Gu Hao feels strange.

This is the first time in his life to hear his uncle call him “Hao-er”.

But it isn’t happiness he feels. Instead, he isn’t used to it.

Recalling what the senior one in grey has warned him about, he hides her existence from his uncle. “The other day I went out of town and acquired a drop of blood in the woods. I swallowed it by accident and fainted. After I woke up, I found myself like this.”

Gu Hao tells the story half true and half false.

“A drop of blood?” Gu Po Tian held his arms with a frown.

What kind of blood does miracle like this?

Look at Gu Hao, his eyes are full of vigor and he is in a good state, surrounded by spirit power. It doesn’t look like he has been pushed upward the practicing level by an exterior matter forcefully.

All of a sudden, he grabs Gu Hao with one hand.

“Ah!” Gu Hao cries painfully in a small voice. It turns out that Gu Po Tian has forces a drop of spiritual essence out of his body.

“This drop of essence is filled with boundless spirit power that can grow by itself.” Staring at the drop of spiritual essence in the air, Gu Po Tian mutters and then his eyes glisten.

“Did you say you have gone through this change after you swallowed that drop of blood?”

Gu Hao nods.

Looking at Gu Po Tian’s expression, he feels more and more uneasy.

“I’m sure that mysterious blood mixed with yours and changed your nature!”

Gu Po Tian bursts out laughing, then he tunrs to Gu Hao:

“Hao-er, the Gu Clan has brought you up and spent numerous resources on you. Now it’s your turn to repay the clan.” He looks at Gu Hao as if looking at a treasure-house.

Gu Hao is shocked.

He looks at Gu Po Tian: “Uncle, what are you talking about? When I reach the top level, I’ll certainly repay the clan.”

“Top level? No, no, no...”

Gu Po Tian looks at Gu Hao greedily: “You don’t have to wait that long. You can repay us now

Your cousin Gu Jue is a rare talent that our clan won’t have another one like him for another hundred years. If he gets your essence, I’m sure he’ll bring himself up a level and surpass me in the future. He’ll let our clan become known far and wide.”

Hearing that, Gu Hao feels hurt.

It never occurs to him that this good news that he wants so eagerly to share with his uncle ends up in this way.

By now, he finally understands why the senior one in grey remained silent when she heard that he wanted to return to the clan and said:

“It's hard to fathom a person’s mind. It’ll be good to you if you see it for yourself.”

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