Chapter 193
Chapter 193 Three Sharpshooters
Murong and Lin Qingwan were dressed in a camouflage uniform, their long hair changed into ponytails, looked charming.

At ordinary times, Murong was dressed in a police uniform, similar to the military uniform, but Lin Qingwan was a white-collar woman, now because she was in uniform, her temperament abruptly changed, made Ye Fei surprised.

Lin Qingwan felt Ye Fei was staring at himself, shyly said, "Stop looking at me, you don't know me?"

"Hah, of course. Unexpectedly, you're quite fit to wear a uniform."

Ye Fei glanced at the hands of Murong and Lin Qingwan, found they had chosen the pistol.

Seeing the type 54 pistol in the hands of Murong, Ye Fei slightly puzzled, the type 54 pistol was famous, before the type 92 pistol was equipped, the domestic police were equipped with the type 54 pistol. The performance of the type 54 pistol was excellent, powerful and stable. But in the present view, type 54 pistol was too heavy for girls. Moreover, after Murong became a police officer, the police force had all been equipped with type 54 pistol, how could she choose to type 54 pistol to practice shooting?

Murong knew Ye Fei was confused, said with a smile, "This pistol is really heavy, but I've wanted to touch it since I was a kid, but my dad said girls could not touch it. Today, I have to use it to practice shooting.

Ye Fei nodded, from Murong's words, he already knew, Murong's life experience was also extremely amazing, but he did not have the interest to inquire about another people's privacy.

There was a small silver pistol in the hands of Lin Qingwan.

Ye Fei looked at it, and said, "Browning M1906, good choice."

Lin Qingwan was holding this small antique pistol in her hands, when she heard the words of Ye Fei, looked up, said, "An instructor picked it for me. He said it was more suitable for girls."

Ye Fei said, "It is indeed suitable for girls, but that's for the girls who can use a pistol. Browning M1906 was a pistol at the beginning of the 20th century and now it can be called an antique. Of course, this one in your hand is a recent imitation. This pistol, in order to facilitate the hidden gun body, the front sight is hidden in the sleeve, it's hard for people to master it without some experience with pistol. If you want to learn to shoot, this pistol is not for you."

Hearing the words of Ye Fei, Murong was stunned.

Lin Qingwan was also stunned, looked at Ye Fei and then looked at the pistol in his hands.

At this time, a man came over, he was wearing camouflage pants and black vest, looked like more than 30 years old, after he heard the words of Ye Fei, watched Ye Fei with great interest, then said, "Brother, you are really very professional, what kind of pistol do you think she should use?"

Ye Fei looked up and down at this man, finally his eyes fell on the calluses between the thumb and the index finger of this man, then said, "For a girl like her who hasn't touched a pistol, I think Smith-Wesson M3913 is more suitable, the size of this pistol is moderate, and the recoil is not strong, is a very suitable for girls to use."

This man looked at the hands of Ye Fei, his hands was white and smooth, with slender fingers, like the pianist's hand, so he said with a smile, "Good, do you like reading military magazines?"

According to the words of Ye Fei, the man thought Ye Fei was an expert, but after he saw the hands of Ye Fei, immediately thought he was just an armchair military enthusiast, did not think he had much actual shooting experience.

The reason why he thought that was the person who often practiced the pistol had calluses between the thumb and the index finger, the thicker the calluses, the longer he practiced.

But he did not know, Ye Fei just began to practice the pistol, the calluses also existed between the thumb

and the index finger of his hand, but he was a martial artist, so the calluses slowly disappeared.

Ye Fei did not answer, then the man said to an instructor behind Lin Qingwan, "Go to change this girl's pistol."

"Yes, sir."

The instructor turned to the armory.

In fact, the instructor also knew the words of Ye Fei, but in his opinion, these rich people came here just for fun, not to practice shooting, so he was not so serious.

According to the appearance, Browning M1906 was certainly more attractive to girls than Smith-Wesson M3913, so he picked this pistol for Lin Qingwan.

After a while, the instructor came back, the pistol in his hands was the Smith-Wesson M3913, then he handed it to Lin Qingwan.

Lin Qingwan thanked him, then took the pistol, walked into the shooting range.

This shooting range was not an indoor range like a shooting club, but like a military shooting range, the terrain was open, there were many guests. 

Ye Fei glanced at the scene, and found that more than ten target positions had been occupied, most of them were young men and women, Ye Fei could tell from the way they held the pistol that they were novices.

They were rich people in Shanghai, came here just for fun, uses a pistol as a firecracker, even so, they were still very excited to yell.

"Wow, come here to look, there are three sharpshooters."

"Sharpshooters? Where are they? Let me have a look."

After someone exclaimed, the young men and women ran toward the three adjacent target positions, surrounded them.

Murong was curious, ran to have a look, then came back to say, "The three international police officers are shooting. These people are so ignorant that they worship as idols."

"Let's go over there and don't get involved with these people."

He rubbed his temples and pointed to three remote target positions at the far end of the shooting range, next to an emergency exit.

They reached the target positions, found the instructors in the shooting range also went to look at those three police officers, Murong did not care about that, she stood in the front of target, started to check the pistol, loaded bullets, but Lin Qingwan helplessly looked at Ye Fei.

Ye Fei went straight to Lin Qingwan's side, grabbed her shoulder, lightly pulled, said, "Don't be nervous, relax, two legs are slightly apart."
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