Chapter 157
Chapter 157 Forging Master
"Throwing knives? Belong to the Ye family? What's your relationship with Ye Bufan?"

Mr. Zhou raised his head, looked Ye Fei up and down with shocked eyes.

"Ye Bufan is my grandfather. My name is Ye Fei. We met each other about 14 years ago," Ye Fei smiled and said.

"You... You are that little child? It’s like in the blink of an eye, you’ve grown so tall, so suddenly, really suddenly. Who are those two beauties? One is so pretty and the other is so cute. Are they your girlfriends? Hah, you have two girlfriends. I really envy you."

Mr. Zhou’s face was full of disbelief, but finally, he recognized Ye Fei and then immediately became very enthusiastic. He occasionally glanced at Lin Qingwan and Qin Xiaomeng, then walked over and said, "Two beauties, drink something. I just have a box of Biluochun. Would you like to try it?"

His enthusiasm made the two women uncomfortable, so they repeatedly waved their hands and said, "No, thank you, Uncle Zhou."

"Hah, Uncle Zhou has always been very enthusiastic toward the ladies." Ye Fei smiled, then said to Mr. Zhou, "Uncle Zhou, so many years later, you are still vigorous."

"Of course. Do you see that jar on the counter? That is the authentic tiger penis wine. I drink three cups every day. My body is great. Hey, but thank your grandpa. He cured my disease. Otherwise, I would not be alive today." Mr. Zhou used his hand to pat his chest, smiled and said, "So how about your grandpa? How is his body?"

"My grandpa..."

Ye Fei suddenly became very sad, tears flashing in his eyes.

"No…Doctor Ye, with his skills…this kind of good man…how can he... Impossible. It’s impossible for him to have died already." Mr. Zhou shook his head in disbelief.

"Uncle Zhou, it's not what you think. My grandpa is missing, I have been looking for him for many years!" Ye Fei said in a low voice.

"Missing? Well, I’m glad to hear he’s not dead. Perhaps on one day, he’ll suddenly appear in front of you." Mr. Zhou patted Ye Fei on the shoulder.

"Uncle Zhou, I’ve come to find you hoping that you can help me make a set of throwing knives. I have a few enemies and I need to protect myself." Ye Fei stared at Mr. Zhou.

"Alas." Mr. Zhou sighed. "Your grandpa is my savior. Even if I do not help others, I must help you. However, I really haven’t used that stove for many years. My craft is lost. I’m afraid I cannot help you."

"Uncle Zhou, think about it. I'll pay you. One hundred thousand? Two hundred thousand? Three hundred thousand? I can pay you!” Ye Fei said anxiously.

"This is not a matter of money, Ye Fei. I really cannot help you. You can think of other ways!" Mr. Zhou firmly said.

"Ye Fei, just find someone else to make a set of throwing knives. I'll contact a tool company in Germany. Let's leave."

Seeing Ye Fei begging and Mr. Zhou still refusing him, Lin Qingwan immediately became very angry and pulled on Ye Fei’s arm.

"Other people can't make these. In the whole of Shanghai, only Mr. Zhou can help me. As for the tool company in Germany, they may be very powerful, but I am in a hurry," Ye Fei whispered to Lin Qingwan.

"So what will you do? He obviously doesn't want to help you." Lin Qingwan glanced at Mr. Zhou, saw his determined appearance, and angrily asked, "Do you want Xiaomeng and I to fall into his arms and beg him?"

"Hah, little girl, that's what you said. I didn't say it." Mr. Zhou had heard Lin Qingwan and loudly shouted his approval.

"You... You are so salacious." Lin Qingwan’s face turned red as she used her slender finger to point at Mr. Zhou. Then she pointed at Ye Fei and shouted, "Ye Fei, you want us to beg this old man? Impossible."

"Young age and such a big temper..." Mr. Zhou grinned, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth.

"You..." Lin Qingwan shivered with anger.

"All right, let's go." Ye Fei sighed, stood up, walked to the door, and whispered, "Since Uncle Zhou doesn't like my piece of sky dark steel, I have to go to find others to help me to make this set of throwing knives."

"Wait a minute, sky dark steel? Do you have a piece of sky dark steel?" Mr. Zhou heard this and suddenly his expression changed to one of shock.

"Yes, sky dark steel." Ye Fei slightly smiled. He knew Mr. Zhou would make a set of throwing knives for him in the end.

Mr. Zhou was quite stubborn, but he was extremely attracted to precious metal. Of course, from ancient to modern times, many forging masters had this quirk. As soon as they heard there was a rare metal, they could not help but make it into weapons.

Sky dark steel was a very precious rare metal, indeed. Sky dark steel looked like ordinary steel, but it had a higher strength and was much heavier than ordinary steel. For any forging master, it was a treasure. Therefore, when Ye Fei mentioned it, Mr. Zhou immediately couldn't help jumping up.
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