Chapter 3
Chapter 3 The Icy Chairwoman
Central Shanghai.

In the conference room on the twenty-first floor of the Ya Lai Group office building, a young woman in a business suit looked at the silent members of her company’s board of directors seated around the table.

The woman was very beautiful, smooth and fair. Her small lips opened and closed; she wanted to say something, but held herself back.

Her cool eyebrows twitched slightly.

The old men, who usually strived for fame and wealth, were stumped by a design problem.

Lin Qingwan really couldn't fathom why the company had recruited these idlers.

"That’s enough for today."

Lin Qingwan saw her mobile phone's screen light up. She took her notepad and immediately walked outside on a pair of exquisite black heels. Her graceful and charming figure made men do a double take when she passed. The old men in the meeting room looked at her cold back, not daring to say a word.

It wasn’t until Lin Qingwan had been gone for a while that the people in the conference room slowly regained their vitality.

The normally prideful directors wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads, relieved that Lin Qingwan wouldn’t be asking any more difficult questions. Their tense hearts could finally relax.

The Ya Lai Group was a foreign company that mainly dealt with cosmetics. For nearly five years, the company had been operating at a loss. After Lin Qingwan had come from the U.S. parent company and took over, she managed to save the company in a mere six months.

Lin Qingwan had business wisdom and management skills that made the company's top executives forget that she was only 22 years old.

When she arrived at the company president's office, Lin Qingwan frowned. Two people were waiting inside. 

One of the men was Uncle Hu, her father's old housekeeper. The other was a young man she didn’t recognize. Her father, Lin Hongyuan, must have sent them.

"Uncle Hu, what are you doing here?"

Lin Qingwan threw her notepad on the table, stood in front of the French window, and angrily stared at the tall buildings below. 

Lin Qingwan didn’t have such a good relationship with her father. Half a year ago they had a big quarrel, so she decided to go to Shanghai and take over a company on the verge of bankruptcy to prove her ability to manage a business.

Uncle Hu lowered his head and said, "Miss, I believe you have received the master's call this morning. He has a bodyguard for you."

"Where's the bodyguard? Have him come in." Lin Qingwan did not turn around, still looking out the window.

"This is him, ma’am." Uncle Hu pointed to Ye Fei.

"Hello, Miss Lin. My name is Ye Fei."

Ye Fei was immediately attracted to Lin Qingwan’s slender, delicate, white legs.

"This kid?" Lin Qingwan finally turned around, glanced at Ye Fei, and frowned. Her exquisite, small face was full of disappointment.

His thin body made him look like he’d suffered from long-term malnutrition. He also wasn’t handsome, although his eyes reflected a fierce flame. He wore a plaid shirt and jeans worn at the knees. He looked like a migrant worker who had just arrived to the city.

Lin Qingwan sighed. Her dad owed a lot of favors from the early days of his career. This young man was probably sent into the company by an acquaintance of her dad’s. The Ya Lai Group was big, so recruiting a few idlers meant nothing. In any case, he would still be better than a guard dog, right?
"Did my dad say how much I should pay him?" Lin Qingwan casually asked. For a simple bodyguard, it would be at most 1500 Yuan a month.

"How much?"

Uncle Hu was a little flustered, he stayed in the United States for a long time and was unfamiliar with Chinese currency. Finally, he said, "Well, fifty thousand Yuan."

"What did you say? Five tho

usand Yuan a month? I won’t give a bodyguard five thousand Yuan. Does my father think I just opened a bank? No, no, absolutely not." Lin Qingwan heard wrong; she thought he said five thousand Yuan.

"Miss, fifty thousand Yuan a month." Ye Fei said lightly. To be honest, according to his abilities, he thought that was not too much to ask.

"Hah hah."

Lin Qingwan let out a strange laugh. She tried to remember the date – it was surely not April Fools' Day. Why would Uncle Hu play this prank on her?

"Miss, the master said fifty thousand Yuan. Provide him with free food, accommodation, insurance, and then pay him the fifty thousand Yuan salary." Uncle Hu wore a serious expression.

"Wait a minute."

Lin Qingwan was dizzy. She immediately dialed her dad’s number. "Dad, hello? You sent me a bodyguard; how much is his salary? Uncle Hu said fifty thousand Yuan. Did his old age cause him to hear it wrong?

"No. That’s correct, It’s fifty thousand Yuan."

In his villa in San Francisco, Lin Hongyuan reclined on a leather sofa. The room was filled with a melodious symphony. He raised a finger and a maid immediately turned down the volume of the old record player.

"Dad, the company's performance has just improved! This isn’t the time to be wasting money. You sent me this guy deliberately to embarrass me." Lin Qingwan almost cried out in anger.

"Qingwan, fifty thousand Yuan a month is not that much. If you can't afford it, you should come back home."

Lin Hongyuan hung up the phone before she could say anything else.

Hearing the flat signal on the other end of the line, Lin Qingwan was so angry that she threw her iPhone to the ground. She went over and sat on the Boss chair behind her desk. Her body couldn't stop trembling.

From Lin Qingwan's point of view, her dad was making things difficult for her on purpose.

However, she did not want to outright defy her father. Lin Hongyuan was a man who kept his word. If she didn't recruit Ye Fei as her bodyguard, her dad might really take her back to the United States.


Lin Qingwan stared at Ye Fei. He took an apple from the fruit bowl on her desk and used a fruit knife to peel it. Lin Qingwan fumed. "A scrawny kid like you wants to be my bodyguard? If you can beat our company’s chief of security in a fight, I'll think about it."

She pressed the intercom. "Send Zhao Tie to my office."

She was quite confident in him. Zhao Tie was an army veteran, and he’d also mastered free-style combat. This thin young man would certainly not be his match. 

"You think you’re worthy of being my bodyguard? Once Zhao Tie takes you down, my father can see what a waste of time it was to bring you here."

"Chairwoman, you called for me?"

A two-meter-tall, tan man wearing a gray security uniform, a baton at his waist, pushed through the door.

"Zhao Tie, this kid would like to apply to be my bodyguard. Fight him and remember - do not be merciful. If you go easy on him, I will fire you," Lin Qingwan sneered.


Zhao Tie said in a low, muffled voice.


While Zhao Tie was talking, Ye Fei flung his arm. The fruit knife, tearing through the air, flew toward Zhao Tie's throat before anyone saw what happened.

Did Ye Fei want to kill this man?

Lin Qingwan and Uncle Hu were stunned.
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