Chapter 243

In Qin Mingyue's view, at the moment Ye Fei's choice was very stupid, he would ruin the last one of the slightest chances to win.

Liu Ao slightly shook his head, because he was very regretful that he incredibly valued Ye Fei so much.

Li Bin was so nervous that he clenched his hands, and Zhong Mei was also nervous to watch Ye Fei.

At this time, Wang Zhong was stunned because Ye Fei incredibly dodged his attack.


The ordinary martial artist could jump one meter at most, but Ye Fei incredibly could jump taller more than his arm?

At the moment when Wang Zhong was stunned, he felt a heavy weight on his head, then he looked up and saw Ye Fei was standing on his head with one foot.

"Jump down from my head."

Wang Zhong never had such a strange experience against the enemy. He stretched out his hands to grab Ye Fei's ankle and drag him down.

But unexpectedly, Ye Fei gently jumped down from his head, reached the back of Wang Zhong.

Qin Mingyue clearly saw Ye Fei incredibly stood on the head of Wang Zhong with one foot.

The position of the top of the head was one of the dead acupuncture point, as long as Ye Fei slightly exerted his strength, then his disciple must die undoubtedly.

Fortunately, Ye Fei jumped down with a smile on his face.

"You... How did you jump so high?"

Now Wang Zhong just knew how horrible his opponent was.

Ye Fei did not answer, used his hand knife to hit Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong was panic, because he never had seen anyone used such this kind of fierce and sharp method.

After Wang Zhong blocked Ye Fei's hand knife, he felt very painful in the place where his arm was hit. He knew if he still blocked Ye Fei's attack, he must lose. Therefore, he stretched out his hands to grab Ye Fei's hands.

Ye Fei scratched back, and their hands immediately intertwined.

At this time, Ye Fei suddenly loudly shouted, then he forced apart the hands of Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong felt his arm was suddenly separated, and his joint, muscle, ligament were pulled severe pain.

At the same time, Ye Fei used his shoulder to hit the chest of Wang Zhong.

With a loud bang, Wang Zhong was immediately knocked out of the ring.

Wang Zhong was knocked out of the the ring, suddenly rushed over, wanted to fight with Ye Fei again.

"The winner is No. 288."

Over here, the referee had declared Ye Fei was the winner.

Looking at Ye Fei's indifferent eyes, Wang Zhong who was going back to the ring was stunned.

He lost the match!

Lost for the first time!

"No, no. I'll fight you again!"

The eyes of Wang Zhong were bloodshot and he roared loudly in the hall.

"But... That's not how it's supposed to be."

The referee did not think that Wang Zhong incredibly did not admit defeat, facing aggressive Wang Zhong, he did not know how to do.

"Still want to fight me? Next time, I will not hit you out of the ring! You must have the consciousness of death!"

Ye Fei coldly glanced at this genius without military virtue.

The real genius, not only needed to understand military study, but also needed to learn to admit defeat.

Because in this world, there was always someone better than you!

"I still want to fight you. Come on, you this coward."

Facing Ye Fei's cold eyes, Wang Zhong couldn't help but trembling.

Suddenly a slap hit Wang Zhong in the face, and Wang Zhong looked up in anger, but saw his master Qin Mingyue was looking at him with an angry expression.

"Master, you... You hit me."

Wang Zhong had tears in his eyes. In his impression, his master was indeed strict, but he never hit himself or even his face.

"You come back with me, don't be a disgrace here. You lost this match, OK? You must admit

your failure."

Qin Mingyue angrily said.


Wang Zhong still wanted to fight Ye Fei, but dared not disobey his master, so he looked back mercilessly at Ye Fei, then followed Qin Mingyue to exit the hall ahead of time.

The news that a seeded player failed in the second match immediately went out, causing a great stir in the hall.

"What? It is impossible."

The people who have heard of Wang Zhong came around, wondering if they had heard the wrong news.

In the minds of these people, Wang Zhong was never able to fall, because he was a young guru.

However, this young guru was defeated by another man younger than him in the ring.

The collapse of one martial arts legend marked the birth of another martial arts legend.

When these people saw the live video recorded on the mobile phones, they burst into a great shout to cheer for Ye Fei.

"Good, you are so great! I'm proud of you."

At this moment, Liu Ao walked to the side of Ye Fei, said with a smile.

Li Bin and Zhong Mei were also excited, especially Zhong Mei, she was worried about if Ye Fei was injured, so she kept asking Ye Fei.

"Ye Fei, unexpectedly, you come here. Wang Zhong incredibly can't defeat you, you really make me impressed."

A young man dressed in a suit came over, and he was a bit fat.

He was surrounded by a few bodyguards with serious faces.

"Yuan Chen."

When Ye Fei saw Yuan Chen, he secretly complained. At first, he thought when he entered the top ten, he could meet Yuan Chen. But unexpectedly, in the second match, he just met Yuan Chen.

When Li Bin saw Yuan Chen, he was also stunned, wanted to hide to the side, but was stopped by a bodyguard.

"Ye Fei, long time no see, how are you?"

Yuan Chen opened his arms and hugged Ye Fei.

Ye Fei had no way, could only hug with him, then he heard Yuan Chen said in his ear, "Ye Fei, you incredibly dare to steal my thing with this thief, do not you want to live?"
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