Chapter 211: 211

"The box of bone ash? And I will go to the crematorium to steal it? What exactly is in the box? I'm just a thief, if there are drugs in it, I can't help you. The one thing I hate most in my life is drug dealer."

Li Bin stared suspiciously at Ye Fei, in his impression, Ye Fei was not a bad person, on the contrary, he was a kind man. But he also knew some drug dealers are using the box of bone ash to transport drugs for the purpose of hiding. Was Ye Fei really a drug dealer?

Li Bin looked at Ye Fei, thought he was not a drug dealer, but Li Bin did not know what Ye Fei wanted to do.

"You don't have to think about it, the box is filled with bone ashes."

Ye Fei could not tell Li Bin the truth.

Li Bin deeply looked at Ye Fei, "As long as it is not a wicked thing, then I will help you this time!"

Hearing the words of Li Bin, Ye Fei felt happy, he actually thought about it, if Li Bin did not agree, then he had to take the risk to steal the box by himself. But now the police must still be in the crematorium.

Ye Fei immediately drove Li Bin to the crematorium, it was very dark now, logically speaking, the crematorium should be off duty by now, but on the way, Ye Fei met a funeral procession team.

Li Bin got off the car and asked why it was so late, but there was still a funeral procession team.

A young man explained, because their family was superstitious, if someone was buried, he would be buried overnight, otherwise, it was bad for the family.

There were a lot of superstitious stories in the country, so the crematorium was often overtime, after Li Bin clearly asked Ye Fei about the appearance of the box, then got off the car, let Ye Fei wait here, his followed the funeral procession team, slowly walked into the crematorium.

Li Bin lowered his head, look mournful, now it was so late, so no one noticed him.

There were three plainclothes policemen playing cards and swearing at the same time.

No matter who stayed here to work, his mood was not good.

However, they still cast their eyes on the funeral processions team, because they received the order, White Sheep might come to steal the box.

But they did not see any woman, so three plainclothes policemen continued to play cards.

Li Bin followed a young man, went straight into the house where the boxes of bone ashes were put, and found the box that Ye Fei wanted.

To tell the truth, There were hundreds of boxes here, and they all looked the same, but Ye Fei secretly hit a stone with his finger in the daytime. In the Black Wolf's box, there was a shallow groove, so Li Bin immediately found it.

Li Bin opened the box and found that it was the bone ash, then took out the plastic bag, put the bone ashes into the bag.

After put the plastic bag in the pocket, Li Bin swaggered out, at this time, three plainclothes policemen were still playing cards, did not find the bone ashes of Black Wolf had been took away.

Li Bin went back to the car, took out the plastic bag, proudly said, "I have gotten the bone ashes."

Ye Fei was happy, thanked Li Bin, wanted to invite him to have dinner, but Li Bin refused, then Ye Fei drove him back to his house, and then returned to the villa, handed the bone ashes of Black Wolf to White Sheep.

White Sheep held the box, then cried for a while, repeatedly thanked Ye Fei.

Ye Fei smiled, "You can immediately go away, don't be caught by the police."

White Sheep wiped the tears, "Now I book the plane ticket, I will put his bone ashes in the temple."

White Sheep immediately booked the plane ticket on the Internet, it was the 11 o'clock in the morning flight of the next day.

The next day, Ye Fei asked Lin Qingwan for leave and accompanied White Sheep to the airport.

White Sheep had no luggage, her guns and weapons had been disposed of. But she was wanted by the police, so she wore a pair of big sunglasses, with a hat on her head and a white dress on her body, she looked graceful, like a star.

"Ye Fei, thank you so much!"

White Sheep couldn't help hugging Ye Fei, lightly kissed on his cheek with her lips.

Ye Fei was stunned, at this time, a voice called out from behind, "Yo, Ye Fei, who is this? How could you show your love on the street?"

Ye Fei turned around, saw Bei Meiqi came here.

Then Ye Fei immediately blinked at White Sheep, she knew Bei Meiqi was a police officer.

White Sheep smiled and said, "I am Ye Fei's girlfriend, who are you?"

"Girlfriend? Why didn't I know Ye Fei have a girlfriend?"

Bei Meiqi glanced at White Sheep, then stared at Ye Fei. As a police officer, Bei Meiqi had a skeptical instinct and immediately felt something wrong.

"Ye Fei... You explain to me clearly, who is this woman? If I'm not your girlfriend, she's your girlfriend?"

White Sheep immediately shouted, like a dissatisfied housewife.

Ye Fei did not know what he should say, so he just said, "Listen to my explanation, she is not my girlfriend... You..."

"You are shameless! Don't call me again."

White Sheep fiercely pushed Ye Fei, then sat in a taxi, and left.

Ye Fei stayed in the same place, he was really stunned, he thought White Sheep could become an actress.

Bei Meiqi walked to Ye Fei, said, "Sorry, make your girlfriend angry, I am so sorry. Now hurry up, go to explain to her clearly."

Ye Fei shook his head, "Forget it, It must be fate, out with the old, in with the new."

"Hah, you are right, out with the old, in with the new, I can become your girlfriend."

Bei Meiqi suddenly smiled, at that moment, she was so charming.
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