Chapter 274: 274

"Brother, what the hell is going on, I am completely confused by your words. Tell me, if I can help you, I must help you!"

Li Bin patted his chest and said.

"My grandpa Ye Tianchen has been missing for ten years. When he left, he gave me this throwing knife, and told me that if I wanted to find him, I would become the top martial artist, and then I could see through the secret of the throwing Knife. However, now I have become the the top martial artist, but I still have no clues."

Ye Fei rubbed his temples, slowly said.

"The mystery on the throwing knife?"

Li Bin thought for a while, then slowly said, "Your grandpa's meaning, I guess he wants you to go to Li family to find him. As for why he wants you to become the top martial artist, I do not understand. Perhaps he encounters some trouble, as long as you are the top martial artist, you can only save him out? But..."

"How... How do I know what this Li means, if not I met you, I am afraid I can not guess it in this life."

Ye Fei helplessly looked at Li Bin, "Where is Li family?"

"Li family..."

When Li Bin mentioned Li family, his facial expression was a little bitter, and he seemed to think of something, after he was silent for a while, he just said, "Do not mention my things. We only say Li family, brother, you should know the eight businesses?"

"Of course I know. There were eight factions in the old society. Stolen business, ghost business, trap business, prostitute business, cheat business, killing business, magic business and religion business formed famous eight businesses."

Ye Fei nodded and said, "In the republic of China, the Swallow Li San is the famous person of Stolen business. But in the age of peace, the eight businesses has declined. Over the years, with the social changes and the martial art academic prosperity, the eight businesses completely decline."

This knowledge of Ye Fei was told by his grandpa Ye Tianchen. As a child, Ye Fei loved to hear stories from his grandpa.

Ye Tianchen once said, there were many reasons for the decline of eight businesses. The most critical reason was the leader generation worse than the generation.

After Swallow Li San, there was not a proper famous thief in the stolen business.

"You have a deep relationship with stolen business, and you know a lot of things, so I don't have to elaborate. The ancestor of Li family Li San was the famous man in the stolen business, and he was also the leading figure. so, for many years, the Li family represents the face of stolen business. So These martial arts clubs in Shanghai is completely inferior to Li family's power."

Li Bin explained, "So, if you really want to go to Hebei to Li family to find your grandpa, I think we should give the matter further thought and discuss it later."

"What? But I have been waiting for more than 10 years, I can't wait now!"

Ye Fei was a little impatient, because he wanted to immediately go to Hebei to find his grandpa, and Ye Fei wanted to heal Zhong Mei's face by his grandpa.

"Because you've been waiting for more than 10 years, so you don't need to be anxious. Now the problem is, we don't know what happened to your grandpa. You also said that he disappeared for more than 10 years, why he has not appeared? I guess that he is under the control of the Li family! If now you go to save him, as long as you enter the territory of Hebei province, your whereabouts will be exposed! The intelligence ability of stolen business is very strong. How can you save your grandpa?"

Li Bin was very calm this time, started to analyze for Ye Fei.

Ye Fei took a deep breath to calm down and thought about it.

The front combat capability of stolen business was not strong, but its intelligence capability was very outstanding.

"So what should we do?"

Ye Fei had no idea for a moment.

"I have a plan here!"

Li Bin thought for a while, then he slowly said, "My father has some contradictions with Li family, I have not been back to Hebei for a long time. But... After all, I am a member of Li family. I'll go back first, and help you find out your grandpa's whereabouts, after I understand the situation, we will discuss it again."

"Thank you, my brother."

Ye Fei was very excited and went up to hold Li Bin's hand tightly.

"Since you call me brother, do not treat me as a stranger."

Li Bin waved his hand, "What's more, you have helped me so much, I should help you."


Li Bin was hesitated for a moment, "Even if I find your grandpa, he may not believe me. I need a keepsake on you."

"My grandpa is a bit suspicious and doesn't trust people easily."

Ye Fei thought for a moment, then handed the throwing knife to Li Bin, "Brother, take this throwing knife, it is the best keepsake."

Li Bin licked the lips, and he was very moved, because this throwing knife was the heirloom of the Li family, it could be said to be a important thing for Li family.

It seemed that Ye Fei indeed regarded himself as a real friend.

Li Bin took the throwing knife, "This matter should not be delayed, I will go to buy tickets. I'll be back this afternoon. As long as I get some news, I will contact with you. However, you do not call me, there are lots of rules in the Li family."

"I know. Thank you, brother."

Although Li Bin did not hope that Ye Fei said thank you, at the moment, Ye Fei could not find a better vocabulary to express his feeling.

"Brother, after I leave here, I hope you can take care of my younger brothers. They are all thieves, but... Their characters are not bad!"

"Don't worry! I must take care of them."

Ye Fei smiled and said.
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