Chapter 156
Chapter 156 International Kidnapper

Yamamoto Xiong was confused.

Su Zongheng responded by clapping his hands. A man who appeared to be in his 40s immediately came in from the room next door.

This man wore glasses and had a medium stature with no notable features.

Yamamoto Xiong looked at the man and then back at Su Zongheng with confusion in his eyes. He could tell this man had never practiced martial arts. How could such a man deal with Ye Fei?

However, Yamamoto Xiong knew better than to speak his thoughts aloud. Su Zongheng wouldn't introduce a nobody to him.

Su Zongheng smiled, pointed to the man and said, "This man is Cheng Bai..."

"Cheng Bai? Sorry, please forgive my ignorance, I’ve been staying in Japan and am not familiar with this Chinese name," Yamamoto Xiong said.

"Hah, but your wife does business in China. You haven’t heard the name Cheng Bai? Did you hear about the kidnapping case in Hong Kong which shocked the world three years ago?"

Su Zongheng laughed, nodded to Cheng Bai, motioned him to sit down, and continued.

"That was carried out by Cheng Bai."


Yamamoto Xiong suddenly stood up with a shocked expression on his face.

Three years ago, that kidnapping case made everyone panic. Many rich men left Hong Kong. Yamamoto Meizhu had even finished wrapped up his business in Hong Kong and returned to Japan to rest for a long time.

So this was Cheng Bai, the most wanted man in Hong Kong.

In fact, his name was even well known abroad. In one night, he’d successfully kidnapped three of Hong Kong's ten richest men and escaped the Hong Kong police force. It was estimated that he’d earned more than one billion yuan through kidnapping.

It was reasonable that Yamamoto Xiong was so shocked. He could not have anticipated this famous kidnapper was a weak middle-aged man.

Yamamoto Xiong looked at Cheng Bai, was silent for a while, then suddenly laughed. "So you are Mr. Cheng. Nice to meet you. However, that man Ye Fei is not a common person. Are you sure you can do this thing?"

"I have seen many people who are not ordinary people, those three rich men in Hong Kong among them." Cheng Bai smiled and said, "There is a rich man whose surname is Li. You must have heard of him. He was very afraid of death and employed a mercenary team at home as well as three martial artists to protect him. But so what? I still kidnapped him."

"Crime is a mental work, not physical work. Moreover, I have researched Lin Qingwan. The man who protects her is a retired soldier. He has a bit of ability, but in the world, simple-minded people can't live too long." Cheng Bai pointed to his head and looked at Yamamoto Xiong.

Yamamoto Xiong thought Cheng Bai was insulting him and immediately shouted, "What do you mean by that?"

At that moment, Su Zongheng said, "Don’t argue over this matter. Now, the important thing is that we deal with this matter well, together. I don't want any more mistakes.”

Cheng Bai smiled and said, "I am here. Absolutely no problem!"

Yamamoto Xiong frowned. Cheng Bai’s attitude made him very unhappy.

However, he was more interested in dealing with Ye Fei.


At the moment, Ye Fei was shopping with Lin Qingwan and Qin Xiaomeng. The women were happily chatting with each other while he walked behind them like a fool, carrying the big stone in his arms.

"Ye Fei, you are so lucky today. You helped me earn so much money. But can't you just talk with us on the street? What do you mean by holding that big stone and walking so slowly? Can't you just put the stone in the car?" Lin Qingwan said impatiently.

"Manager Lin, have you forgotten that we have something to do on this street?" Ye Fei said, putting the stone down and catching his breath for a moment. He looked at both sides of the street and muttered, "I remember it’s around here. Why I can't find it? After more than 10 years, the city's changed too much."

"Ye Fei, are you looking for somewhere specific? Tell me. Maybe I know it," Qin Xiaomeng asked, holding cotton candy in her left hand and a bunch of grilled squid in her right. Her smile was so lovely that Ye Fei could not help wanting to pinch her face.

"It's here!" Ye Fei turned into a quiet alley and immediately shouted.

Deep in the alley, there was a lone shop. Above the shop was a shabby sign with the words "Mr. Zhou Knife". This was a place that sold kitchen knives. On the shelves, there were a variety of kitchen knives. Nearby was a yellow board with the words “28 yuan” on it.

"Why did you want to come to this place?" Lin Qingwan asked. She was very puzzled.

Ye Fei waved his hand but did not speak. He put the stone by the door, then walked into this dim shop.

The shopkeeper was an ugly old man with a hunchback. When he saw Ye Fei, Lin Qingwan and Qin Xiaomeng walk into the shop, he looked them up and down.

Ye Fei went straight over and knocked on the counter. "Uncle Zhou, long time no see, I want to get a set of knives!" he said happily.

"Knives? All kinds of knives are in the shop. You can choose whatever you want." Mr. Zhou glanced at Ye Fei.

"Uncle Zhou, I mean to get a custom set of knives."

Mr.Zhou shouted, "You mean strike iron? I’ve already given up blacksmith work."

Ye Fei smiled, walked to the wall and pulled on an old sheet in the corner. Below it was an old-fashioned stove, a hammer, pliers and so on.

"Uncle Zhou, I want to make a set of throwing knives that belong to the Ye family," Ye Fei said into Mr. Zhou's ear.

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