Chapter 297: 297

"This matter has nothing to do with me? Didn't you just say to catch me to the police station?"

Ye Fei looked at Zhou Li's expression and felt even more disgusted.

"Aha, you are joking, just now it was the misunderstanding, this matter indeed has nothing to do with you."

Zhou Li tried to make his smile look friendly, afraid of offending Ye Fei. Ye Fei did not say too many words, he told Xu Haifeng to get a large woven bag, and he put the money into the bag. Then they left here with Tie Dan and Luo Feng.

Walking to the door, Ye Fei turned to say to Xu Jie, "What are you doing here? Do you want the village head to invite you to have a meal?"

Xu Jie hurriedly followed Ye Fei to go out of here, then went back home.

The villagers saw Ye Fei and other people walked away, a long time later, they turned to look at Luo Bixu who was beaten to the ground.

Luo Bixu was old and he was in poor health, after he was beaten by Zhou Li, he could not stand up, and he needed at least more than three months to heal his wounds.

At the moment, Luo Bixu was supported to stand up by his family, and he was using the toilet paper to wipe the blood on the face, looked very embarrassed.  

"Zhou Li, you crazy, you crazy!"

Luo Bixu roared repeatedly, "I will not let you go, and I will go to the county to sue you. I know all the evil things you did. Unless you kill me today, I will not let you go!"

Zhou Li suddenly turned his head to look at him, made Luo Bixu immediately afraid.

Zhou Li walked slowly over, and Luo Bixu was trembling with fear, "This is my house. If you dare to do something, I will let my sons beat you."

"Shut up!"

Zhou Li shouted impatiently, and he was pointing at the several sons of Luo Bixu, they did not dare to stop him.

"Come on, look at your timid sons."

Zhou Li went to Luo Bixu's side, stretching out his hands, and Luo Bixu immediately was afraid.

"Old Luo, we have known each other for twenty or thirty years. Your son still works under my hand, and I often help you to deal with your things. Do you think I will hurt you with our friendship?"

Zhou Li patted Luo Bixu's shoulder, seriously said.

Luo Bixu angrily said, "Yes, we have known each other for many years. But why you not only harm me, but also beat me?"

"I beat you, is to save you!"

Zhou Li sighed and said, "If I don't hit you today, you will not only be hurt! Within a month, I'm sure your family will be ruined."

"You frighten me? You really think I am scared?"

Luo Bixu was stubborn and reluctant to admit mistakes, but when he saw Zhou Li's serious facial expression, he was nervous.

Zhou Li lit a cigarette, took a deep breath and said, "Do you know the identity of this young man?"

"What? Is he not Hu Tou's comrade-in-arms?"

Luo Bixu said.

"I do not know who he is! But, just now the director general of county police station personally made a phone call to me. And he said a big shot was protecting him."

Zhou Li said, "In order to settle with this matter, just now the director general Wag scolded me ruthlessly. Think about it, if this young man is not a big shot, why Wang Yifang is so nervous?"


Luo Bixu was stunned, because he was just a village head, and he did not have a concept about the high-ranking official, so he exclaimed, "How is that possible?"

Zhou Li coldly said, "Anyway it's just the way it is! I suspect this young man is the man in the army! You should know how ruthless the people in the army, if you provoke him, he really makes your family ruined."

Hearing the words of Zhou Li, Luo Bixu was really fearful, at ordinary times, he did lots of evil things, so he was afraid that his family would be ruined.

After a while, Luo Bixu incredibly knelt on the ground, cried out, "Thank you very much. Mr. Zhou! You have saved our lives, and you are our benefactor."

Luo Bixu was beaten badly by Zhou Li in public, but finally he said thanks to Zhou Li.

The villagers were so shocked.

Now they all thought not only Zhou Li was mad, but even the village head was infected with the disease.

Zhou Li hurriedly helped Luo Bixu up and whispered, "We have known each other for so many years. Your business is my business. Do not say thanks."

"But I've already offended Ye Fei. What should I do next?"

Luo Bixu hurriedly said.

"You don't open your casino any more in the future!"

Zhou Li directly said, "Now everyone has known you are a cheater, I think you should close your casino."

"That's for sure!"

Luo Bixu nodded hurriedly.

So many villagers saw what happened to him, even if he wanted to open casino in the future, no one would come to play here.

"Why did you offend Ye Fei?"

Zhou Li asked.

"It is... Because of Xu Jie this bastard!"

Luo Bixu thought about it, immediately answered.

If not because Xu Jie brought Ye Fei here, Luo Bixu would not be so distressed.

"Don't worry! As long as I am the village head, I will let Xu Jie and his family have no peace."

Luo Bixu said angrily.

"Stupid! At this juncture, why are you still thinking about revenge? You should prepare a gift and go to his home to apologize! As long as Xu Jie forgive you, your whole family will be safe!"

"What? You want me to apologize to Xu Jie this bastard? I think it's shameless."

Luo Bixu was shocked.

"Do you want to live in this world?"

Said Zhou Li emphatically.
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