Chapter 118
Chapter 118 Hitting the Teacher
The sarcasm in this classroom made Ye Fei sick. He would have really liked to take out a knife and disfigure all of their faces so they could get a taste of their own medicine.

But then, he noticed a few scraps of paper on the professor’s podium with a very familiar painting on them. He went straight ahead to pick up them.

It was Zhong Mei’s portrait!

He picked up all the pieces and slowly put them together, but he realized that this was not his drawing.

Although the composition and content were identical, this painting, whether in quality or method, was much better than his sketch.

Although Ye Fei had to learn to sketch as a sniper, he wasn’t amazingly good at it. Compared to professional artists, his artistic shortcomings were obvious.

The author of this painting had to have been Zhong Mei, as only she had seen the original.

As for why she had copied it, and why it was lying in pieces on the professor’s podium, Ye Fei had no answer.

"Hey, what is he doing?"

"It’s that ugly chick’s painting. It was confiscated by Professor Ouyang and he tore it up in front of everyone."

"Wow, this guy must really love that eyesore if he can even recognize her painting."

Ye Fei stared at the painting furiously as he listened to these words.

Just then, an artsy-looking man with long hair walked into the classroom.

This was Professor Ouyang. When he saw Ye Fei standing at his podium, he immediately cried out, "Which department are you from? It's class time, who let you in here?"

When he noticed the scraps of paper in Ye Fei’s hands, Professor Ouyang was a little startled.

"Get the hell out of here! Don't interfere with my class!" he came up to pull at Ye Fei’s clothes, but Ye Fei wouldn’t budge.

"Who tore up this painting?"

"I tore it up. What’s it to you?" Professor Ouyang put his hands on his waist. When he saw Ye Fei's expression, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Ye Fei stepped forward, his fists tightly clenched. "Why did you do this?" He still tried to suppress his anger.

Professor Ouyang stepped back in alarm and looked like he wanted to run away for a moment, but then he remembered he was a teacher and his class was watching, so he loudly retorted: "I gave the class an assignment to draw a self-portrait, and this is what the student handed in. It's a good painting, but is that her? It’s completely different! Of course, I had to criticize her and tear up her homework. This is my right as a teacher and none of your business. Now get out, you’re disrupting my class."

Meanwhile, a few of the boys in the class had stood up and were picking up mops, brooms and other things from the back of the classroom. If Ye Fei didn't leave on his own, it looked like they were ready to force him out.

Ye Fei did not move, his face cold. "Who let you become a teacher? No one with a conscience would force a special student like Zhong Mei to paint a self-portrait. You are trampling on her dignity!"

Ye Fei finally understood why the atmosphere in this class was so strange and why the students were so unhinged.

If the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant.

As a teacher, he could affect the atmosphere of the whole class.

If the teacher was cruel and openly judged people by their outward appearance, his students would eventually be contaminated by these nasty habits!

Ye Fei looked at the torn painting again and saw faint teardrops on it.

Zhong Mei must have finished this painting with tears in her eyes.

She wanted to be as beautiful as the girl in the painting.

However, her dream was torn apart by this professor, and Zhong Mei's heart was also torn apart like scraps of paper with it.

Although Ye Fei was outraged, he still wanted to give this professor a chance to repent. "Professor Ouyang... You're ruining these students! You're destroying a kind, talented, hardworking student!"

"You can't judge if she is a good student. I can!” Professor Ouyang snorted. “I'm her professor and I have never seen a student with such poor attendance. Let me tell you, I have seen lots of talented students, but talent alone is no use in this world. The moment I tore up her homework, she ran out crying, totally ignoring me.”

“And she’s so ugly, no one would look at her even if she were a prostitute," he added under his breath.

His voice was very quiet and he thought Ye Fei couldn’t hear this final remark, but then, he was suddenly caught by Ye Fei’s hands and mercilessly slammed against the wall.

"You dare to hit a teacher?! Do you not want to study here anymore?! I don’t care who you are, if you don’t take your hands off me this instant, I’ll see you expelled by the end of this day!"

Professor Ouyang struggled as his feet left the ground, but it was of no use. Compared to Ye Fei, he was as helpless as a newborn baby.

"Expel me? I forgot to tell you, I am not a student here!"

Then Ye Fei punched Professor Ouyang in the eye.


The eye immediately turned black and began swelling massively, making him look like half a panda.

The professor stumbled away, screaming at his dazed students, "What the hell are you waiting for?! Get him out of here!"

The students did not expect Ye Fei to be so vicious and were stunned for a few moments. Eventually, amid Professor Ouyang's cries for help, one of them raised a mop to strike at Ye Fei's head.
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