Chapter 285: 285

Ye Fei was completely stunned, he did not expect Old Joe was incredibly such a lunatic, even dared to kill the police and his family.

"A few years ago, this thing was very notorious... But the criminal was a juvenile, the police had no way to deal with him."

Murong suddenly reminded of the news in previous years.

"Old Joe is really hateful! In the society he is a big villain, but... It is precisely because he killed Du Peng, he should be arrested by the police! Put him in the society, how much damage will he do?"

Ye Fei shook his head. He still did not understand that Old Joe had killed the police, and the police should not compromise with evil forces.

"Yes, you are right. We were almost mad at that time, a number of police captains had decided to arrest Old Joe. But then, with two things happened, our capture action was completely stranded by all aspects of resistance."

Qin Xiaogang lit a cigarette, deeply smoked a mouthful, slowly said.

"The first thing is that when we were in the capture operation, a policeman shot a 12-year-old child. The next day, the news that attacked our police immediately appeared in the newspaper. They reported that the police were insane, even killed the children. But they did not know these children were the devil!"

The muscles on Qin Xiaogang's face twitched and his expression was painful.

"I know that."

Ye Fei nodded. Ordinary people were living and working for a long time, so they didn't know what were those western soldiers doing in the Middle East, in Afghanistan.

Even if it was children, in their judgment of a dangerous situation, would be resolutely shot to kill. 

It was not because they were cold-blooded, but because it was the lesson of the blood and lives of countless comrades.

In those years, in the war against Vietnam, lots of soldiers were died because they were too merciful to the women and children, when they just returned, the child took out the grenade from the bosom, and it could kill countless elite soldiers.

Ye Fei had seen Skeleton's madness, such a boy was already incurable murder maniac. If the police let these crazy children go, they would never catch Old Joe.

However, if they did not let these children go, they should be condemned by the media once something was wrong.

This thing was a real dilemma and it was difficult to deal with.

"The second thing is that Old Joe put a bomb in the mayor's house. Fortunately, he made a phone call to the police, and it was dismantled in time for no disaster. But even so, the mayor was also so terrified that he began to question the police."

"Because of these two things, the police's arrest plan failed completely." Qin Xiaogang said in pain.

"In fact... By the time the police capture scheme was leaked, the whole scheme had failed."

Ye Fei directly pointed out the key.

"It is true. And then the leaders came over and had a seminar, and they concluded that catching Old Joe was more harm than good."

Qin Xiaogang lit another cigarette.

"Why? Why catching a big villain in society is more harm than good?"

Ye Fei could not understand and said in amazement.

"How many children are there under Old Joe's control?"

Qin Xiaogang didn't answer Ye Fei's doubts, but asked instead.

"At least one hundred."

Ye Fei made a rough calculation.

"Even if it's one hundred children, now Old Joe is still able to control them, just let them steal things. If we catch Old Joe, what about these children? Let them come into the society? That would certainly be more damaging. So, before we come up with a solution to the problems of survival, education and life, we can't arrest Old Joe! Because if we arrest him, there will be a big trouble. Now the leader above wants to be steady. It's no big deal if the

y just steal something."

Qin Xiaogang said with a wry smile.

"Ridiculous! It's so ridiculous! Just because of stability, let such these lunatic criminals go? I think these leaders are really terrible! We should put their own fat children into the cellar to eat mud, then they will know how absurd their ideas!"

Ye Fei patted the table and stood up.

"I also think it's ridiculous. But, this is the truth. Brother Ye, the police have many difficulties."

Qin Xiaogang patted Ye Fei's shoulder and said, "In short, brother,if you want to make Old Joe into trouble, I will not object, and I will give you secretly support. But, if you have something wrong, I will leave you instantly."

Ye Fei was very angry and said, "What about these children, you police have to take care of them?"

Qin Xiaogang looked at the children behind Ye Fei, then reluctantly nodded, "Police station is not a hospice, we are difficult to take good care of them. However, I promise you, I must find a way to help them find family, give them a warm home!"

At the moment, Ye Fei's eyes were full of doubts, because of the words of Qin Xiaogang, Ye Fei completely lost confidence to the police. Fortunately, Murong also said, "Ye Fei, rest assured, I'm here, and I am their mother, even if no one takes care of them, I will take care of them."

With Murong's words, Ye Fei was relieved. He turned around and squatted down, said to the little girl, "Will you follow this aunt to find your mom?"

"No, I want to stay with you."

Said the little girl, shaking her head.

"I will go to punish the bad people, and after I punish them, I will go to find you, okay?"

Ye Fei whispered.

The little girl thought for a while, finally laughed and put out her little finger, "Uncle, let's pull a hook. After we pull a hook, you won't go back on it." 


Ye Fei was also amused by the naivete of the little girl and held out his finger.

Two thumbs hooked together.

"Pull a hook, we will not change for 100 years."
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