Chapter 132
Chapter 132 The Backer
"You know, I have only one son. His dream is to become a karate master like his father. Now my son’s hands are broken, and his father will seek revenge."

Yamamoto Meizhu tightly glared at the director, "Director, you are not a relative of this man, there is no need to protect him. I will teach him a lesson no matter what, so I hope you can help me."

Obviously, in her view, the director was protecting Ye Fei. If not, he would have called the police and had Ye Fei arrested. Then, she would get a few other prisoners to break Ye Fei's hands too.

Now, she had other ways to deal with this matter, but seeing the director protecting him made her very angry.

The director was not happy about this. "Mrs. Yamamoto, I advise you not to do anything drastic. After all..."

"What?" Although Yamamoto Meizhu was angry, she had been in business for over a decade, so she immediately understood the director's implication and couldn't help asking, "What do you mean?"

"You don't know who Ye Fei is. If you really intend to have someone attack him, I believe you will find yourself in more trouble than you think."

The director rubbed his chin and said, "I have already told you that he is not a student of our university, but another student's bodyguard. I’ve heard he’s also a military veteran."

"Your students are allowed to walk around the campus with bodyguards? I don't know why you’d even allow that sort of this!" Yamamoto Meizhu sneered.

The director blinked. "Since you are a businesswoman, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Ya Lai Group?"

The Ya Lai Group?

Suddenly, Yamamoto Meizhu's expression changed completely. "You mean… Lin Hongyuan’s Ya Lai Group?"

The director nodded.

At that, Yamamoto Meizhu’s fury was quickly suppressed. She sat weakly on the small sofa in the corner of the office, staring at the ceiling. 

After a long while, she murmured, "So, Ye Fei is Lin Hongyuan's daughter’s bodyguard. This complicates things..."

Lin Hongyuan was a legend in the Shanghai business world.

He was in the United States now, but many had heard of his ruthlessness. If Ye Fei had someone like that backing him up, it would make dealing with him that much trickier.

"Humph, so what? I am not afraid of him,” she straightened up. “Can his bodyguard go around casually breaking people’s limbs? Director, you were right! We must obey the law. Let's go through the proper judicial process!"

The director shook his head with a wry smile. "Unfortunately, you cannot go through the proper judicial process. There is a professor in our school, Chu Mo - I believe you do not know her. She was here just before you came, pleading Ye Fei’s case."

"A professor? How can she protect him?"

"Well, this professor’s father... Neither you nor I can afford to provoke a big shot like him. If you still want to do business in China, you'd better stay away from him."

"Big shot... What big shots have I not seen? I often have personal dealings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs," Yamamoto Meizhu sneered, thinking the director was just trying to scare her away.

The director stood up and walked towards Yamamoto Meizhu, and whispered a name in her ear.

A shiver ran down her spine. After a long while, she stammered, "That really is a big shot. But why would his daughter be a teacher here?"

The director said, "Only a few people in the university know this; I am one of them. Mrs. Yamamoto, I’m only telling you because you are a member of the board of trustees. I hope you can keep it a secret. If this gets out, there will be consequences."

"Of course," she nodded feverishly.

Yamamoto Meizhu walked out of the director's office even more worried than before. She never thought Ye Fei had such powerful backers.

However, when she thought of her son still bedridden and in pain, she could not just let it slide.

One of her bodyguards came over with a phone in his hand and said, "Madam, Mr. Yamamoto is on his way here. He should be landing in an hour."

"So soon!" Yamamoto Meizhu exclaimed.

"Mr. Yamamoto has chartered a private jet," said the bodyguard.

"To the airport, then!"


One hour later, at the airport.

A man in a black kimono strode determinately through the terminal.

He was Yamamoto Xiongcai.

When he found out his son was injured, he was in the middle of practice and did not even bother changing his clothes before rushing to the airport.

His special dress caught the attention of two girls, who thought he was a Japanese entertainer and came up to take a photo with him.

"Bugger off!" he pushed them aside aggressively, knocking them down to the cold marble floor. 

"Asshole!" one of the girls, with tears in her eyes, shouted at him as he walked off.

Yamamoto Xiongcai didn’t pay any more attention to them and went directly to the arrivals hall, where his wife was already waiting for him.

Yamamoto Meizhu rushed up, crying, "Honey, some bastard’s broken our son’s hands!"

"I know that! Tell me who did it!"

A variety of murderous ideas shone through his hard eyes.
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