Chapter 23
Chapter 23 Teasing Lin Qingwan
As Ye Fei put the KFC bucket down on the dining table, Murong emerged yawning out of her room.

She was wearing only underwear and completely forgot there was a man in her apartment.

Murong was going to walk to the fridge to get a glass of iced Sprite, but when she looked up, she saw Ye Fei staring at her breasts.

Murong did not respond the same as Chu Mo. Chu Mo immediately started screaming, but Murong's face just turned red like a tomato. She hastily turned around and made a beeline back to her room.

This was the first time in her life a man had seen her body.

Lin Qingwan was still in her bed. When she saw Murong's red face, she asked, "Sister Murong, what's wrong? You look feverish, are you sick?"

"No, no…" Murong shook her head and did not know what to say.

"Well, Sister Murong, I know my living here is causing you problems, right? I have nowhere else to go. Be considerate of me," Lin Qingwan smiled gently. She knew exactly what had just happened. These girls were not accustomed to living with a man in the house.

However, she had no other choice. She couldn’t stay in her own house anymore.

Lin Qingwan got dressed, walked out the door, and saw Ye Fei reclining on the sofa, watching TV.

"Ye Fei, we need to go to the office now."

Lin Qingwan didn't really want to go to work. Yesterday's shooting, although the shooter was caught, had left a deep psychological impression.

But she couldn’t get out of her responsibilities. The company just started to turn a profit. This was a crucial time, and Lin Qingwan wanted to manage her company well.

"Manager Lin, let's eat before we go." Ye Fei pointed to the KFC bucket on the table.

"Humph, I would rather starve than eat the junk food that the poor eat," Lin Qingwan said arrogantly.

"Oh." Ye Fei smiled and picked up the KFC bucket. "That’s great, because I still haven’t had my fill. I will eat the rest in the afternoon."

Lin Qingwan gave him a scornful look.

Ye Fei took the KFC bucket downstairs with him to the car. Lin Qingwan sat in the back while Ye Fei drove her to the company offices.

The KFC bucket was placed on the front passenger seat, so that Ye Fei could eat while he drove. The smell of greasy fried chicken filled the car.

With a mouth full of oil, Ye Fei said, "Domestic KFC is not the same as foreign KFC. It is more suitable for Chinese tastes; it's delicious."

Seeing Ye Fei chomping away, Lin Qingwan got hungry too.

With everything that had been happening, Lin Qingwan had barely eaten anything since yesterday noon. She was positively starving by now.

Ye Fei had only brought the fried chicken to tease her.

Normally, she never ate junk food so she could maintain her figure, but that KFC was so fragrant Lin Qingwan felt her mouth water. She kept glancing at the bucket on the front passenger seat.

Ye Fei took out a piece of fried chicken and smiled, "Manager Lin, are you hungry? Do you want some chicken? It's delicious!"

Lin Qingwan was angry. She knew Ye Fei was just teasing her and there was no way she’d fall for it. She coldly said, "I have a toothache. Just drive carefully. I have an emergency to take care of in the company."

"OK," Ye Fei put the fried chicken into his mouth and stepped on the gas pedal, veering off onto the expressway.

Five minutes later, they were stuck in a traffic jam.

Ye Fei got out and asked the driver in front what happened. When he returned, he said to Lin Qingwan, "Manager Lin, there has been a traffic accident. A four car pileup. There is no way through now. The traffic police is on its way, but it’s still going to take at least an hour."

Lin Qingwan grumbled to herself. She didn't want to go to the office. She only wanted to see her staff.

Now she was stuck on the expressway.

Lin Qingwan also got out of the car and saw the column of closely-packed, immobile cars stretching on into the distance ahead. She thought this would probably take at least two or three hours to clear up.

Lin Qingwan returned to the car angrily. She looked at the KFC bucket and her mouth watered again. She was really hungry.

Ye Fei had left the car again to chat with the driver in front, not paying her any attention. Her willpower was suddenly destroyed. She rapidly pinched a piece of fried chicken from the KFC bucket and impatiently bit into it.

"It's really delicious..."

She was so hungry that the greasy chicken tasted like divine ambrosia to her. Having tasted such a delicacy, Lin Qingwan felt a new world open before her. Soon, the bucket was empty.

"Delicious! I can’t believe it tastes so good."

Seeing Ye Fei return, Lin Qingwan hastily straightened her posture, maintaining an aloof air.

"Manager Lin, it seems that the traffic police have cleared the road. We can probably continue to the office soon." Ye Fei sat in the car and started the engine.

"Well, good thing this accident didn’t delay me too much."

Lin Qingwan was nervous. She was afraid Ye Fei would discover that she had stolen his fried chicken.

Ye Fei suddenly turned his head and chuckled, "Manager Lin, how do you like the fried chicken?"

"Well... Fried chicken? I wouldn’t know." Lin Qingwan was surprised. How did he know she just ate all the fried chicken? Now she could only desperately deny it. Otherwise... She would be really embarrassed.

Ye Fei handed her a paper towel. "Next time, remember to wipe your mouth."

Lin Qingwan just realized - she had forgotten to wipe the grease off her lips.

How embarrassing!

She just wanted to find a dark hole to crawl into.
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