Chapter 50
Chapter 50 Ye Fei to the Rescue
Xue Bing was a little overweight, old, and frail, so his physical strength was actually worse than Lin Qingwan’s. She kneed him in the guts and he fell down from the bed, struggling for breath on the floor. 

Lin Qingwan took the opportunity to jump off the bed and head for the door, but she was stopped by one of the silent men in the room, who pushed her back down.

These two men had sharp eyes and strong bodies. They were Xue Bing’s bodyguards, proficient in martial arts.

After he pushed Lin Qingwan to the bed, the tall bodyguard bent over and patted her down, taking a miniature recording device out of her pocket.

"Mister Xue, this bitch had a mic on her. She recorded the whole conversation." The tall man handed the device to Xue Bing.

"Damn it, this bitch is as wily as her father. You wanted to use this recording as evidence against me, huh? Fool! Today you’ll see what I’m capable of." Xue Bing threw the recording device to the floor and squashed it underneath his foot.

Lin Qingwan was not afraid. She stared at him undauntedly, a hint of a contemptuous smile emerging at the corners of her mouth. "You think you’ve won, Xue Bing? To tell you the truth, I have been suspecting you for a long time already. Besides, if I know anything about your cowardly personality, I’m willing to bet you don’t have a single video in your possession. Otherwise, why would you bring me to this hotel and tell me everything and use violence against me? You would stay in your office and blackmail me from a safe distance."

"Lin Qingwan, you are really clever. You’re right, I don’t have any videos. But so what?" Xue Bing grinned maliciously, "I don’t care! I’ll just make a few videos right now!"

"How dare you?!” Lin Qingwan was stunned. Xue Bing had always impressed her as a cowardly and timid person, but today he was really acting crazy. It was as if he didn't care about anything at all.

"Yeah, just you watch!" Xue Bing pointed to the shorter bodyguard, "You! Let this bitch drink the aphrodisiac. Everyone in this room is getting some action today, damn it! Is the camera ready?"

"All ready, Mister Xue!" The short man sat on the bed with a small bottle containing a blue liquid in his hands, and shook it in front of Lin Qingwan, "I imported this drug from abroad especially for you. It’s called Blue Temptation, and it is very strong stuff. After you drink this, you won’t be able to help yourself."

Watching from the doorway, Ye Fei fumed. He understood now why Xue Bing called Lin Qingwan to this hotel.

Lin Qingwan wasn’t a fool. She already suspected Xue Bing might be the one scheming against her and brought a recording device to try and catch him red-handed, but she never thought he would throw all morals and decency out the window and try something so insane!

If Xue Bing managed to overpower Lin Qingwan in that hotel room, Ye Fei stealing the original evidence wouldn’t mean anything.

"Let me go!" Lin Qingwan screamed.

"Hold her! Hold her! Don't let her get away!" Xue Bing growled.

"Let me go! Let me go! If you touch me, I'll kill myself!" Lin Qingwan screamed, squirming against the hands holding her down.


A slap echoed in the room.

"Bitch, you really think I care? If you want to die, I'll let you die, but only after we make love, so I can use the video to blackmail your daddy. Humph, Lin Zhiyuan is such an ungrateful guy. If he sees his own daughter's porn videos, I bet he’d die of rage!" Xue Bing cackled madly. "Hurry up, make her drink it!"

By then, Ye Fei was already inside the room, but no one had noticed him yet. Everyone was entirely focused on Lin Qingwan’s body.

The short man grinned cruelly as he poured the blue liquid into a shot glass and laughed, "This drug is really strong, so I’ll only give you a couple of drops. Come on, honey, drink it! It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And horny of coarse, haha! No woman can resist the effects. I promise you’ll be begging me for more of this stuff when we’re done, haha!"

Xue Bing snickered, his eyes full of lust. He looked Lin Qingwan up and down and said, "I love pretty girls like you, Manager Lin. The worse you treat me, the more I want to fuck you. It’s getting me excited just imagining having sex with you!"

The short man was already forcing the drug to Lin Qingwan’s lips when someone suddenly kicked him in the back. A hand caught the glass as he tumbled over the bed to the floor.

At that point, everyone noticed Ye Fei standing by the bed.

Seeing his face, Xue Bing exclaimed, "It's you! What the hell are you doing here?!"

Ye Fei did not reply. With the shot glass in his hand, he walked around the bed to the short man, forced his mouth open, and poured the liquid down his throat while pinching his nose shut.

The short man didn't want to drink it, of course, but Ye Fei was simply too strong. The bodyguard was powerless to resist.

This short man was an experienced fighter - Xue Bing would not have employed him as a bodyguard otherwise - but compared to Ye Fei, he may as well have been a clay figurine.
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