Chapter 124
Chapter 124 Lick It Clean
"Zhong Mei, don't do it!" someone in the crowd of karate disciples shouted.

Not everyone among the students was without a conscience, after all.

"Don't wipe it, Zhong Mei!"

"I have seen bullying, but never like this. This is going too far!"

"Lu Xueman is hot, but damn, what a nasty bitch."

The support of the crowd suddenly began shifting to Zhong Mei’s side. Lu Xueman and Yamamoto Takeshi didn’t think their cruel trick would have such a heavy impact.

Yamamoto Takeshi turned around and barked into the crowd at the door, "Who was that? Who said that?! I dare you to say that again! I'm going to put your ass in a wheelchair if I find you!"

In an instant, everyone went silent.

Satisfied, Yamamoto Takeshi turned back to Zhong Mei and said grimly, "Well, they are right. Don't wipe it."


"What do you mean?"

The onlookers looked on with confusion.

Lu Xueman was taken aback too. Did Yamamoto Takeshi suddenly change his mind?

Then he continued to say, "My home country, Japan, is not only a clean nation, but meticulous as well. Zhong Mei, I promised to let Ye Fei go if you clean up this hall, but you must be diligent. I’ll give you a chance to prove that you can clean up the restroom thoroughly. Go ahead and lick that urinal with your tongue."

His words fell like a bomb, and everyone wondered if they heard that correctly.

Lu Xueman’s plan was already cruel and drew criticism, but this was even worse!

A few girls peeking from the doorway looked at the filthy urinal and almost threw up at the thought.

Lu Xueman's eyes shone with excitement. This was even better than her idea!

Yamamoto Takeshi nodded lightly to Xiao-Qu.

Xiao-Qu got the hint and immediately turned to Zhong Mey, "Butt-face, our captain wants you to lick the urinal clean. Don't mess around, or your next date with your boyfriend will be at the hospital!"

Zhong Mei began shaking uncontrollably, her eyes filled with despair. 

She could accept scrubbing the toilets, but licking the urinal? Who could bring themselves to do that?

Many people watching from the doorway were shaking their heads sadly. At that point Yamamoto Takeshi was not only trampling on Zhong Mei's dignity, but on the dignity of everyone present.

Seeing Zhong Mei frozen in place, Xiao-Qu suddenly grabbed her hair and shoved her head toward the urinal.

Then, a cold voice rang in everyone’s ears:

"Hey! Am I invisible?"

If there was ever a gaze deserving of the term ‘death glare’, Ye Fei’s stare at Yamamoto Takeshi was it.

Ever since Ye Fei arrived at the city, he had been carefully controlling his aggressive impulses. Although he beat up plenty of bad guys, he never thought of killing anyone.

But this farce shot him over the edge on a missile.

Ye Fei took a deep breath and gave up his murderous thoughts. He passed his gaze over Yamamoto Takeshi, Lu Xueman, and Xiao-Qu and said, "You should be very glad this is a school, so I will refrain from killing every one of you!"

They were stunned for a moment, but then smirked haughtily.

"Fuck you!” Xiao-Qu barked. “You’re just a coward who can't even answer a challenge. You know what? Since your girlfriend doesn't want to lick it, why don’t you lick it yourself?"

Yamamoto Takeshi and Lu Xueman nodded in support.

Ye Fei looked at Xiao-Qu indifferently, his voice cold as ice. "Can I not?"

Anyone familiar with Ye Fei would know to start running as fast as their legs would carry them at that point, but unfortunately, Xiao-Qu still thought that Ye Fei was just a coward.

He felt very proud of his idea. "Fuck you! You don’t want to lick it either? Well, you both better start licking this goddamn urinal already, or we will beat you both to death!"

After saying that, Xiao-Qu snuck a glance at Yamamoto Takeshi and felt even prouder of himself when he saw him nod approvingly.

"Well, I guess I’ll have to lick it," Ye Fei nodded reluctantly.

Li Tiejun tightly clenched his fists, his face full of disappointment. "Ye Fei, I did not think you were such a coward. I must be blind! You were just scared of Yamamoto Takeshi all along. Goddamn it."



"I can’t believe Zhong Mei suffered all that for such a pansy."

"Unbelievable, what a wuss!"

Even the spectators felt this was unfair to Zhong Mei. Even an ugly girl like her was too good for a pathetic coward like Ye Fei.

But Zhong Mei was looking at Ye Fei curiously. She didn't believe for a second that he was a coward.

How could a man who dared to insult the entire student body for her sake be a coward!?

However, she still didn't know what Ye Fei was planning, so she stood aside and did not intervene.

"Stop messing around and start licking! If you don't think there’s enough, I'll pee some more," Xiao-Qu laughed, giddy and self-satisfied.

"You tell me if there’s enough or not," Ye Fei said quietly.


At first, Xiao-Qu was puzzled, but before he could think of a smart comeback, Ye Fei grabbed him by the hair and mercilessly smashed his face into the urinal.


The urinal instantly shattered and the water pipe burst, spraying a jet of urine into Xiao-Qu’s open mouth. Fortunately for him, he was knocked out instantly and couldn’t smell or taste it.

"Wow, that’s some hard licking!" Ye Fei shouted, vengeance burning in his eyes.
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