Chapter 47
Chapter 47 Terrorist
After finding out what happened, Murong stomped back into the interrogation room and shouted, "What the hell, Ye Fei?! You broke someone’s hand in front of so many people? Do you think you can ignore the law and do whatever you want? This isn’t the army, you know! You can't just attack people!"

"So... What should I do?" Ye Fei frowned.

"What should you do? You have to settle this in private with the people you hit. If they refuse to settle, you will be sent to jail. Usually this wouldn’t be a big problem, but these blackmailers aren’t exactly reasonable people, so you’re really out on a limb here."

"In private? You mean I have to compensate them? But I don’t have any money! And I don't want to languish in jail, either…" Ye Fei smiled innocently.

"You have no money... Well, I can lend you a little, and you can borrow the rest from Sister Qingwan. I hope you’ll be able to settle out of court," Murong sighed. She didn't have too much in savings, so Ye Fei really had to depend on Lin Qingwan.

"But..."Murong frowned. Lin Qingwan was quite stingy. She would be pretty pissed if Ye Fei came to her to borrow money, especially after she’d already paid him the 50,000.

But what else could he do?Murong lowered her head ponderously and rubbed her temples.When she looked up, she saw Ye Fei smiling calmly,as if none of it had anything to do with him.

"What are you smiling for?This is all your fault! Here I am worried about you, and you’re smiling! What is going on in that head of yours?"

Ye Fei shrugged."If you ask me, we should make those schemers regret ever messing with me. What do you think?"
Murong growled,"Make them regret messing with you? Are you joking? I just said they are not reasonable, especially that woman. They are not even afraid of the government. Do you think they are stupid? Or do you think I am stupid?"

"They are not afraid of the government, but they are afraid of me," Ye Fei smiled unwavering."To defeat the wicked, we must be worse than them. If they are unreasonable, we must be even more unreasonable. If you do as I say, I guarantee they’ll regret ever laying eyes on me. Come over here," he furtively beckoned her over with a finger.

Murong hesitantly walked around the table to Ye Fei. He whispered a few words in her ear.

The cop was astonished. "Are you sure about this?"

Ye Fei blinked, a mysterious smile on his face."Of course. Now go do it. I haven't had breakfast yet and I'm waiting to go out for a meal."

Back at the office, the blackmailers were still making a fuss and pestering everyone in sight. Lieutenant Qin Peng and a few despondent-looking young policemen could only stand there helplessly and listen to them.

That was when Murong came over with a worn brown envelope in her hands.

Murong went straight to the fat woman, tightly gripped her wrist, and said loudly and clearly, "Thank you so much, ma’am!"

The fat woman was confused, "Huh? For what?"

"Did you catch the suspect in the interrogation room by yourself?" Murong glanced to the room Ye Fei was waiting in.

"Yes... I did, why? Is something wrong?"The fat woman stared blankly at Murong.

"Thank you so much for helping us catch that wanted criminal!" Murong loudly said.

"What? You said he was a wanted man?" The fat woman was stunned. She came to the police station only because she wanted to blackmail Ye Fei, but if he was a wanted man, did that mean his BMW was actually stolen?"

"He’s wanted?"Qin Peng came closer, a perplexed frown on his face, "Are you telling me a wanted criminal saved a pair of injured pedestrians and escorted them to the hospital? Is he out of his mind?"

The fat woman narrowed her eyes suspiciously at Murong’s pretty face,but she doubted the young officer was lying to her.

"He’s not just a simple crimina

l."The young officer took out a piece of paper from her brown envelope. "Look, this is an arrest warrant for him from Interpol. He is a terrorist. People like him are so hateful, they don't care about anyone’s lives. In their eyes, ordinary people are nothing more than ants. I can’t imagine how many people this bastard has killed."

Murong smiled at the fat woman. "Thank you again.If it weren’t for you, this dangerous criminal would have killed even more innocent people."

The fat woman and her co-conspirators exchanged nervous glances, a cold sweat beading up on their foreheads.

A terrorist?

Doesn’t care about anyone’s lives?

Ordinary people are nothing more than ants?

These terrible words sketched out a clear mental image in their minds: Ye Fei holding a bloodied knife and cackling diabolically, his foot resting on a pile of skulls.


The fat woman shivered. She rubbed her bruised belly absentmindedly, thinking of how she was kicked by this madman... She thought she was lucky to have only lost her breakfast.

"Was... Was he one of the terrorists who attacked people in the train station with knives, even cops?" someone said in a shaking voice.

At first Murong nodded, then shook her head and said in a low voice, "This man is worse than those terrorists. He must be put in front of a firing squad as soon as possible. He is the bloodiest, scariest, and most dangerous terrorist I’ve ever seen."

"Then shoot him already! Why are you still here?" At that point, the fat woman and her friends quickly abandoned the idea of blackmailing Ye Fei. They wanted nothing more than to get the hell away from there and forget they ever messed with a guy like that.

Who’d be crazy enough to try to blackmail a terrorist?

Murong shook her head, "Not yet. This man has an accomplice. We have to use him to find his accomplice first."

He has an accomplice?!

The fat woman was so frightened she collapsed limply into a nearby chair.
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