Chapter 94
Chapter 94 The Boyfriend
Ye Fei watched the girls sing and sing as if they did not intend to return home that night, but he was a musical idiot and couldn't join in. All he could do was sit on the sofa and sip beer. Chu Mo got bored but was too embarrassed to ask to leave, so ended up falling asleep on the sofa next to him.

The beer at the KTV seemed off, too. Ye Fei drank more than ten bottles and did not feel even a bit tipsy, but he got queasy and frequently went to the toilet.

It was very noisy inside the room and Ye Fei wanted to take a break, so he went out to the corridor and lit a cigarette at the doorway of the toilet.

Just then, a group of people walked out of another room.

Ye Fei saw four heavily made-up women and a young man in gaudy clothes with a large necklace on his neck.

This young man was tall and appeared to be in his early twenties. His hairstyle was very fashionable and his black shoes were polished to a sheen. He was indeed quite handsome.

However, the four women with him looked very trashy. A careful look showed that they were thirty or forty-year-old old women, caked in makeup. When they smiled, their wrinkles showed up.

The young man seemed pretty comfortable, with one hand on an older woman’s breasts and the other on one’s rounded buttocks.

He noticed Ye Fei checking him out, and when he and the women passed by the toilet, he spat his lit cigarette towards Ye Fei's trousers.

Ye Fei quickly dodged and turned back to mercilessly glare at this rude young man.

"Why are you staring at me, you weirdo? Get lost or I’ll beat the crap out of you!" the young man shouted.

Now Ye Fei was in a bad mood. His hands were starting to itch; he wanted to fight someone. He snorted loudly.

The young man immediately turned back to Ye Fei and began rolling up his sleeves. He seemed determined to show his bravery and strength in the presence of his feminine companions.

"Xiao-Zhi, don't start a fight with this hillbilly."

"Yeah, didn't you say you have something to do?"

The older women seemed uninterested in watching his display of courage and pulled their young man towards the exit.

But while the young man was being pulled away, he turned back to Ye Fei and swore at him like a mad dog.

Ye Fei ignored him and walked back to the room. After drinking a couple more beers, he finally started feeling a little tipsy. Sitting on a couch in the corner, he closed his eyes and dozed off.

Liu Manman sang so much her voice was getting hoarse and she too sat in the corner, covering her face with her hands like she was crying.

Suddenly, the screen of her phone lit up as she received a message.

After reading the message, Liu Manman jumped from her seat, an ecstatic grin eclipsing the traces of tears on her cheeks.

"He’s coming! He’s finally coming! He says he just finished his evening class and he’s on his way!" she squealed excitedly.

Actually, the other women were already tired, but seeing Liu Manman’s excitement and thinking they could finally meet her boyfriend, they got a bit excited as well.

Fifteen minutes later, the door of the room opened and a boy came in.

He was tall, wearing a wrinkled jacket and a pair of jeans, and carried a backpack. His forehead was slightly damp with sweat, as if he arrived on a bicycle.

Lin Qingwan looked at this boy and a shy smile appeared on her face. He was a little shabby-looking, but he was still handsome.

"Su Di! You're finally here!" Liu Manman happily jumped up and ran to hug him.

Su Di scratched his head shyly. "Manman, sorry I'm late. My classes ran late today."

"It’s nothing, it’s nothing! I’m so happy you’re here!"

Liu Manman beamed with joy as she held Su Di's hands and introduced him to Lin Qingwan and the others.

However, she forgot in her excitement to introduce him to Ye Fei.

Ye Fei did not stand up, as if he was really asleep, reclining on the couch in the corner.

"Happy birthday! This is my present for you!" Su Di took out a delicate box and handed it to Liu Manman, who giggled gleefully and immediately opened it.

She knew Su Di did not have much money. After all, she was paying for his tuition, so she didn't expect him to give her any expensive gifts.

But when she opened the box and saw a beautiful necklace lying inside, she was shocked.

"This is..."

Liu Manman took the necklace out while Mu Cheng turned on the light in the room.

Suddenly, a bright blue light shone on the necklace.

Even if Liu Manman couldn’t recognize it, she knew the gem on the necklace was valuable.

"Aquamarine," said the more knowledgeable Lin Qingwan.

To tell the truth, aquamarine is only a semi-precious stone, not comparable to sapphire, but the price of aquamarine has been rising over time. The necklace was very delicate and the aquamarine looked exceptionally pure, so it must have cost him a good few thousand Yuan.

For a poor college student like Su Di, this necklace was quite expensive. 

Unexpectedly, Liu Manman’s face, originally a boozy red, suddenly became pale. She put the necklace back in and handed the box back to Su Di, saying with a severe countenance, "Su Di... I don’t know where you got this, but I can’t accept it."

Obviously, she thought it might have been stolen.

A poor college student giving such a valuable piece of jewelry as a gift? Anyone would be suspicious...

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