Chapter 13
Chapter 13 Is He Even Human
It was already two o'clock in the morning when Ye Fei and Lin Qingwan arrived at the Purple Apartments complex.

The temperature difference between day and night is very noticeable in Shanghai. As Lin Qingwan got out of the car, she felt a cold breeze. Shivering a little, she told Ye Fei that Murong was on the eighth floor and hurried inside while he parked the car.

Every part of Purple Apartments was nice, but it had no parking lot. People could only park on the sides of the street.

In the middle of the night, almost all the parking spaces were occupied. Ye Fei drove around for 10 minutes before he finally found a spot.

Before he could get out of the car, however, Ye Fei heard the sound of high heels tapping on the ground. Looking around, he saw a slim figure approaching.

She was a beautiful woman wearing a sexy red skirt. Her shoes were similarly red and a light gray fur scarf was draped over her shoulders, increasing her sex-appeal.

However, the beautiful woman was walking unevenly; she looked drunk.

It was two o'clock in the morning. A sexy, drunk beauty stumbling around – Ye Fei became a little concerned for her safety.

Thinking she was likely to be a prostitute, Ye Fei followed her for a while with his eyes, but he chose not to intervene.

Then, Ye Fei noticed the three thugs following behind the beautiful woman.

These three men hid in the shadows behind her with greedy eyes, as if they wanted to peel off her clothes. They were whispering amongst themselves:

"Boss... We came all the way here from the nightclub just to fuck her; why won’t this drunk bitch fall down already?"

"Yeah, at this rate she will make it back home, and we’ll have gone out of our way for nothing."

"Boss... Let's just do it. She's so drunk, she won’t even recognize us."

Sitting in the car, Ye Fei could clearly hear their words and understood what had happened. The beautiful woman had gone to a nightclub and those three men got her drunk. They were waiting for her to pass out so they could rape her.

Since she was partying out in nightclubs this late, she was probably not a housewife. After they raped her, they would give her a few hundred Yuan, and as usual the woman would stay quiet. A common practice with thugs like these in the area.

The leader thought for a while; he was ready to do it. "Let’s go. She’s so hot, we can't let her go. C’mon brothers, let's use something to cover our faces and grab her."

The three men pulled up their jackets to cover their faces, and crept up to the beautiful woman from behind.

The beautiful woman saw their shadows on the ground and suddenly turned around. Seeing the three masked men, she exclaimed, "You... What are you doing?"

"Honey, you can really hold your liquor. Why don't we find a quiet spot to have a few drinks?"

"How about my house?” Said one of the men “I have a collection of red wine, and... I can teach you a few physical exercises. I am a fitness trainer, I can work all kinds of positions."

The three men were shameless, especially the fitness trainer. With the coat covering his face, his abs could be seen through the elastic black vest he wore underneath.

"No... What the hell are you doing? I'm not that kind of girl!"

The beautiful woman screamed out.

"Cut the shit. Damao, cover her mouth, don't let her attract any unneeded attention," the leader ordered. 

The fitness trainer used his strong arms to grab the beautiful woman's white neck and covered her mouth. He grinned, "Scream all you like. Even if you break your vocal chords, no one will come to save you."

These three men dragged the woman into the nearest alley. They didn't care that the place was dirty, and started tearing off her skirt.

Ye Fei wouldn’t interfere in a messy

sexual relationship, but this was obviously a rape in progress. He had to intervene.

After all, Ye Fei was a soldier, with a sense of justice.

He got out of the car and headed to the alley.

The three men were very nervous. Looking around, they saw a man get out of the BMW and walk toward them. One of them suddenly pointed to Ye Fei and growled, "Mind your own damn business! Fuck off!"

Thinking Ye Fei was just a young guy, the fitness trainer came out arrogantly. "Alright, you wanna play hero and save the damsel in distress? Look at these muscles! I’ll crush you!"

"Get the fuck out of here! If you keep standing there, we'll mess you up," the leader angrily said.

Ye Fei squinted his eyes. This was his first time seeing such arrogant rapists.

"Are you deaf? Get lost!" Seeing Ye Fei did not intend to leave, one of the thugs raised his leg to kick him.

Against these men, Ye Fei didn’t even need to use a throwing knife. With his fingers extended rigidly like a bony club, he struck the thug on the shin.

The man took a few steps back at once, his leg shaking.

"Ow! This guy's hand is made of steel! It hurts, it hurts..." the man wailed.

The other two were stunned, and then the trainer roared, "Are you looking for trouble? I'll kill you, man!"

The trainer was very tall, much bigger than Ye Fei. He looked like a Chinese Arnold Schwarzenegger. With hands like sandbags, he swung toward Ye Fei's chest.

Ye Fei did not dodge. Rapidly closing with the fitness trainer, he stuck out his fingers and stabbed directly into his ribs.

The fitness trainer immediately felt pain exploding from his chest. All his strength blew out of him and he dropped limp on the ground, convulsing in pain.

The leader froze. His two brothers were normally good at fighting. The fitness trainer in particular, could often take on three or four men at a time. Why were they acting so soft when facing this kid?

"I'll kill you!"

The boss took out a pocket knife, flourishing and swinging it around in front of Ye Fei.

Ye Fei had a stone cold expression. With a quick strike forward, he grabbed the leader’s wrist and robbed him of the knife. With his other hand, he delivered an ear-ringing slap, and coldly said, "Listen here, you do not deserve to play with a knife in front of me."

The leader covered his face and struggled to stand up, trying to protest.

Then, Ye Fei swung his hand, and the pocket knife shot past the tip of the thug’s nose, embedding itself in the wall on his side with only the handle sticking out.

The leader was stunned. If this flying knife had hit him, he knew what the result would have been.

There would be a hole right through his body.

How much strength did this guy have? Was he even human?
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