Chapter 190
Chapter 190 Shooting Range
Murong stretched out his hand to pull Ye Fei up from the balcony, then they were sitting on the roof to fiercely breathe. 

Both two of them were frightened.

"Murong, you are really an unlucky firl, from today on, I decided to stay away from you. Otherwise, one day I will be dead because of you."

Ye Fei's heart was still beating violently, even if he was fighting Yamamoto Xiong in the ring, he was not so afraid like now.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry..."

Murong closed her eyes, had been apologizing.

Seeing the tears in Murong's eyes, Ye Fei was not so angry.

"If apologies can work, what else would the police do? Oh, you're just a police officer..."

Ye Fei was a little helpless.

"I'll let you eat my hamburger."

Murong narrowed her eyes, secretly looked at Ye Fei, found that he did not seem to be too angry, so she handed the hamburger that she had eaten a half to Ye Fei.

"You ate half of it and let me eat the other half. I'm really..."

He was not hungry, but was a little thirsty. So he grabbed the McDonald's convenience bag in Murong's hands, there should be a cup of Coca-Cola, but just now Murong ran fast, Coca-Cola had been overturned, there was only half a cup of ice.

"Oh my god, who can save this fool!"

"Don't be angry, don't be angry..."

Murong apologized again, saw Ye Fei seemed to be calm, said, "Hum, it's your fault. In the middle of the night, you incredibly did not sleep, I did not know what you were doing, so I thought you should be a thief."

"A thief? Have you ever seen such a thief like me? Murong, I just practised my Kung Fu."

Ye Fei glanced at Murong, and said.

"Practised your Kung Fu? What Kung Fu?"

When she heard the words of Ye Fei, her two eyes were shining.

"Even if I tell you, you will not understand that."

Ye Fei shook his head, Qing Gong of Ye family was never passed to an outsider, so Ye Fei could not tell her.

"Ye Fei... You are so good at Kung Fu and other skills, teach me a bit."

Murong moved closer to Ye Fei, her eyes were full of expectations.

"Murong, is your face thicker than the wall? I just fell from here because of you, now let me teach you Kung Ku? Am I stupid or are you stupid?"

Hearing the words of Murong, Ye Fei thought it was ridiculous.

"Hum, whatever you may say."

Murong seemed to be angry.

"What? Are you angry?"

Ye Fei saw Murong ignored himself, thought she was really angry, explained, "You a police officer, it's enough for you to practice combat technique, and, I think you are really good at combat technique. If you want to practice my Kung Fu, you will need lots of years, besides, you are a woman, maybe need a lot more time. So it is impossible for you to learn my Kung Fu."


Murong glanced at Ye Fei, she actually knew if she wanted to learn Chinese Kung Fu, she must need much time, but she was a police officer, had lots of things to do.

Murong suddenly thought of Ye Fei was a sniper, he had a great marksmanship, immediately smiled, "Anyway, we police use the guns. However, you seem to be a sharpshooter, maybe you can find some time to give some directions about my marksmanship?"

"Give some directions about your marksmanship? Are we going to practice shooting?"

The body of Ye Fei was a little shivering, now he was very excited.

As a sniper, Ye Fei was crazy about guns, ordinary people were incomprehensible.

In short, Ye Fei felt uncomfortable without touching his gun for one day, and felt crazy when he didn't practice shooting for three days.

Since he came back to China, he had little contact with guns, last time he picked up a gun of the bodyguard of Su Zongheng in the building of the Dog King, fired a few shots.

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>And, the most important thing was, Ye Fei found his marksmanship also began to retrogress.

The people who practiced martial arts had a saying: One day without training, you will be unfamiliar. Two days without training, you will lose half. Three days without training, you will become an outsider. Four days without training, you will forget everything.

Marksmanship was also like this, Ye Fei didn't want to throw away all his marksmanship.

"Well, I promise you, you arrange the time. However, you must find a place for our shooting practice."

Ye Fei immediately promised Murong, he must find the time to consolidate his marksmanship.

"It's a deal."

Murong smiled, stretched out his hand, clapped the hands with Ye Fei.

The next day early in the morning, Ye Fei drove Murong and Lin Qingwan to a courtyard in the outskirts of Shanghai.

Murong found this place to let Ye Fei give some directions about her marksmanship.

But if Ye Fei left, he did not rest assured the security of Lin Qingwan.

When Ye Fei told Lin Qingwan about this thing, she was very interested in that, also wanted to play with them, because of the thing of Liu Manman, her mood was not good. 

This courtyard looked very ordinary, with the white walls and the red door.

"Murong, how do you bring us to this remote place to practice shooting? I have also practiced shooting in the United States, the place is in the center of the city, the facilities are luxurious. This place..."

Lin Qingwan glanced at this courtyard, was a little dissatisfied.

"Sister Qingwan, the guns are banned in our country, certainly not compared to the United States."

Murong smiled to explain, "This place is the best place for five hundred kilometers. You'll find it soon after you get in."

At this time, a man in camouflage clothing came out from inside.

He saluted Ye Fei, then said, "Hail to the chief, please show me your certificate."

Ye Fei was confused, subconsciously also saluted him, then asked, "Chief? What chief?"

Murong laughed, "Who comes here, he will be the chief. You are really funny, incredibly give him back a salute."

Then Murong took out a purple gold card, handed to the man, then the man used the instrument in his hands to scan the card, and then handed it back to Murong, said, "Chief, your certificate is correct, please come in."
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