Chapter 188
Chapter 188 Qing Gong
Ye Fei picked Lin Qingwan up, put her on the bed in her bedroom, covered her with a quilt, closed the door, walked back to the table, drank all the bottles of beer, then went back to his room to sleep for a while.

When Ye Fei woke up, the night was deep.

Chu Mo and Liu Manman stayed in the hospital, Mu Cheng was taking care of them, and Murong was on night shift today, so only Ye Fei and Lin Qingwan two people stayed in the purple apartment.

Ye Fei stood at the door of Lin Qingwan's bedroom, listened for a while, found she was sleeping, so did not disturb her.

Then Ye Fei opened the door, went upstairs along the staircase, after a while, he reached the top floor of the apartment.

Ye Fei stood on the edge of the building, looking down at the cars on the street, they already became the size of beetles, anyone looked down from the top floor would be scared. However, Ye Fei did not move, even didn't blink. About ten minutes later, he stepped back, and took a deep breath.

Here was the excellent commanding heights, Ye Fei was standing here, could overlook the overall situation, if Su Zongheng employs someone to track them, then Ye Fei definitely could see him.

As a result, Ye Fei did not see any sneaky person.

After the last matter in the building of the Dog King, Su Zongheng was seized by Ye Fei, then was sent to the police station, if it was an ordinary person, he would be afraid of Ye Fei.

However, Su Zongheng would not.

Because, he was not an ordinary person. After all, he was the boss of the Dog King, and he had a lot of manpower and money.

But he was cautious, he already got the news that Lin Hongyuan would employ someone to kill him. Therefore, now he was like a turtle, hid in a place, afraid to come out.

"I can only kill him. If I really get an opportunity, I must get rid of Su Zongheng this wicked villain."

Ye Fei waved his hands to the wind, mercilessly made a gesture to chop the air, seemed to be determined.

Ye Fei did not go downstairs immediately, just looking around the roof.

It was a very ordinary roof, except for a lone water tower and some antennas, there were only some clotheslines left, maybe someone in the apartment forgot to put away the sheets, a few white sheets were blew by the wind, like ghosts floating around.

Ye Fei suddenly had an idea, he walked over, used his fingers to twist the clothesline, it was a thin wire, one end twisted on the pipe against the wall and the other end twisted to the ladder on the water tower.

Ye Fei gently took a breath, then gently jumped up, the next moment, he was standing on the clothesline firmly.

The clothesline did not break, this made Ye Fei excited.

This wire was too thin, and it had long been aged, it was okay to support a few clothes, but it was absolutely impossible to bear a normal man's weight.

But, Ye Fei was standing on the wire firmly, this was Qing Gong!

Qing Gong in the Kung Fu was also known as Light Body Skill, it was not that in the martial arts movies, someone stood on tiptoe, then immediately flew up, it was impossible, because it violated the gravity of the physics.

The real Qing Gong was like this, Ye Fei could stand on the wire firmly, or someone could walk on water through duckweed, it was called Qing Gong.

If you really wanted to master the throwing knife of Ye family, in addition to mastering the skills of throwing knife, the most important thing was Qing Gong.

After all, the throwing knife was a kind of hidden weapon, if you were good at using the throwing knife, you must learn Qing Gong to find the position and timing of using the throwing knife, so, Ye family attached great importance to Qing Gong.

Chinese martial arts had extensive and profound connotations, Qing Gong divided into North and Sout
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h two factions.

The northern grand master was the "Swallow Li San", a grand thief in the republic of China. His Qing Gong was so impressive that he was nicknamed "swallow". Therefore, Qing Gong in the northern faction was also called "Swallow Kung Fu", paid attention to the light body.

According to legend, his unique skill was superb, he could easily walk on water through any things on the water.

The training method of the northern faction was very simple. Someone carried sandbags on his legs to run, and jump like a frog. Sandbags were getting heavier every day, when he unloaded the sandbags, his body was light like a swallow.

This kind of training method looked very clumsy, but it was indeed efficient. It was said that the most important thing of the northern faction was to learn breathing method, if you did not master the breathing method, you could never master Qing Gong.

The Qing Gong of Ye Fei belonged to the southern faction, it was said to be passed down by the Shaolin Temple.

The training method of the southern faction was a little hard, when someone started to practise Qing Gong, he found a large tank, filled with water. Then he would walk on the edge of the tank barefoot.

As time went on, there was less and less water in the tank, so the entire tank was lighter, the center of gravity became elusive, and he could fall into the tank at any time.

Until there was not a drop of water in the tank, this was the most difficult time, as long as he was slightly inattentive, he would fall to the ground with the tank.

Ye Fei still remembers that when he was young, he started to practice Qing Gong, he would break twenty-eight large water tanks in a winter.

It was hard to practise Qing Gong, he could not relax when he was practising Qing Gong.

Until today, Ye Fei mastered such this kind of superb Qing Gong.

Ye Fei walked back and forth on the clothesline, at this time, he suddenly saw a communication optical fiber cable existed between the two buildings.

Ye Fei took a deep breath, on tiptoe, he was standing on this optical fiber cable that was as thick as his little finger.
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