Chapter 61
Chapter 61 Campus
Hearing Lin Qingwan was going to Shanghai University, Ye Fei hesitated, "So… will I have to go into the campus with you?"

"Of course. You are my personal bodyguard; you must follow me and protect me. You don't want to go with me?" Lin Qingwan looked at Ye Fei strangely.

"But... will they let me enter?" he said.

"Of course. College is very relaxed nowadays. The professors won’t care about you even if you come to the classroom to listen," Lin Qingwan smiled.

"Great! Let's go, Manager Lin!"

Ye Fei never attended school, so he was full of anticipation about going to the university. A wide grin appeared on his face.

Lin Qingwan look at him in amazement. This was her first time seeing him this happy.

When they arrived at Shanghai University, Ye Fei recognized the campus as Qin Xiaomeng's university.

"What's wrong? Have you been here before?” As Lin Qingwan walked past the gates, she found the atmosphere to be quite different from what she was used to back home. “Did you know, Chu Mo actually teaches in this university. I don't really know what major she teaches, though."

"Is Chu Mo really a professor here? Shanghai University is one of the top schools in the country. I heard every teacher here has a doctoral degree, but Chu Mo doesn’t seem much older than me, so how could she have a doctorate already?"

"At what age do you think one can get a doctorate?" Lin Qingwan glanced at him.

Ye Fei calculated for a moment. "Around thirty years old. Chu Mo looks under twenty-five, so how can she have a doctorate?"

"The academic system in other countries is not the same as here. Doing business with my family delayed my studies, otherwise I would have already graduated and wouldn’t have to study here. Chu Mo is the same. She graduated from Cambridge University. She seems a little silly, but her IQ is actually off the charts. She had a full scholarship for the whole duration of her studies. Straight As on every subject, and she was even allowed to skip a couple years here and there during her academic journey!"

Ye Fei was shocked. Chu Mo – an academic genius? A doctor from Cambridge University?

As the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Lin Qingwan first had to go to the university administrative wing to submit her admission documents.

The man who received her was a director in his sixties named Xie, who began to lazily dig around the office for documents, make phone calls to various people, and generally be very inefficient.

The anxious Lin Qingwan couldn’t do much but sit quietly and wait for this director to deal with her admission procedure.

Ye Fei had been fascinated by everything around him ever since stepping through the gates of campus. A sly smile spread on Lin Qingwan’s face and she said, "If you are bored, you can walk around in the campus."

"Manager Lin, no, I will protect you."

Although Ye Fei refused, his yearning expression was very obvious.

"Go, go; this is a university campus, no one will dare to assassinate me here. Besides, the campus has its own security personnel," Lin Qingwan smiled.

This was the first time she was so considerate toward Ye Fei, so he left the office building and started walking around in the campus.

Shanghai University was very big. There were many gardens and parks and people.

Ye Fei sat next to a pond for a while and soon found himself surrounded by young couples. He started feeling uncomfortable sitting there by himself, so he went away.

Not far ahead was a huge sports area.

A group of boys were playing basketball while a few girls loudly cheered at them from the spectator seats.

It was still early and the sun was hot. One could break a sweat just standing around, but the sweaty players running up and down the basketball court seemed not to care.

Ye Fei remembered a sunny day long ago in California, when a muscular black man picked up a basketball in his big palm and said, "Hey, Ye Fei, Imma teach you how to play ball."

Ye Fei had made a lot of friends during his service.

Unfortunately, those friends were away from him. They were dead.

Ye Fei felt his eyes getting a little moist and was ready to turn away, when he suddenly a sharp scream coming from the court.

A boy was lying on the ground holding his foot and squirming. Obviously, he sprained his ankle.

The ankle was quickly turning purple-black and swollen.

The game stopped and people rushed to help the injured boy up, but he just howled in pain and wouldn’t let anyone touch him.

The boys and girls looked at each other in confusion and didn’t know what to do.

"Do not move him! Just let him lie there, I’ll go call the nurse," a clever-looking girl wearing a tracksuit and a ponytail said.

As soon as she turned around, she saw Ye Fei in the distance and exclaimed, "Hey, Ye Fei, is that you?"

It was Qin Xiaomeng.

"Ye Fei... What are you doing here?"

Qin Xiaomeng had searched the whole campus over several days and even went to the administration wing to check the student roster, but never found a student called Ye Fei.

She had already given up when Ye Fei suddenly appeared in front of her.

Now she only wanted to seize him before he could vanish again, but her classmate was lying injured on the ground and she couldn't ignore him. For a moment, Qin Xiaomeng hesitated.
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