Chapter 78
Chapter 78 Advertising Model
Chu Mo had wanted to buy everyone dinner, but now that Li Tiejun had already paid, she didn't know what to say.

After Li Tiejun, Li Xiaohua and Qin Xiaomeng left, Ye Fei said to Chu Mo, "Professor Chu, I’m sure you didn’t ask us to come here just to thank us. Tell me what’s on your mind, I’ll help you."

"Eh? How did you know?" Chu Mo furrowed her brows. How did he know? Lin Qingwan’s bodyguard was really amazing.

"That’s right, Sister Chu Mo! If you have any problems, Ye Fei and I will help you."

"Well… Since you said that..." Chu Mo paused for a while. Then, she took a deep breath and said, "Sister Qingwan... Since you call me sister, I have something I need to ask your help with." 

"Sister Chu Mo, you can speak freely. In a few days, I will also have something to ask from you." Lin Qingwan chuckled in her heart. She was a typical businesswoman: the reason she was so keen to help Chu Mo was because she wanted Chu Mo to owe her a favor.

If Lin Qingwan struggled with her upcoming tests, she could ask Chu Mo for help and Chu Mo would have no way to refuse.

Chu Mo continued, "Well, you see, there are a few very poor students in this university. They have a very harsh life, and even if the faculty can grant them scholarships, they still cannot afford to live here. As the CEO of a large company, I hope you can help them."

When it came to money, Lin Qingwan was very sensitive. She quickly said, "That’s an easy problem to solve: you can just initiate a fundraiser on campus. You don’t have to worry about that so much."

"Fundraiser... No, that would be impossible. I can only turn to you for help."

"You can’t have a fundraiser on campus? Doesn't the board approve? Tell me which of them doesn’t approve, I will talk to him!" Lin Qingwan said resolutely.

"No, no!" Chu Mo hurriedly waved her hands. "These students wouldn’t accept the donation. They’re poor, but they’re too proud to accept charity. Like Zhao Hao. If we ask his classmates to donate for him, he would never use that money."

Lin Qingwan and Ye Fei nodded in thoughtful agreement.

After a moment’s thought, Lin Qingwan said, "Sister Chu Mo, I may be the CEO of the company, but I really do not have much money to spare. The company’s funds are all invested in its development. I even quarreled with the directors over Ye Fei’s salary. So..."

Seeing Chu Mo’s disheartened face, Lin Qingwan hurriedly said, "I’m not saying I won’t help you. I'm just saying ... Can we try a more flexible approach to solve this problem?"

"A flexible approach?" Chu Mo asked in confusion. Meeting Lin Qingwan’s steady gaze, she was even more confused.

"Yes, a flexible approach!" Lin Qingwan snapped her slender white fingers. "Sister Chu Mo, can you take off your glasses first?"

"My glasses? But I’m practically blind without them..."

Even so, she took off the glasses.


Lin Qingwan uttered an exclamation and stabbed Ye Fei's shoulder with her finger, "Are you seeing what I’m seeing?"

Ye Fei was amazed as well. He felt like he would get sucked in by Chu Mo’s deep black eyes if he kept staring.

Actually, Ye Fei had the same sort of feeling that morning when he saw Chu Mo without her glasses.

Most shortsighted people’s eyes would start looking a little unfocused and strange after wearing glasses for a long time, but there was a very small number of people, such as Chu Mo, who actually became more beautiful for it.

Her eyes were full of beauty and captivating charm.

"Yes, that’s it! Your eyes are amazing!" Lin Qingwan stepped forward and grabbed Chu Mo’s face by the cheeks to get a better look at her. 

"What... What are you doing?" Chu Mo struggled out of her grip and put her glasses back on, a little chagrined.

Lin Qingwan grinned triumphantly and said, "Haha, do you know what my company does?"

Chu Mo tilted her head, not really understanding what Lin Qingwan was getting at. "Of course I know. Your company’s cosmetics have been getting quite popular lately. Several of my colleagues have recommended them to me. So... I just wanted to get your sponsorship."

"Yes, cosmetics! We’ve been planning a new advertising campaign, actually. We were going to hire a few celebrities such as Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi and so on, but I have decided to invite you to model for our ads!" Lin Qingwan announced.

"Me? Fan Bingbing? Yang Mi? I can't compare with them!" Chu Mo’s face turned red.

"Why not?" Lin Qingwan admonished, "You’re just as beautiful. Besides, you have a special something... I guess you can call it a scholarly style. Most importantly, you have incredible eyes!"

"No, I can't. I can't become an advertising model, I can't do it."

Lin Qingwan sighed and helplessly said, "Well, if you can't then I will let Liu Manman do it, and she’ll get the 500,000 Yuan commission..."

Chu Mo practically catapulted from her seat. "Wait... How much? 500,000 Yuan? Why so much?"

"Of course. I was originally going to have Fan Bingbing do it. With her celebrity, she could easily demand five million Yuan. For you... The company can only give you ten percent, but 500,000 Yuan is still quite a lot. You could give the money to those poor students…"
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