Chapter 247: 247

The strength of Yang Huaiyuan had practiced to extremely advanced realm, he once performed on the television station, four men made their effort to press on his arms, he suddenly shook his arms, made them flew out three meters away.

Ye Fei was no exception, as if he was knocked over by a bulldozer, the body's center of gravity was shaken off by Yang Huaiyuan, and the whole body flew towards the ring outside.

Yang Huaiyuan was relieved, it seemed this time he would win!

Watching this scene, all the audience uttered a exclamation.

Zhong Mei was nervous to stand up, with hands clasped, as if she was praying for the emergence of miracles.

But Yuan Chen was excited, even he this layman also saw out Ye Fei would fall outside the ring. 

But at this time, a miracle occurred.

In midair, Ye Fei's shook his body, straight as a javelin, then suddenly he used his arms to tightly hold his knees, just like a diving athlete was diving, then, his body stretched again, like the bird in the sky. 

It was hard to make a series of such complicated movements in midair, as a result, Ye Fei's center of gravity moved again.

Originally Ye Fei was like a parabola flying out, but when he flew to the highest point of the parabola, he actually fell straight.

This was the unique Qinggong of the Swallow Club.

Ye Fei landed firmly on his feet, his heel stepped on the edge of the ring, and did not fall out of the ring.

But a dark red blood ran from the corner of his mouth.

After the battle with Yang Huaiyuan, the internal organs of Ye Fei had been badly hurt, and he reluctantly resorted to this kind of Qinggong, also made his muscle strained.

Even so, Ye Fei still stood firmly in the ring, and did not fall down.

"Young man, your Qinggong is very amazing. But you don't have the power to fight, and you can not defeat me. If you fight again, your body will be ruined and your life is in danger."

Yang Huaiyuan lightly said, and he used his sharp eyes to stare at this young man.

"You want me to surrender, to give up?"

Ye Fei saw Yang Huaiyuan did not storm, so he took advantage of this opportunity to secretly control his breathing.

"Yes, you are still young, there is no need for you to ruin your future."

Yang Huaiyuan put his hands on the back, slowly said.

"Sorry, I do not have the habit of surrender, if you have the ability, you can beat me down."

Ye Fei also knew that he could not defeat Yang Huaiyuan, his understanding in the martial art had a big gap with Yang Huaiyuan's.

Even so, Ye Fei would never give up.

It was about the dignity of a soldier.

The motto of the Falcon was never give up.

This was also the main reason that Ye Fei believed Liu Han would not surrender.

"You really do not surrender? Then don't blame me!"

Yang Huaiyuan seriously said.

Ye Fei did not answer, and he was ready to fight with Yang Huaiyuan again.

However, at this time, Yang Huaiyuan suddenly sighed, then slowly walked to the edge of the ring, and then he gently jumped out of the ring.

There was a moment of silence.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden act of Yang Huaiyuan. After a while, the referee in the ring first reacted, holding the hand of Ye Fei, announced, "The winner is No. 288."


At this time, all the people were loudly talking about that.

"The grand master Yang Huaiyuan is defeated? He volunteered to jump out of the ring? What the hell is going on here?"

"Ye Fei win this match, oh my god, Ye Fei incredibly defeat Yang Huaiyuan this grand master, how is that possible?"

"It is so surprising. Does Yang Huaiyuan feel that he can't win? Why he actively admit defeat? I can not understand, really can not understand."

"No, no, you see

Ye Fei's face, his face is pale, obviously if Yang Huaiyuan fights with Ye Fei, he will undoubtedly win this match, I guess there are some secrets in it."

"But the key is, why did Yang Huaiyuan do this, he is the grand master, today he incredibly is defeated by a young man. Whether he meant it or not, it's about his face!"

Everyone was guessing, they did not know why Yang Huaiyuan did that, there were different opinions, but no one could get the real reason.

In the ring, Ye Fei touched his head, because he also did not know why Yang Huaiyuan did that.

Yang Huaiyuan was silent, put his hands behind him, walked to the lounge, picked up the teacup, started to drink tea.

In a short time, Yuan Chen brought people to rushed into the lounge.

Yuan Chen pointed to the nose of Yang Huaiyuan, scolded, "Fuck you, obviously you can win this match, but why did you suddenly admit defeat?"

The disciples of Yang Huaiyuan surrounded Yuan Chen, glared to him and said, "Who are you? You incredibly dare to insult our master? We will teach you a lesson."

"This is the president of martial arts association, Yuan Chen."

The middle-aged man behind Yuan Chen loudly shouted, "If you dare to move a hair of president Yuan, we will find people take off you sign, believe it or not."

Hearing this title, Yang Huaiyuan's disciples dared not move again, and their eyes were all cast on the body of Yang Huaiyuan, waiting for their master to decide. 

Yang Huaiyuan smiled and said, "The man who arranged me to fight with No. 288 is you, I have finished your task."

"Bullshit! Tell me why you admit defeat? You are really shameless."

Yuan Chen still scolded.

"What can I do if I don't admit defeat? You think I can beat that boy to death in the ring? And his Kung Fu is so great, I certainly can not beat him to death."

Yang Huaiyuan coughed, originally, he also thought Ye Fei was a genius in the martial arts.
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