Chapter 69
Chapter 69 Difficult Questions
"Sitting in on lectures is allowed in Shanghai University, but not just anyone can come in,” a girl in the back said sardonically. She had a crush on Wu Haomin and hated Ye Fei for hurting him that morning. “A migrant worker can’t understand advanced mathematics! What can he do other than cause trouble?"

Qin Xiaomeng stared at her angrily, "Who said he is a migrant worker?"

The girl said, "Well, even if he is not a migrant worker, he still needs an attendance permit to be here. Why don’t you ask him if he has one?"

Qin Xiaomeng was speechless. She completely forgot about this rule, which most people tended to ignore. Some students even paid other people to attend class for them.

However, the rule did exist. Qin Xiaomeng leaned over to Ye Fei and whispered, "Do you have a permit?"

Ye Fei shook his head. He didn't think it would be so difficult for him to attend a lecture in college.

"Forget it, I'll just go." Ye Fei sighed and got up to leave, but then the old professor on the platform spoke:

"Everybody, stop arguing. This boy wants to learn: that’s a very good thing. Learning never stops. Whether you have a foundation or not, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to learn more. However, if you really don't understand, I recommend you don’t waste your time here. Time is precious, youth is priceless. Anyhow, let's not waste any more time on this. As for your attendance permit, you can apply for a new one after class. Now then, please take out your textbooks, everyone. Today we’ll be going over a fairly difficult formula, so pay attention and make sure you raise your hand and ask if you have a question."

Relieved, Qin Xiaomeng sat down and whispered, "You’re lucky this is Professor Nie’s class. He’s really nice."

Ye Fei nodded and sat upright, carefully listening to the lecture.

Professor Nie was a well-known figure in the academia both at home and abroad. He explained everything in great detail and it was easy to follow his lessons.

However, this class was very difficult and the students soon began feeling their brains melt, but no one raised their hands to ask questions. They began to talk to each other or play on their phones. A few people stared at Ye Fei’s back and whispered, "Look at him sitting all attentive, like a teacher’s pet. Can he even understand any of it? What a doofus."

Ye Fei completely ignored them. He had never had the chance to attend a university lecture before, so he greatly cherished this hard-won learning opportunity.

The lesson was really too difficult. Even Qin Xiaomeng grew impatient after a while and gently prodded Ye Fei, but when he ignored her, she just plopped her face on her fists and stared blankly at the blackboard.

This advanced mathematics lecture was scheduled to last an hour and a half. After one hour, Professor Nie had already covered the entire blackboard with calculations.

He erased a part of the blackboard and wrote two problems. "Alright, you should have a hang of the formula now. Try these two problems to practice your knowledge. They are a bit difficult so it's okay if you can’t solve them, but if you can, you will get extra credits."

Everyone’s eyes lit up upon hearing the word ‘credits’, but when they saw the problems on the blackboard most people were stunned because they didn’t even know where to begin.

Only a few students, after staring at the problems for a long time, began to slowly work their way through them. They wanted those extra credits, but they really had no idea what they were doing.

Qin Xiaomeng too had no clue where to begin. She looked back to Du Wenxing, who seemed to be making progress, as he was energetically scribbling in his notebook.

Du Wenxing seemed to feel her gaze on his and raised his head. He hurriedly put his hands on the paper and didn't let he

r see his calculations.

"You think I am peeking at your answers? Pfft!" Qin Xiaomeng coldly hummed. She really didn’t like stingy people like him.

She wasn’t really trying to watch Du Wenxing, anyway. She just thought of Lin Qingwan, who was sitting in the back of the classroom.

She knew Lin Qingwan already had a bachelor’s degree from a foreign university. The rest of the students in this classroom were just freshmen, so if anyone knew the answers to these problems, it would be her.

In fact, Qin Xiaomeng wasn’t the only one looking at Lin Qingwan. A few other well-informed students had turned around to longingly stare at her.

However, Lin Qingwan herself was secretly complaining in her heart.

She had heard that domestic mathematics courses were much harder than in America, but she thought she had a good head on her shoulders and Chinese math classes wouldn’t be a problem for her.

Now she changed her mind. She knew it was going to be difficult to make up all her missing subjects.

Qin Xiaomeng looked over at Ye Fei and found that he too hadn’t written anything on his paper, but had been staring in a daze at the blackboard.

Of course, Ye Fei had never even been to a junior high school, so university-level math problems were naturally far out of his league.

Twenty minutes later, Du Wenxing suddenly stood up and proclaimed, "Professor, the answer to the first question is three!"

"Oh, Wenxing, you figured it out! Very nice."

Professor Nie smiled good-naturedly, "The answer to the first question is indeed three. It seems that you already have a solid grasp on this formula. I’m sure you will be able to easily graduate from this university. I knew that if anyone could solve these problems, it would be you."

"Well, it wasn’t that hard."

Du Wenxing pridefully glanced at Ye Fei and Qin Xiaomeng and said, "I think most students in this class can solve these problems. Anyone who can't... Well, it means they have a problem with their intelligence."
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