Chapter 92
Chapter 92 The Peerless Beauty
The scenery around the lotus-covered pond was lovely in the early evening and a few couples were walking around hand-in-hand. When they noticed someone drawing a portrait of Zhong Mei, they immediately came over for a closer look.

This was the first time they had seen someone drawing a portrait for such an ugly woman. Not to mention, the man who was drawing was a simple bodyguard.

"Isn't that Ye Fei? I heard he started a fight in the cafeteria and they’re still out looking for him!"

"What is he doing? Is he drawing her? Eww!"

"Who knows? But this guy is really ridiculous. He’s just a bodyguard, can he even draw? He is really stupid to draw Zhong Mei."

"Haha, look how focused he is. Man, I bet you can exorcise evil spirits with a portrait like that."

News spread quickly in the age of information, and a photo of Ye Fei and Zhong Mei running together had been sent to the university’s WeChat group. Now almost all the teachers and students were in the loop about what happened.

Ye Fei didn't care about the people around him, the charcoal pencils in his hand flittering across the drawing board without pause. His expression was very serious and he occasionally stared intently at Zhong Mei. 

Ye Fei drew quickly, but the sketch was very delicate. After half an hour, it was only half-finished.

The birth of a good portrait usually took a few hours unless it was a quick sketch, in which case it could be a little faster.

Zhong Mei once drew a small painting continuously for two days and nights without sleep.

The world-famous artists normally took months or even years to finish their masterpieces.

Zhong Mei was not in a hurry, but... Time waits for no man, and the sky soon darkened.

There were no street lamps around and the area became quite dim. The observers could only just see the two vague figures inside the pavilion and couldn’t even see what was on the drawing board.

However, Ye Fei was still drawing.

More and more students came to watch. Although they couldn’t see what Ye Fei was drawing, they were laughing at him.

It wasn’t so surprising that the bodyguard could draw – maybe he went to art class as a kid, who knew? The problem was that, in the dark, even they couldn't see Zhong Mei’s figure, so what was Ye Fei still drawing? 

It was really stupid.

The students around Ye Fei were originally curious and wanted to see what he was drawing, but now it was too dark to see and he still was drawing, so he was clearly just showing off and doodling random nonsense. The onlookers began to lose interest.

"Let's go, man. This is getting really boring," someone said loudly.

Soon, the small crowd dispersed, leaving Ye Fei and Zhong Mei alone. 

Zhong Mei didn't make a sound, although she thought Ye Fei was just showing off as well. Even if he learned to sketch as a sniper, what could he draw in the dark?

However, this was her first time modeling and she was enjoying it.

An hour passed.

When Ye Fei finally finished his drawing, he took a deep breath and relaxed his tense muscles, a satisfied smile on his face.

For his well-trained eyes, the dark of night was as bright as day, so it was not difficult for him to draw in the dark.

"Zhong Mei, are you sure you don't want to see it?"

Zhong Mei originally did not want to see her ugly appearance, but she was very curious to see what Ye Fei had come up with.

"Well, go under the streetlight and I'll take a look!"

Zhong Mei was still a little nervous. She knew she was too ugly, while Ye Fei was not a professional artist, but a soldier with no education. Most importantly... he was drawing in the dark.

She assumed that in Ye Fei’s hands, she would become even uglier.

However, as soon as she laid

eyes on the sketch, she was rendered speechless.

A young girl appeared on the drawing board whose clothes were the same as Zhong Mei’s, but she had no birthmark on her face. Her skin was white like the clear snow on Mount Tianshan and her facial features were exquisite and beautiful.

In particular, there was a smile on her face which betrayed her experiences.

Her smile could cure every ailment in this world.

There is no word of praise that could not be applied to this girl. Anyone who saw this beauty would remember her face for the rest of their life.

Ye Fei knew a lot of beautiful women: Qin Xiaomeng, Lin Qingwan, Chu Mo, Murong and so on, but they looked like hags compared to the girl on the drawing board.

"Who... Who's this?" Zhong Mei's voice trembled. She wanted to cry. She would do anything to become the girl on the drawing board.

"That’s you. It’s a portrait."

Nothing could stop the tears running down her cheeks.


After Ye Fei handed the sketch to Zhong Mei, he went away.

Zhong Mei held the sketch tightly in her hands and went back to the art department dormitories.

She lived in a utility room. No one was willing to room with her, so the school arranged for her to live there alone.

Lying on her bed, Zhong Mei looked at the sketch in her hands, lost in thought.

"That’s you. It’s a portrait."

Ye Fei's voice repeatedly rang in Zhong Mei's mind. She still did not believe the peerless beauty in this sketch was her.

After hesitating for a long time, she found a piece of a broken mirror under her bed. 

Ye Fei's words gave her a small boost of confidence, so she held up the mirror and looked at her reflection.

Inside the mirror appeared an ugly and hideous face. Even Zhong Mei felt very uncomfortable looking at herself.

She burst into tears. She looked like a monster in the mirror! How could she be the peerless beauty in the sketch?

"Ye Fei! You... You're a liar!"

Before she knew it, her fingers tore the sketch to pieces.

Tears streamed helplessly down her face. Even she did not see that, if not for her ugly birthmark, she would absolutely be that peerless beauty.
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