Chapter 123
Chapter 123 Trampled Dignity
"Yamamoto Takeshi!"

Ye Fei realized he fell into a trap and stood in front of Zhong Mei.

"Shit, you really do like this ugly bitch."

"Man, did you lose your glasses or something?"

"I don't think his eyes are the problem. I think his brain is just messed up."

"Pfft, yeah, he’s an idiot."

The desire to look attractive was universal.

However, most people were dominated by appearances. They judged each other by their appearance, but how many people could see real beauty?

Seeing the disgusted faces on the people around her made Lu Xueman smile. She just wanted to see Zhong Mei humiliated in front of everyone.

Lu Xueman was beautiful, rich, and smart; a typical rich beauty. She had but one nagging annoyance in her life: that she was not as talented as Zhong Mei.

Because of this, she deeply hated Zhong Mei.

She felt the talent should belong to her, not the ugly Zhong Mei.

Yamamoto Takeshi felt Ye Fei's sharp eyes slicing through him, but he did not care. A sneer appeared on his face.

Zhong Mei summoned her courage and stepped forward. "Yamamoto Takeshi, you are breaking your word! You promised me that if I cleaned up the karate hall, you would leave Ye Fei alone." 

"Oh? Did I say that?" Yamamoto Takeshi laughed.

"You did. They all heard it!" Zhong Mei pointed to the people behind him.

"Well, I have. So what?" At first Yamamoto Takeshi wanted to deny it, but then he thought his prestige would be damaged if he didn’t admit the obvious, so he said, "Did you clean it?"

"Not yet… But I promised, so I will do it. Even if I have to stay here the whole night, I will clean this place up. Before this, you cannot touch Ye Fei!" Zhong Mei shouted.

"Well..." Yamamoto Takeshi hesitated. He was good at battles of strength, but less proficient in a verbal confrontation. Not to mention, he was a Japanese exchange student and had only been learning Chinese for about two years.

"Fine, I'll give you something to clean," Lu Xueman said and prodded a boy standing beside Yamamoto Takeshi.

"Yeah, Xueman?"

A vicious light flashed in Lu Xueman's eyes as she thought of a new way to humiliate Zhong Mei: "Xiao-Qu, go over there and pee!"

Xiao-Qu looked slightly confused. He thought he must have misheard.

"Go pee in the urinal and let that ugly bitch clean it. If she doesn’t, we will beat the shit out of her boyfriend."

Xiao-Qu shuddered a little. This chick was really sinister…

"But if she cleans it..." he tried hesitantly.

Lu Xueman glared at him. "Nonsense. If she does, you'll take another piss."

Yamamoto Takeshi grinned at Lu Xueman. "Haha, that’s brilliant!"

Xiao-Qu was still a little hesitant. After all, he would be peeing in public.

"Well, get on with it!" Yamamoto Takeshi urged him.

Xiao-Qu knew he had to do this. Anyway, he had already done a bunch of bad things with Yamamoto Takeshi. A sinister smile appeared on his face, "Alright then, I’ll give her a nice, big puddle to wipe!"

At that, he went straight to the urinal beside Zhong Mei.

"Ah!" Zhong Mei screamed and covered her eyes as he unbuttoned his trousers. "You pervert, why are you taking your pants off in front of me?!"

"I’m a pervert?" Xiao-Qu disregarded all the eyes on him and immediately started peeing, all while staring at Zhong Mei. "I don’t know which one of us is the pervert. This is the men’s room! You are a girl, so what are you doing here? Trying to sneak a peek at my dick? I think you're the pervert!"


Zhong Mei's face started turning red.

Ever since she was a little kid, people have used many nasty names to insult her, but this was the first time she had been called a pervert, and there was nothing she could say to that, because it was indeed the men's room.

"How do you like my dick, pervert? Hey, look at it, I bet it’s bigger than your boyfriend's!" Xiao-Qu continued taunting her.

When he was done, he buttoned his trousers and snarled, "Hurry up and get to work, butt-face! Clean this up! We don't have time to stand around and chit-chat."

Zhong Mei was a self-respecting girl. Of course, she was unmoved.

"You can choose refuse, of course,” said Lu Xueman, “but don’t blame us for what happens if you don’t follow the agreement. Come on, let us teach Ye Fei a lesson! He splashed gravy on me in the cafeteria and said everyone in this university is a pile of trash!"

Yamamoto Takeshi entered the restroom. He had been itching to punch Ye Fei for a while now.

Seeing him approaching, Zhong Mei looked at Lu Xueman in disbelief. She really did not think she could be that vicious.

Tightly biting her lip, Zhong Mei wanted to cry.

"I... I’ll clean it..."

Zhong Mei was exhausted, tears glistening in her eyes. She knew that if she wiped the pee stains from the urinal, the last shreds of her dignity would be crushed, and she wouldn’t have the face to continue attending classes at Shanghai University.

But for Ye Fei, Zhong Mei was willing to do anything.
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