Chapter 198
Chapter 198 Snipe
After Black Wolf and White Sheep these two international killers got the information of the target Su Zongheng, they left the high-speed railway station and came to the five-star hotel where they lived.

The two of them had carried out missions in China many times and never failed, so they boldly lived in the five-star hotel, pretending to be a foreign tourist visiting China.

In the room, Black Wolf took out all the data from the portfolio, nailed them to a whiteboard, studied it carefully and was ready to draw up a plan.

It was only then that the two world-famous killers realized that Su Zongheng was not an easy character to deal with.

"These three million dollars is not easy to get."

Black Wolf was smart, he was good at making plans and decisions, he worked out more than a dozen plans in succession, including poisoning, seduction... But they were all overthrown by himself one by one.

White Sheep was trained by Black Wolf this Vietnam veteran, and she was better at enforcing the plans of Black Wolf, at the moment she sipped her lips, kept silent, adoringly looked at this short man.

After a day of continuous planning, the Black Wolf's eyes were bloodshot, finally, he decided to use the long-range snipe program.

According to the information provided by Lin Qingwan, there were the travel plans of Su Zongheng in the next few days. After overturning other plans, Black Wolf and White Sheep decided to use it as a breakthrough.

"Guns are not a problem. We have special access to get the sniper rifle. The problem is... If we use the sniper rifle to assassinate Su Zongheng such an important figure, will the thing get a lot harder?"

China was the most stringent gun control country in the world, as long as someone used the gun, the police force would invest a lot of police intervention, so at the moment, White Sheep was a little hesitated.

"There's no other way. You prepare the sniper rifle. I will go to look for a suitable sniper site. As soon as the gun goes off, no matter whether the target is dead or not, we'll leave immediately!"

Black Wolf was very decisive, he had always been cautious, he was well aware of the consequences of shooting in China.

So he would rather not have the reward of three million dollars, but also tried to make sure their safety.

"Yes, sir."

White Sheep lightly sipped her lip, nodded, changed her clothes, and went out to contact her familiar arms dealer.


Two days later, early in the morning.

White Sheep wore a crisp black dress, carrying a violin case behind her back, looked like a female college student who gets up early to practice the violin.

She walked into a building on the street, and went straight up to the rooftop, in the sniper site that had been surveyed yesterday, she opened the violin case, which contained not the violin, but the parts of the sniper rifle.

Just about three minutes, White Sheep finished assembling the sniper rifle, this was a type 85 sniper rifle, with a range of 800 meters, it was the best sniper rifle she could get in China.

White Sheep took a look at the top of another tall building not far away through the high-powered telescope. Black Wolf had also mounted a sniper rifle and made an OK gesture to her.

This time, Black Wolf and White Sheep chose two sniper sites to snipe Su Zongheng.

The sniper site of Black Wolf was closer than White Sheep, but White Sheep had a wide view.

The odds of success in this action, in Black Wolf's view, was more than 80%.

Before they came here, Black Wolf specifically assured White Sheep this was the last time, after finished this mission, they would go to the island of Spain to buy a sea-view villa, spent the rest of their life safely.

Thinking of the better life in the future, White

Sheep could not help smiling.

Looking down at the watch, White Sheep found the target would appear within three minutes.

Su Zongheng was a very punctual person, and after several days of verification, the accuracy of the information that Lin Qingwan provided was 100 percent.

White Sheep took a deep breath, then she aimed her sniper rifle to the street and waited for a blue Ferrari appeared.

The blue Ferrari slowly drove over, and Su Zongheng leaned on the leather seat, next to him sat a blond, blue-eyed foreigner in a suit.

"Colonel Jack, this should be your first visit to China, how do you feel, is it more prosperous than you think?"

Su Zongheng smiled and said.

"It's really prosperous, but it's a lot worse than New York."

"Hah, Colonel Jack is an instructor of American Navy Seals, you are certainly well-informed." Su Zongheng smiled, "I hope we can cooperate happily this time."

Just at this time, Colonel Jack looked at the top of a building, suddenly raised his hands, shouted, "If you do not want to die, let your driver stop!"

Su Zongheng was astonished, immediately let the driver stop the car.

Colonel Jack shouted at the small walkie-talkie on his collar, then three black cars stopped, six foreigners in black got off the cars, under the instructions of Colonel Jack, rushed to the building.

"What's the matter?"

Su Zongheng was very confused.

"Mr. Su, I just saw there was an unusual reflection on the top of the building, in my experience, someone wants to kill you."

Colonel Jack smiled and lit a cigar, "Rest assured, this time I will help you."

The face of Su Zongheng was pale, he didn't expect that someone incredibly wanted to kill him.

Black Wolf was aiming at the Ferrari, but he did not think the Ferrari suddenly stopped in the roadside, from his point of view, he could not snipe Su Zongheng, and a few foreigners got off the cars, rushed into this building.

"Oh, my gosh!"

Black Wolf was surprised, he did not know what happened, but he knew his whereabouts had been exposed, he hurriedly disassembled the sniper rifle into parts, put them into the case, at the moment, the iron gate of the rooftop was kicked open.

Black Wolf was so decisive that he pulled out his pistol to shoot, and then retreated towards the direction of ventilation pipe.
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