Chapter 146

When Gu Hao is deeply shocked and hurt by what happened to him, what is Ah Zhao doing?

She is right there beside him, watching in the dark together with cotton candy.

“Do you think it is too harsh on him?” Looking at how pale Gu Hao is, Ah Zhao feels a bit pity for him.

After it has considered for a while, cotton candy says: “But it’s the most effective way. After this, the male lead will definitely get his guards up and won’t be fooled by women like Lan Bing Xin. Besides, you are right beside him, aren’t you? You won’t let anything bad happen to him.”

Ah Zhao nods: “You've got a point.”

Then the girl and the system continue to watch without interfering.

“Uncle, am I not a member of our clan?” Gu Hao is still struggling.

However, smile has disappeared from Gu Po Tian's face. “Why does that matter? What do you think will make me prouder, that my niece becomes famous or that my son turns into an outstanding figure of his time? Don’t be afraid. I’ll be gentle. Gu Clan will remember your sacrifice forever. Your spiritual tablet will be revered at the Temple of Former Sages of our clan and enjoy burned joss sticks from clan members.”

After he has said that, Gu Po Tian feels he has done everything called for by humanity and duty.

“Well, I’ve said all there is to be said. Go at peace.”

Then, he moves in a flash, his hand a claw aiming at Gu Hao’s chest. Since he wants to take all of Gu Hao's essence, it is best to start from the hottest essence at the tip of his heart.

However, his hand is stopped by another without much difficulty.

It is a hand as fair as jade. Judging from the look of it, fair, slender, it looks like a hand of a noble lady of the mortal world who leads a pampered life.

It is exactly this harmless-looking hand which blocked the attack of a champion.

The figure in grey cloak appears between them without a sound, following by a husky voice:

“What a clan. What a pretentious leader.”

Looking at Ah Zhao, Gu Po Tian is extremely shaken. He finds that he can't tell what level this mysterious woman is at!

Well, there are only two explanations for this: one, she has a treasure which helps her hide herself, or two, she is more powerful than him.

No matter which one it is, he has to be careful with her.

He says coldly: “May I know your name and why do you interfere with our family affairs?”

“My name,” Ah Zhao says, unhurried. “isn’t something you are qualified to know.”

Looking at Gu Po Tian turn angry; she is quite satisfied. Perhaps this is the first time that he is put down like this.

Ah Zhao did that on purpose to get on his nerves.

Her husky voice goes up again: “I was kind to have described you as pretentious. You have a face of a man but the heart of a beast. You are a cold-blooded animal in human clothing to have thought of killing your own blood.”

The system dutifully digs up a lot of curse words to let Ah Zhao read.

“You are lower than low. Who do you think you are?”

Standing behind the senior one in grey, Gu Hao gapes dumbfounded.

It seems that the senior one has indeed been very gentle to me. He thinks to himself.

On the opposite, however, being verbally abused by Ah Zhao, Gu Po Tian turns dark from gloomy.

As a champion, he has always been dignified.

Even if he is wronged, he won’t shout abuse like a shrill housewife and will act befitting his position.

Therefore, though he has been scolded by Ah Zhao for all this time, he only manages to come up with one word:


“Huh.” Ah Zhao sneers with disdain. “It doesn’t surprise me that you aren’t in a high level of kung fu but how come that you don’t know how to swear? You are useless.”

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