Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Serial Missing


For the whole day, Qin Mingyue didn't find Wang Zhong and couldn't get through his phone, which made him very anxious.

However, Qin Mingyue's disciples were not worried about that, so they comforted Qin Mingyue, "Master, after all, Wang Zhong is an adult, and you do not need to worry about him."

"No, I'm going to call the police!"

Qin Mingyue said he must go to the police, because he thought his disciple Wang Zhong was missing.

These disciples also had no way, and they could not persuade their master, so they could only go to the police station with Qin Mingyue.

The police officers heard of Qin Mingyue this person, knew he was a famous martial artist nearby. Once he came to the police station to perform Kung Fu, and the armed police were full of praise, so these two police officers were very polite to Qin Mingyue.

However, after listening to the report contents of Qin Mingyue, two police officers almost laughed out, so they hurriedly lit a cigarette.

"Master Qin, your disciple is already an adult, and he's not been missing for more than twenty-four hours, right?"

A police officer asked with a notepad in his hand, "Have you noticed any signs, such as an extortion letter or a call? Why do you think he was kidnapped?"

"It's not kidnapping, it's missing. There is no sign but I feel something wrong."

Qin Mingyue was not a fool, he could see these two police officers were laughing at himself, so he suppressed his anger and said.

"But master Qin, it's not that we don't believe your feelings. However, your disciple is an adult. Even if it is a juvenile, he must be missing for more than three days before the case can be filed. Perhaps he is in a bad mood and drunk at a bar."

A policeman shook his head and said.

"I do not want to talk to you. I want to talk to your leader."

Qin Mingyue directly went to find the director of today's shift. However, Qin Mingyue's report content was really ridiculous, so the director also could not help him, then sent Qin Mingyue out of the police station.

Qin Mingyue was so angry, fortunately, one of his disciples was smart, he proposed, "Master, this group of police officers are like that, they often ignore the eagerness of the people. When they come out of the police station, it is too late. Now it's up to us to find him."

"Nonsense. Shanghai is so big, if I have the ability to find Wang Zhong, I will come to beg these police officers?"

Qin Mingyue angrily said.

"We don't have a lot of people in our martial art club, but Wang Zhong is the contestant. Although he has been eliminated, doesn't the Martial Arts Association have a little responsibility for that? We can launch other martial artists to look for Wang Zhong through the Martial Arts Association. I'm sure we'll find him soon."

The disciple turned his eyes and came up with a method.

"Good idea! I'm going to find the Martial Arts Association now!"

Qin Mingyue felt this was really a good method, so he immediately took his disciples to find the president of the Martial Arts Association. 

The president of Martial Arts Association Zhang Songlei was ready to go to dinner with Yuan Chen, when he saw Qin Mingyue came over, he immediately smiled, "Master Qin, How did you come? You haven't eaten yet, right? Go, let's have dinner together, it's my treat today."

Qin Mingyue saw Yuan Chen, knowing he was the investor of this tournament, and Yuan Chen would also hold a seat on the executive committee of the newly formed j

oint alliance of Shanghai Martial Arts Clubs.

"I have no time to have dinner now, my disciple Wang Zhong is missing."

Qin Mingyue eagerly said.

"What the hell is going on, you talk about it."

Zhang Songlei frowned and said.

Qin Mingyue said out his feeling.

After hearing the words of Qin Mingyue, Zhang Songlei patted his shoulder, "Master Qin, are you a little paranoid? Now young people often go out to play. Of course, I know Wang Zhong is a good man, a qualified martial artist. But is it possible for him to take advantage of this opportunity to travel to the mountains or somewhere to relax and pursue the true meaning of the martial arts. You know, we martial artists often go to the mountains to practice martial art."

"But if he goes to the mountain, he must tell me about that." 

Qin Mingyue had thought about this possibility, but he always felt something wrong.

However, after Zhang Songlei said that, Qin Ming thought carefully for a while, also felt Wang Zhong should not have an accident, after all, Wang Zhong was his outstanding disciple.

With the invitation of Zhang Songlei, although Qin Mingyue was anxious, he could only go to have dinner with them. They went to a Hong Kong-style tea house, many of the martial artists like to come here to eat some foods.

In addition to Qin Mingyue, Zhang Songlei also invited a few martial artists, they were famous figures in the martial arts of Shanghai. 

During the dinner, everyone drank a lot of wine, and the telephone of Zhang Songlei rang three times, so he went out to pick up three times, every time he returned, his face was a bit serious.

Finally, in the fourth time, Zhang Songlei couldn't help calling Yuan Chen them out, "Something not good happens."

"What's the matter?"

When these people saw Zhang Songlei was serious, they wanted to know what happened.

"Master Qin, you can't get through the phone of your disciple Wang Zhong, right?"

Zhang Songlei did not answer, but looked at Qin Mingyue, asked.


Qin Mingyue was a little distracted.

"It's a bit strange now, besides Wang Zhong, another four martial artists are also missing."

Zhang Songlei said.

"What? Is it someone who has eyes on our martial art of Shanghai?"

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