Chapter 76
Chapter 76 The Head of Security
As the steel pipe barreled toward him, Ye Fei proactively stepped forward and grabbed it with his hand, then kneed the youth in the ribs.

The youth fell to the ground wheezing and coughing, and couldn't stand up for a long time.

The others gangsters stood still, a little intimidated and unsure of how to proceed.

Boss Hu took a deep breath and roared, waving his hands wildly, "Why are you just standing here?! Get him!"

The gangsters behind Boss Hu glanced at each other and rushed all together at Ye Fei.

Ye Fei sighed. These men clearly knew they couldn't beat him, but they still attacked. He easily beat them all to the ground.

Of course, they were in the university cafeteria, surrounded by students, so Ye Fei held back and did not draw blood, but he made sure they knew what he was capable of.

Watching Ye Fei's precise and powerful movements, Boss Hu knew this man was a master of martial arts.

Soon, the sound of heavy footsteps sounded not far away as a security guard in a gray uniform, carrying a stiff rubber baton, barged into the cafeteria.

Boss Hu knew beating Ye Fei would be impossible now, so he angrily stuck a finger out at his face and snarled, "You got lucky, you son of a bitch! We will never leave you alone! Don't let me see you outside the campus, or I’ll kill you."

With a final death glare, he covered his ripped crotch and ran away.

The students inside the cafeteria were stunned. Some of them had seen Ye Fei before, but they had no idea he was capable of something like that.

Meanwhile, the security guard had made it across the cafeteria. He was the head of campus security, Li Tiejun. "Who dared to start a fight on my campus?!" he bellowed.

The eyes of all the students naturally fell on Ye Fei.

Li Tiejun quickly grabbed Ye Fei’s shoulder. "Boy, fighting on campus grounds is a violation of the university’s rules! Follow me to the political and educational department."

"Let go of me, I don't like people touching me." Ye Fei brushed Li Tiejun's hand off him.

"Who do you think you are? You dare to fight in my territory, do you think I won’t go straight to the dean and have you expelled?"

"You came too late,” Qin Xiaomeng said, “the people who started the fight have already run away!"

A few other students joined in, "Yeah, those gangsters just left! Why aren’t you chasing them instead of picking on the victims?"

"Shut up! You, and you too,” Li Tiejun pointed to Ye Fei, and then to the injured poor student, “follow me to the political and educational department!"

"He’s just campus security, what’s gotten into him?"

"Yeah, man... This guy’s full of it."

Many of the students had heard that the head of security had been harassing a female student. He was a total scumbag.

Speak of the devil…

Just as the students were starting to bring up the female student, they saw a tan-skinned girl in a simple dress enter the cafeteria. She was the female student who was often harassed by Li Tiejun. A few of the students knew her; her name was Li Xiaohua.

As soon as she came in, Li Tiejun immediately rushed over and said with a smile, "Xiaohua, have you had dinner? If not, I’ll get you something to eat."

The girl was silent for a while and then whispered, "What are you doing here?"

"Nothing,” Li Tiejun smiled, “I’m just taking these two to the political and educational department. Then I'll take you to dinner."

"Brother!" Li Xiaohua suddenly shouted, "People are watching, can you not be such a disgrace?"

"Huh? How can you say I am a disgrace?" Li Tiejun was stunned. As Li Xiaohua turned to run away, he reached out to grab her, but missed.

It suddenly dawned on the students that the head of security was actually Li Xiaohua's broth


When she left the cafeteria, Li Tienjun slowly turned his head and glared angrily at Ye Fei. "My sister hates me because of you. You better move your ass to the political and educational department right now."

Ye Fei was silent. He had no idea what just happened. Was the whole world against him?

When he came to the university that afternoon, he thought he was in for a quiet, peaceful day. Why was everyone trying to give him trouble? 

Before Li Tiejun could say anything more, he saw his sister come back inside, accompanied by a female teacher - Chu Mo.

Li Tiejun approached them with a smile. "Professor Chu, thank you for bringing my sister back."

"What happened here?" Chu Mo frowned as she noticed Ye Fei and the bleeding poor student.

Lin Qingwan quickly stepped forward and explained everything in brief.

Chu Mo nodded thoughtfully. As a professor, her status was higher than the head of security’s.

"Mister Li, Ye Fei is a friend of mine and not a student of Shanghai University, so there’s no use taking him to the political and educational department."

Then Chu Mo looked at the poor student, "This is Zhao Hao. He is my student, and also your sister's friend. I can guarantee that he is a good student and you can plainly see that he was badly beaten. I think you’d better leave him alone."

In fact, it was quite clear that Li Tiejun already knew that he was in the wrong, but he just didn't want to admit it, so he planned to drag the two over to the political and educational department to interrogate them and then let them go. "Professor Chu, if you say so, of course."

"Well, the show’s over, so clear out. Let’s go, let’s go!" Li Tiejun waved his hands, herding all the bystanders out the door. When he was done, he stood in front of Chu Mo and glanced at his sister, smiling, "Professor, has Xiaohua been giving you trouble again? My family is no good... Our parents died early, and I am just an uncultured older brother. If something happened, please tell me."
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