Chapter 215: 215

Paul ordered his men to clean up the bodies of these arms dealers in the cabin. Looking at the corpses here, Paul was not panic, even he was smiling.

These arms dealers were rich men in China, after all, China had the strictest ban on guns in the world. These arms dealers had powerful backstage supporter, if they were caught by the police, they must be shot.

So although these arms dealers had bad luck, became scapegoat, in fact, they were also deserved it.

"Go and find the woman for me at once!"

Then Paul wanted to contact with colonel Jack.

But he found that he couldn't get the phone out.

"Fuck, the signal is blocked!"

Paul loudly shout, this made him nervous.

With a loud whistle, the passenger liner left the dock and set sail.

By this time, the police car had just rushed over, but it was too late.

The police apparently did not expect the passenger liner set sail so quickly. They had no way but to see the passenger liner.

A commander came out of the police car at the back, with a riot helmet on his head and a big horn in his hand, and his body was covered in black body armor. He loudly shouted, "We are Chinese police. You are surrounded. Please shut down the engine immediately, stop the ship for our routine inspection! Please shut down the engine immediately, stop the ship for our routine inspection!"

But the people of the ship did not stop the ship, on the contrary, they loudly laughed, they even dragged out the corpses of the arms dealers from the cabin and threw them into the sea.

For a moment, the policemen on the shore were angry, especially the commander, who knew that Bei Meiqi was on the ship and saw lots of corpses floating on the sea, he was startled, but when he saw all the corpses were men, there was not a woman, he relieved.

If Bei Meiqi this international police officer had some accidents, he could not afford.

On the ship, Paul walked toward the captain's room, and said through the walkie-talkie, "Linda, has that woman come out yet? If not, whatever she is doing, you take her out."

The woman who was staying outside the ladies' room was Linda, she immediately replied, "Yes, sir." Then she drew her pistol and kicked the door into the toilet.

After kicking the door and seeing the scene, Linda was stunned, because no one stayed in the toilet, she clearly saw the young woman walked in, and also heard the voice, she was staying outside the door, did not go anywhere, but why the woman disappeared?

At this moment, suddenly a thin transparent thread hung from above, directly around her neck. Then Bei Meiqi who hid on the ceiling, jumped down. She Both hands held the ends of the fine line, which was tightly wrapped around Linda's neck, then Linda was in a state of shock.

After Linda fell in a faint, Bei Meiqi wanted to go out, just at the moment, she heard the footsteps outside.

Paul walked over, and he heard the sounds of the toilet, abruptly stretched out two fingers, and waved toward the door.

At this time, Paul did not care about the survivors, he immediately ordered his men to shoot toward inside the toilet. 

Immediately, the soldiers behind Paul took out the ak-47 and began to shoot into the toilet. Countless bullets fell to the ground, making a clear sound.

Paul heavily kicked to the door, then rushed into the small toilet.

But there was no body on the ground except for the corpse of Linda.

"Captain, she runs away. She must be the spy of the police."

One soldier said.

Paul looked around, and saw there was an obvious blood handprint on the wall, he laughed, "She is injured, can not run far away!"

Meanwhile, Ye Fei had been sitting in a jeep with colonel Jack, leaving the dock to go to the arms warehouse.

Of course, there were no arms in the arms store, but a lot of police ambushed there. As soon as colonel Jack went in, he would be immediately arrested.

The jeep drove fast, not a long while, he reached a secluded road.

The driver was a tall man, colonel Jack sat on the passenger's seat, and Ye Fei sat at the back, and two strong men were sitting beside him.

"Where is the warehouse?"

The car was driving for a while, and colonel Jack was a little impatient and asked.

"It's not far ahead, you can see here, the red-topped house in front of you."

Ye Fei pointed ahead and said.

Colonel Jack nodded, at this time, his mobile phone suddenly shook, he opened the phone, found it was the message of Paul, but it was messy code.

Colonel Jack was a little puzzled, immediately dialed back, but the phone could not get out.

"What happened, the signal on the ship is blocked, what's the matter!"

Colonel Jack suddenly felt something wrong, became nervous, shouted, "Stop!"

"Shit, colonel Jack seems to know something wrong, I guess he's going back now."

Ye Fei knew that the matter had been uncovered, immediately raised his hand, became a claw to grab to the neck of the driver.

The Eagle Claw Attack of Ye Fei was learned from Liu Han, whose nickname was Eagle Claw, so he completely mastered Eagle Claw Attack. Ye Fei was his apprentice, so he was also good at Eagle Claw Attack.

Moreover, Ye Fei had a strong learning ability.

The spine of the driver was crushed by Ye Fei, he was completely unresponsive, and the whole body was unconscious and paralyzed.

"What are you doing?"

"You this bastard, you incredibly hit the driver."

Two strong men wanted to control Ye Fei, but it was too late, the jeep lost control, crashed into a rock, turned down from the road. Ye Fei put his hands on his head, bent down and kept his head between his knees.
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