Chapter 296: 296

"Wang Yifang?"

At first Zhou Li was confused, for a moment, he could not think of this name. The next moment, he suddenly remembered Wang Yifang was the director general of the county police station, hurriedly said, "Director general Wang?"

Zhou Li's brain was already blank, the person on the other side of the phone was really Wang Yifang?

How was that possible?

Wang Yifang said, "I just picked up a phone from my superior, he said you have a little misunderstanding with young master Ye?"

"Ah, well... we suspect him of gambling and of hitting people."

Zhou Li was embarrassed to say, "But since you have phoned to me, I think, this must be a misunderstanding."

"What? If I don't call you, you will arrest young master Ye? What's your fucking logic? Do you know who called me just now?"

Wang Yifang angrily said, "I do not want to talk to you. Deal with the matter well, and then report to me!"

Zhou Li was scolded badly, but he dared not refute at all. He did not know who made a phone call to Wang Yifang, but the man who made a phone call to Wang Yifang must be a big shot.

"You fucking listen to me!"

Wang Yifang paused for a moment, then lowered his voice, "This young master Ye, is a powerful character! I don't care what happened, you must settle with this matter well. Otherwise, you will be fired."

Zhou Li hurriedly said, "Sorry, sorry, I... I know what to do with it!"

"Yes, yes, you can rest assured..."

Said Zhou Li, with an embarrassed expression.

At the moment, when Luo Bixu saw Zhou Li's expression, he did not know exactly what happened.

He saw Zhou Li put down the phone and walked to him, "What's the matter?"

Zhou Li glanced at Ye Fei and whispered, "The village head Luo, I ask you, who is this young man? What did he come to your village for?"

"He seems to be a comrade of Hu Tou, just a soldier."

Said the village head.

"A soldier... No wonder he has so much power!"

Zhou Li suddenly slapped Luo Bixu in the face, scolded angrily, "Damn, are you retarded? Do you want to kill me?"


Luo Bixu was stunned and looked at Zhou Li in amazement, because he did not know what had happened.

"After my investigation, Luo Bixu opens a casino in his own home, and he is a cheater."

Zhou Li waved his hands and said, "Take him back to the police station."

Other policemen were also surprised, not knowing what had happened.

"What the hell are you doing, Zhou Li?"

After all, Luo Bixu was the village head in this village, but he was slapped in public, so he immediately angrily said, "Zhou Li, are you fucking crazy? If you are crazy, get out of my house and go crazy! Damn, if you piss me off, I will tell everyone about your secrets."

As soon as Zhou Li heard Luo Bixu still dared to threaten himself, he directly rushed over to beat Luo Bixu to the ground.

The people of Luo family, the villagers and the policemen really did not know why Zhou Li beat Luo Bixu. Was he really mad?

Among those people on the spot, Ye Fei and Xu Haifeng knew what had happened.

Needless to say, it must be Qin Xiaogang who put pressure on Zhou Li through some channels.

To be honest, Ye Fei didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

Because Tie Dan's family always needed to stay in the village, if they really offended Luo Bixu, their lived would be not good in the future.

But, Ye Fei didn't think Luo Bixu incredibly was so shameless, obviously he had lost, but still framed Ye Fei, and let people cut off his hands. Finally, the village head took the initiative to call the police.

Ye Fei had no other good way to settle with this matter, but to call Qin Xiaogang and ask him to deal with the matter.

Qin Xiaogang owed Ye Fei human favor,

so he must help Ye Fei to settle with this matter.

The director general Wang Yifang was anxious and fearful, he did not expect his own men provoked such a thing.

Wang Yifang was so frightened, because Zhou Li was his subordinate, so he had to take responsibility for this matter. If something bad happened, he might be fired.

Although Zhou Li was a bit greedy, he was not silly, he immediately understood since Wang Yifang was so angry, that meant the identity of Ye Fei was not simple.

Thinking of the matter just now, he had offended Ye Fei, in order to settle with this matter, he could only make Luo Bixu into trouble, in order to get Ye Fei's goodwill.

Luo Bixu was still confused, and he still thought Zhou Li was crazy, so he said a few more words, made Zhou Li furious.

Luo Bixu this village head was a bully in this village, but Zhou Li was the director of the police station in this village, he wanted to hit the village head, who dared to stop?

Even Luo Bixu's children were afraid to stop him, stood aside, could not say any words.

"Good. Good."

Tie Dan clenched its fists and kept cheering softly.

Tie Dan really hated Luo Bixu this man, and he really wanted to stab him to death with a knife. So when he saw Luo Bixu was beaten by others, he was very happy.

Zhou Li beat Luo Bixu for nearly five minutes, just stopped.

As soon as Ye Fei saw Tie Dan's excited expression, he was worried about this boy, it seemed that Tie Dan was contaminated with the tyrannical character.

"I'm sorry, young master Ye."

Zhou Li walked to Ye Fei, said with a smile, "It's my fault, this matter has nothing to do with you. Luo Bixu opens a casino in his own house, in fact, we have been staring here for a long time, this time we must pursue his legal responsibility!"

The change of things made everyone shocked, even Xu Jie also stared at Ye Fei, full of incredible expression.
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