Chapter 136
Chapter 136 RH Negative Blood
RH negative blood!

"You don’t even have blood for a transfusion?!” Lin Qingwan roared at the surgeon, “I think you should close this hospital!"

"Qingwan... Don't do this! This is a hospital!" Chu Mo pulled at Lin Qingwan's clothes. She was also worried, but much calmer than Lin Qingwan. "RH negative blood is extremely rare, it’s normal for a hospital to not have any in stock."

"Damn it, why this rare blood type of all things? This is all because of Ye Fei!” Lin Qingwan glowered at the balcony where Ye Fei stood deep in thought, “If he had properly taken care of Manman, we wouldn’t be here!"
"Forget it, it's no use complaining now," Chu Mo stepped towards the doctor and nervously grabbed his hand. "Doctor, what should we do now? Can’t you transfer a little from another hospital?"

After being scolded by Lin Qingwan, the doctor coldly said, "You should go and get her relatives here. The only option is to look for a blood donor, but... We are not sure if we can find one in time. The patient's condition is very unstable; she needs the transfusion as soon as possible."

The three women looked at each other anxiously.

"What should we do?"

Liu Manman's hometown was far in the northwest of the country, and they didn’t even know exactly where.

As for finding a willing blood donor from the general public with RH negative blood, that was like looking for a needle in a stack of haystacks.

Meanwhile, Ye Fei was considering the possible causes, but with Liu Manman still unconscious, there was little he could figure out by himself. He just had a nagging suspicion that someone else was behind it all.

"What's going on?" When he returned to the hallway and saw the women’s distraught expressions, he feared the operation may have failed and felt a sharp pain in his heart.

He recalled his comrades who had died on the battlefield. At the time... They all died to protect Ye Fei.

He felt a deep sense of powerlessness and pain.

Lin Qingwan was still in a sour mood, and seeing him made her rage flare up again. "It's none of your business, go away!" she screamed at him.

Murong pulled him aside and whispered, "Ye Fei... You gotta think of something. Manman needs a blood transfusion immediately, but she has a very rare RH negative blood type and the hospital doesn’t have any!"

"Humph! Murong, don't ask him. He’s nothing but a bodyguard! What can he even do, unless he himself has RH negative blood? Who can he call for help?" Lin Qingwan growled. "Besides, he submitted a medical report when he entered my company and I remember seeing that his blood type is B, not RH!"

"RH negative blood..." Ye Fei frowned. He really didn’t have this blood type, but he could swear he’d seen it somewhere. Just in the last two days...

Suddenly, Ye Fei smacked himself on the forehead and gasped, “Yes! A couple days ago, I took Zhong Mei to the hospital to see if she could have her birthmark removed. We did a few routine lab tests, and I saw this RH negative blood in her results sheet!"

"Zhong Mei? You mean… The student from the art department? She has RH negative blood?" Chu Mo cried out in amazement.

"Yes, yes!" Ye Fei pointed to his eyes, "I have an eidetic memory. Her lab test results sheet said she has RH negative blood."

"Well...” Lin Qingwan’s anger suddenly faded away, “go bring her here. If you can save Manman... I... I will not blame you for what happened, and… I’ll give you a raise."

"I’m on it!" Ye Fei nodded and turned to the doctor, "Doctor, how long can she hold out?"

The doctor considered this and said, "One hour! At most, one hour."

"One hour? That’s enough!" Ye Fei said. "You wait here, I’ll get Zhong Mei!"

He fished out the car keys and ran past the elevators straight to the stairwell, sprinting to the ground floor three steps at a time.

Ye Fei didn't want to waste one second. 

As he ran, Ye Fei called Li Tiejun and told him to go to the dormitories and find Zhong Mei right away.

The hospital was not far from Shanghai University. It was about ten kilometers away, but Ye Fei could make it in no more than half an hour.

It was eleven o'clock in the evening, so there weren’t too many cars and pedestrians in the streets.

A heavy downpour began as Ye Fei burst out of the hospital building. Patients and visitors ran past him to take shelter indoors, but he pushed past them toward the parking lot.

With the rain pouring down, there was no one around but him.

The parking lot at the hospital was full, so they had left Lin Qingwan's car parked on a parallel street. The fastest way to get there was through a narrow alley, thirty or forty meters long, with no street lights.

Even though it was dark, Ye Fei's had excellent night vision, so he wasn’t afraid to go in.

However, as soon as he walked in, he suddenly heard the sound of multiple footsteps behind him.

Looking over his shoulder, he saw a group of ten men blocking the exit behind him.

Ye Fei's sharp eyes instantly identified the long machetes in their hands.

It was a trap.
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