Chapter 158
Chapter 158 Turn from the Guest into the Host
"Where is the Sky Dark Steel? Let me see!"

Mr. Zhou couldn't wait, directly stretched out his hand.

Ye Fei lightly smiled, not anxious, turned back to the shop, sat in the chair, crossed his legs, lit a cigarette, gently smoked a mouthful, "Uncle Zhou, since you do not help me to make this set of throwing knives, I will naturally go to find someone to help me, just a piece of Sky Dark Steel, it's nothing."

With just a few words, Ye Fei turned from the guest into the host.

"Ye Fei... Do not talk nonsense. What do you mean? Do You know the Sky Dark Steel is sold by grams, more expensive than gold?"

The face of Mr. Zhou turned red, he pointed to Ye Fei's nose, shouted, "I know, you don't have Sky Dark Steel at all, you deliberately say that to stimulate me, made me become anxious, I'm not going to be cheated by you."

"Uncle Zhou, What's the point of my stimulating you?"

Ye Fei lightly smiled.

"I don't know what you are thinking, maybe just for fun. Don't talk nonsense any more, if you really have the Sky Dark Steel, take it out, let me see. Or you are bragging."

Mr. Zhou was obviously anxious, loudly shouted.

But Ye Fei was not anxious, started to smoke his cigarette, then put the cigarette butt in the ashtray, "Well, today I let you have a look."

After said that, Ye Fei moved the stone with lump of steel over.

"Ye Fei... This is the Sky Dark Steel?"

Lin Qingwan and Qin Xiaomeng were stunned.

"Rest assured, with my insight, I can never be wrong!"

Ye Fei put the stone on the counter.

Like a shark smelled the smell of blood, Mr. Zhou suddenly ran over, with a hammer, chisel, immediately started to hammer this stone.

We had to admit, Mr. Zhou's craft was very surprising, for a moment, he hammered the remaining stone shell down, revealing a whole piece of steel.

We had to admit, Mr. Zhou's craft was very surprising, in a short while, he hammered the remaining stone shell down, revealing a whole piece of steel.

This piece of steel was of the size of a watermelon, dark and inconspicuous, but there was something special, it seemed to absorb light. Put it on the table, it looked distinctly darker than the surrounding area.

"This is... This is... Sky Dark Steel."

Mr. Zhou finally hammered a bit scraps of steel down, then licked it with his tongue, suddenly, he became extremely excited, with saliva flowed down from his mouth, he suddenly raised his hands, shouted, "Sky Dark Steel, it is such a big Sky Dark Steel."

Then, Mr. Zhou jumped to the shelf, grabbed two kitchen knives on it, waved his hands, chopped in the house, just like a madman.


Lin Qingwan and Qin Xiaomeng were frightened, hide behind Ye Fei, "Ye Fei, what's wrong with him? Is that scraps of steel poisonous, so he became mad? Or he wanted to rob our Sky Dark Steel?

"Nothing, it's okay."

Ye Fei looked at Mr. Zhou, immediately smiled, "Hah, he is so excited that he becomes crazy."

"Then what should we do? Call an ambulance! I think he's in a dangerous situation."

Qin Xiaomeng was soon scared to tears.

"Nothing, give him two slaps!"

Ye Fei jumped over, grabbed those two kitchen knives in the hands of uncle Zhou, then slapped him in his face.

Then the two eyes of Mr. Zhou were straight, he did not wake up, but like a piece of wood, fell to the ground, fortunately Ye Fei hold him in his arms, pinched his philtrum point, made Mr. Zhou woke up.

"Ye Fei, your throwing knives, must let me forge, use this piece of Sky Dark Steel."

Mr. Zhou just woke up, and immediately shouted.

"Uncle Zhou, you said you were unfamiliar with your craft?"

Ye Fei said that deliberately.

"When did I say I am unfamiliar with my c

raft? You must have heard it wrong. Yes, you must have heard it wrong."

Mr. Zhou loudly shouted, "If you don't let me forge, I hate you... I hate you forever. As soon as I see you, I will spit on your face."

Ye Fei slightly frowned, "Since you say that, then I will reluctantly promise you. But I will not pay you any penny, and I will give you other materials."

To forge a set of throwing knives, in addition to steel, it also needed a lot of materials, especially some valuable metals, their values were also very amazing.

Mr. Zhou immediately promised Ye Fei, as if he was afraid that Ye Fei suddenly ran away.

Then Ye Fei handed this Sky Dark Steel to Mr. Zhou, he became excited, held this Sky Dark Steel in his arms.

After a while, Mr. Zhou began to weigh this piece of steel, also had no time to talk with Ye Fei.

"Ye Fei, this piece of lump of steel, is so precious?"

Lin Qingwan asked him in a low voice.

"Of course. It muse be more expensive than jades. Sky Dark Steel is really rare material, even if you are rich, also have no place to buy this thing."

Ye Fei was also quite excited, "In short, it is priceless. Manager Lin, your luck is really good. If let me choose, I would never choose this stone, and then I would miss this treasure."

"Hah, I also fell my luck is good."

"Ye Fei, you this piece of Sky Dark Steel is really big. I have never seen it in my life. Where did you get that? It cost a lot of money, huh?"

Finally, Mr. Zhou raised his head to ask.

"Of course I bought it, it cost 1.6 million Yuan!"

Ye Fei casually answered.

"Only 1.6 million Yuan? Even if I spend ten million Yuan, also can't get it."

Mr. Zhou shook his head, and sighed.

"By the way, although you this piece of steel is big enough, the throwing knives belonged to Ye's family are too heavy. This piece of Sky Dark Steel, can only make seven throwing knives, not enough thirteen as a set. But I can add some other materials, in that case, the throwing knives will be light."

Me. Zhou said.

"Seven throwing knives are enough, but the weight can not be light."

Ye Fei didn't even think about it, directly said.
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